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The Chronos War (aka Solaris' Rebellion) was the conflict between the Renegade Knights of Kronos faction (Reformers) led by Solaris (in his Mephiles form) and the Little Planet Royal Guard task force Chronos Fighters. Solaris' ultimate plan was to use Beginning of Time onto Mobius, thus forcing its inhabitants to submit into Solaris' rule or die from erasion or any other events that Solaris can cause. His attempt was stopped by his long-time enemy Silver the Hedgehog; however, the two were lost during the battle.


The Return of Solaris

In the aftermath of the Knights of Chaos War (known as the War for Mobius), the Corrupt side of the Kingdom of Acorn despite losing 100% of their military strength and the loss of King Shadow and majority of their Officials remains a strong influence to Mobius as they refused to save any civilians involved in the Dark Chaos Legion War. Seeing this majority of the Knights of Kronos sees the people of Mobius have no right to live and that the Knights of Chaos were right to start everything again.

On December 22, 3270, Solaris returned thanks to the side-effect of the Complete Tachyon Chamber after its destruction and declared the creation of a new world. He occupies Little Planet, a small planet filled with refugees from other ravaged cities and colonies, in a bloodless occupation. This is especially true when the citizens there welcome him with open arms.

On February 27, 3270, Solaris openly declares war on Mobius with the intent on bringing every last inhabitants into his rule. The Mobius responds by sending the Regular Forces. However, they were destroyed.

The First Strike: Attempt Assassination of Silver the Hedgehog

On March 3, Knights of Kronos makes its first move,attacking Silver the Hedgehog, as he is the only being capable of fighting Solaris equally. Chronos Fighters got word of this and quickly mobilizes to fight back and drive Crystals away. However, Chronos Fighters is overwhelmed by Reformers' forces until Silver achieve 100% Telekinesis Silver. He is able to break through and force the Reformers to retreat. However, Solaris arrives in his first form and severely wounds Silver.

Though Mobius had anticipated this and moved their headquarters, the damage was done to Mobius during the fight. This would force a number of people to submit into Solaris' rule. Silver, disgusted with his uselessness and discovering his past, works alongside Chronos Fighters and his little sister Platinum (They were unaware of their relation) to achieve Chronos Silver by using all seven Time Stones.

Reformers Finds Beginning of Time

On March 12,Reformers prepared to submit to the Kingdom of Acorn for disarming. However, it turns out to be a decoy - a number of Reformers battleships are decoys, allowing the other battleships to reach Chornos Zone using the Star Posts. Even more, Reformers also had seized the nuclear weapon stockpile within G.U.N..

Soon, Reformers' plan became clear: take control of the Beginning of Time and the control time itself. Armed with what was left of the nuclear stockpile, Chronos Fighters made their first attempt to take down Solaris. The resulting battle would be a total failure for Chronos Fighters as all of the missiles launched were shot down.

Final Attempt

Regrouping,Chronos Fighrers came up with one last plan: attempt another missile strike to the Reformers themselves. If that failed, then they would enter the Chronos Zone and destroy them from within. With this plan in motion, Chronos Fighters launched again.

Chronos Fighters attempts to take out the Reformers with its nuclear missiles, but is stopped by Solaris in his second form, except for one. This forces Maximillian captain Elias to lead a group inside Chronos Zone to take them down.

Silver taunts Solaris across near the beginning of time, disorienting the man enough to allow Elias and the others to set up their explosives. As the two resume their fight, the bombs go off, destroying most of the Reformers. In Solaris' confusion, Silver is able to deal a crippling blow and capture Solaris' core. But, all is not well: the fight cause the Beginning of Time to break down.

The Ring of Light

In a desperate attempt to stop the Beginning of Time going out of control, Silver maneuvered to try to stabalize it despite the intense pressure. As he did, Solaris taunted his old enemy, realizing he had won. However, Silver was surprised to see both Chronos Fighters and Reformers soldiers attempting to stabalize themselves, only to watch as they would fail. In desperation, the Chaos and Chronos Energy within Silver began overloading, pushing the soldiers away before as Silver burst light in a ray of light, restoring the Beginning of Time to normal, saving Mobius.


In the aftermath of the Chronos War, a number of people lost their lives, including the KIA Solaris and Silver. This event also cause history to change and only Silver and Solaris are aware of it.

Change of History:

Rutan and the Knights of Chaos Commanders survived the War of Mobius and are currently hiding.

Mecha was rebuilt after Snively's capture and replace him as Eggman's lieutenant.

Shadow died and defeating Rouge's brother and was clone as a brutal ruler.

Maria Robotnik was cloned by Fake King Shadow, but was later abandoned. Abraham Tower and Rouge found the clone and took her in.

More to Come later

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