Cielestra the Ice Dragon Slayer

Ciel with Frostbane

Biographical Information
AgeAbout 16
  • Ur (Mother, status unknown to Ciel)
  • Glacius (Foster 'father')
  • Ciel the Hedgehog (Alternate counterpart)
  • Ciel
  • Celine
  • Cellie
Romantic Interests
Physical Description

Long black hair, blue eyes and fairy tail guild mark on right hand.

AttireMostly varying from different shades of blue, white and black.
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsFairy Tail Guild
WeaponryFrostbane, her scythe
Other Information
Voice Actors

Japanese: Nana Mizuki

English: Sakura Misato

Theme Song(s)
Original Creator

Originally from the Fairy Tail verse, Cielestra has come to visit Mobius to explore and meet new life.


Stolen away

Cielestra was originally named Yuuki, a common name for ice mages who lived in the mountains. She lived with her mother, Ur. Because she was born with the ability of ice magic, the doctors found her puzzling, so they took her in. In truth, they kidnapped her when she was only 1 year of age, wiped her memory of her mother and told Ur that she had died.

Finding hope on an icy scale

Cielestra was now 5 years old, and she had run away from where the doctors had taken her, because they were experimenting. She ran towards the mountains, but it was a harsh, cold blizzard ahead. Ciel found it hard to travel through the snow, and was finding it really hard to stay awake, for she knew she would die if she fell now. A glinter of silver caught the youngster's eye and she ran over. It was a scale, but not just any, it was the scale of a dragon. The dragon in question, had just came over, when it saw Ciel. It pitied her, and decided to take her in as its own. The dragon revealed itself to be Glacius, Dragon of Ice. He looked after Ciel and gave her the name, Cielestra, which meant 'star of an ice sky', because he found her on a night-time, where the stars were glistening bright.


At the age of 7, Cielestra was suddenly alone; Glacius had mysteriously disappeared! Leaving Ciel to fend for herself.

Hobbies & Abilities


Being an ice mage, Ciel has the 'Ice-Make' ability.

Static Ice-Make

This is creating solid, inanimate objects. Ciel is more skilled at this.

  • Ice-Make Shield: User creates a large shield in front of her that shields everything behind it.
  • Ice-Make Lance: User creates ice lances that she shoots toward her enemy from the ground, impaling them.
  • Ice-Make Floor: User simply freezes the floor, which makes anyone in the area slip. User can also freezes ocean with this spell and slides on floor.
  • Ice-Make Rose Garden: User creates a giant rose garden made of ice to surround and bind her opponent.
  • Ice-Make Prison: User creates a large square cage out of ice.
  • Ice-Make Blade: Creates a blade out of ice.
  • Ice Blades: Seven Swords Dance: Ciel creates seven swords, two in each hand and five around her. The five hit the opponent at quick speeds, and Ciel strikes the opponent with the other two.
  • Iced Shell: Ciel has knowledge of this forbidden spell, and has once tried it, but failed. An extremely powerful and seemingly painful Magic to use. The user must first form a stance which will then cause a large Magic circle to open beneath their feet. Then a large force of energy will surround the user and cause their body to Transform to ice. Then four large Magic seals will form around the target, and allow the user to surround the target in ice. Then once solidified, the user will live as ice forever.

Ice Dragon Slayer Magic

Cielestra was taught by Glacius the Lost Magic of the Dragon Slayers. She was taught the ice versions by him, and it is how she defended herself after he disappeared.

  • Aisudo no Fuyutsume (Winter Claws of the Ice Dragon) - Ciel's hands gain metallic ice claws and she slashes at the enemy.
  • Aisudo no Tsubasa (Wings of the Ice Dragon) - Ciel gains cyan dragon wings, allowing her to fly.
  • Aisudo no Kōgeki (Wing attack of the Ice Dragon) - Ciel spreads her hands to the side, gathering ice particles. She then twists her hands, and pushes them forward, causing a curved whip attack to hit the opponent.
  • The alternate of this, when she has the dragon wings, she flaps her wings once, gathering cold air and sending a wave of ice at the opponent.
  • Aisudo no Fukobushi (Winter Fist of the Ice Dragon) - Ciel gathers an ice aura on one of her hands and clenches it into a fist, then punching the opponent.
  • Aisudo no Aoihonoo (Blue Flame of the Ice Dragon) - When near a form of heat, Ciel absorbs the heat into an ice aura, and produces a blue flame.
  • Aisudo no Burizādo (Blizzard of the Ice Dragon) - Ciel gathers ice aura into both of her hands and puts her hands together, a circle of ice covering her and it shatters, the ice shards hitting the opponent.

Weaknesses & Phobias


Ciel has a huge fear of thunder and lightning. She has had ever since she was younger. When thunder strikes, it is often a case where she gets so scared she can't even move. She'd often hide under a bed, under the covers or in a closet if in a house, and would probably start to cry if it is a raging thunderstorm.

Super Forms




Saizo Marushagan

Saizo shares a more teacher-student relationship with Ciel. Despite her rather weak-looking status, Saizo has decided to take her under his wing in order to make her stronger; the lack of any of his world's training places, however, leaves the regime to take some time.

Gray Dusk

Long story short, Gray looks at her as a rival no less no more. Calls her "Seal" after looking at the way her name is spelt.

Memorable Quotes


Ciel's Japanese Main -

Ciel's English Main - Awake and Alive ~Skillet

vs Cam's Death Rebel - Battlefield ~Jordin Sparks






  • Ciel means sky.
  • Her last name, Yuurei means ghost or phantom.
  • Her abilities, and her mother are from Fairy Tail.
  • I made up the attack names of her Dragon Slayer Magic
  • She often quotes lines from songs
  • In Noctem, her second theme, is her prayer of some sorts.

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