These are the masters of summoning and puppeteering in Clan Beastfang, a clan known for their animal-like practices and animal links.


Beastmasters were selected amongst all the members of the clan at the age of six. They would then be taught how to summon anything from people to creatures to inanimate objects, or how to control any body with puppeteering abilities, generally becoming a fully-fledged Beastmaster at the age of twenty-eight. With this, they possess summoning techniques and puppeteering techniques that are very highly ranked, or that were lost throughout the ages, and are often reluctant to part with these techniques to a non-Beastmaster. Often, for them to teach the techniques, it requires them to be impressed by a person's actions before them.

Typical Abilities

There are two main classes of Beastmasters: Beastmaster Summoners and Beastmaster Puppeteers. Summoners are able to summon just about anything, and often form bonds with the summon beasts. Puppeteers can control any body or anything with electrical signals within it.

Some of the best known 'summoning' techniques are actually combined techniques, for example White Spirit Rising. In that technique, the summoner creates a ghostly body using the summoning electrical signals, while a puppeteer takes control of the body and uses it in combat.

Known Beastmasters

The best known beastmaster is actually a pair of beastmasters, twins Grey Chaoblade and Steel Chaoblade; Grey being a summoner and Steel, a puppeteer.

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