Chrono Chrea is a Demi-human, he a member of the Order of Chrono.

Chrono Chrea

Biographical Information
Physical Description
Height5' 9'
Weight158 lbs.
Right/Left HandRight
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Order of Chrono
  • Chronokinesis
Other Information
American V.A.Chembur
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)"Between Life and Death" - by lonlonjp


Original CreatorChembur


Chrono Chrea has been a member of the Order of Chrono for several years, and within that time, Chrea has mastered using Chronokinesis. Chrea is an ally of Crystak and sometimes can be seen working alongside him.

Chrea is the fifth member of the Order of Chrono to be defeated by Drakus, Swordsman of Dragons. He is defeated at the top of Terra Tower.

Physical Appeareance

Being a Demi-Human, he is a Humanoid Animal, however it is unknown as to what animal he is (It is later revealed before he is defeated, that he is a brown wolf). His ears and hair are both a brownish color. Chrea wears a Mask that is also a Helmet. He wears a dual-cape and also a waist-cape. Chrea wears long Gloves that cover almost all of his arm. he wears a very light armor over his chest.


Chrono Chrea is very strong and could lift several automobies at one if he wanted to. Chrea also has a mastery of controlling Chronokinesis. His three attacks are Blazing Fang, Twistside Kick, and Chrono Frenzy.

Blazing Fang: Chrea rushes to his opponent while his claws are powered by Chrono Energy, he then slashes at his foe.

Twistside Kick: Chrea rushes and jumps past his opponent, while in the air, he kicks his foe and once landed, he twists himself while he kicks again.

Chrono Frenzy: Chrea's fingers are powered by Chrono Energy, he lashes at his opponent at an extremely high speed.


  • The Reason he has three attacks, is beacause in Chrono Cross, Lynx (the Demi-Human Villain) had only three attacks.

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