"Grandmother sayed... When she was passing away. That she will still be with me in the wind. And mom was already in the rain. So I still think there watching over me in some way. So I'm going to make them happy and I'll make sure no one feel's like I did. That's why I saved you. It wasn't just my job it was my promes. To them and to you." -Claire to Starshine.

Claire Ouron is Kayden's yonger sister and a docter. (Claire Ouron blong's to Chaos Blaze inc.)


Claire lived with her mother and gradmother however her mother feel't along and wish'd for a son. One day she ran off and Claire 4 years old at the time found her dead. 10 years later she found out that her mother in fact did find someone to call a son by the name of Kayden but her grandmother was dying and did not go find him until she pass'ed away.

Powers and Skills

  • Light versions of Chaos powers
  • Spin Dash
  • Light dash
  • Chaos Pure Light (Kayden must be using this move at the same time for this to work)


She can get side track by someone getting hurt and that is her biggest downfall as she will do anything to save them. She will also not to fight unless she has too. This can get other's hurt in the process. Claire can't fight well until Kayden show's her how. Claire had Pureness injected into her agents against her will and can't control her new Hyper Form, thus, making her an unstable force while in it.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Helping others
  • Stoping the deaths of others
  • Knowing that she has made a beter path for someone
  • Multi-tasking
  • Kids
  • Houes Cats


  • Fighting for fun
  • Death (But who likes it anyway)
  • Clowns
  • Not working
  • Her Hyper From.

Relationships with Other Characters


  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Kaialen the Hedgehog
  • Shima the Hedgehog
  • J the Hedghog
  • Hali the Hegdehog
  • N the Hedgehog
  • Miles "Tails" Power
  • Violet the Hedghog
  • Sadie the Hedgehog/Mecha Sadie
  • Dismal the Hedgehog
  • Axl the Fox


No one so far


  • Anyone that hruts someone in front of her
  • All Trolls but Dismal and Axl.
  • Chain and evil high ranking GUN.

Love Interest



  • Kayden Ouron
  • Unnamed Mother (Dead)
  • Unnamed Grandmother (Dead)
  • Unnamed Father (Missing)


Claire's many outfit's and from's she has in the Sonic game's and Chaos Soul fanfics.
Super Claire (?)

Super Claire (Thanks to Shima for making this)

Hyper Claire 1

Hyper Claire

Claire's got your ring.

Claire has she look's most of the time.


  • She is baesed off both Jack and Claire from Lost but does't act lke them.
  • She was made one day after the show Lost ended and Chaos's first Character to be made in a day.


"Rolling star" form Bleach


"HAHAHA To easy!" S-Rank in an act (Only in some games) "I DID IT BRO!" S-Rank in an act. (Only in some games)

"SHINE I GOT IT!" S-Rank in an act. (Only in some games)

"Hehehe yeah I'm good." A-Rank in an act.

"Well I figered that was going to happen." B-Rank in an act.

"Well there is always next time." C-rank in an act.

"Okay can I try that again?" D-Rank in an act.

"Is this the best I can do?..." E-rank in an act.

"What I'm I doing?" Falling a zone.

"I'm not that fast!" Falling due to running out of time.

"Whoa whoa WHOA!" Getting a Speed up power up.

"Can't stop me!" Getting an Invincible power up.

"I had fun there... Wow haha" Beating a boss with a S-Rank.

"Sorry I had to do it" Beating a boss with a A-Rank.

"It wasn't my falt." Beating a boss with a B-Rank.

"I had that one coming didn't I?" Beating a boss with a C-Rank.

"Oh man..." Beating a boss with a D-Rank.

"This is why I don't like fighting!" Beating a boss with a E-Rank.

"Okay then lets roll!" Being selected to play.

"Sorry you were in my way." Start of a boss fight.

"Not now...." Dying mid act. (Only in some games)

"Bro I'm sorry....." Dying mid act. (Only in some games)

"Good bye Shine... I'll be in the sky..." Dying mid act (Only in some games)

"AHHHHHHH" Falling off an act.

"No I beg you..." Dying mid boss fight.

"NOW you asked for it!" Truning Super or a controld Hyper from.

"Oh no not again" Truning Hyper.

Quotes for Soinc game's she is not in.

Soinc Riders games.

"Here we go!" At the start of a race.

"Hehe I win" Wining 1st.

"Awww didn't do so hot" Getting a loss.

"Ladys frist" Passing someone.

"Hey get back here!" Getting passed.

"Now I'll show you.....WHAT I CAN DO!" About to do a meteor burst.

"WEEE HAAAA!!!" Doing a meteor burst off a flying objet.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games.

"Time to rock!" Starting a round.

"I-I DID IT!" Wining frist.

"..Good job" 2nd or 3rd.

"Awww well at lest I had fun" Anything less than 3rd.

"Haha YESSS!" Getting a World Record.

"This isn't my thing." Losing an event.

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