Classic Canyon is the first stage in Team Metal's story in the game Sonic Shockwave Riders.


By order of Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, E-10000G and an army of SR-4X set out to find one of the greatest treasure hunters in the world to help Eggman track down the Shockwave Keys.


The race takes place in an old-fashioned cowboy city located at a steep cliff. The player rcaes through saloons, trains, train tracks and caves. Being the first stage. it is not relatively hard. It has 3 shortcuts for speed-type characters, 2 for fly-type characters and 3 for power-type characters.


There are a total of 12 racers in the race: Metal Sonic, E-10000G, SR-4X, SR-4X, SR-4X, SR-4X, SR-4X, SR-4X, SR-4X, SR-4X, SR-4X, SR-4X. Mission of the player is to simply finish in first or second position.

Mission Place first or second
Characters Metal Sonic or E-10000G

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