Collette Cat
Collette Cat
Green Fur, Blue Eyes and Green Hair styled into Spikes
Black Pants and Shoes and My Chemical Romance Hat and Jumper
Adam the Hedgehog (Good Friend), Lavender the Meerkat (Best Friend, Deceased), Kim the Fox (Ally)
Pizza, Guitar Hero (but especially the My Chemical Romance track pack), My Chemical Romance
Fang the Sniper, The Offspring and Rush (Much to Adam's Dismay), The Censorship of I'm Not Okay (I Promise) and Teenagers in Guitar Hero: WoR

Collette Cat is a 17 year old cat and a Huge fan of My Chemical Romance. A Running Gag in the Adam and Pals series is her Annoying the Villain (Usually Stealth) by Singing part of Welcome to the Black Parade (usually the first verse). Although she can be annoying at times she can be useful, as demonstrated when she destroyed Metal Lavender, just seconds before she can kill Adam, by singing the chorus of Welcome to the Black Parade at the top of her voice. She was really good friends with Lavender the Meerkat until her death at the hands of Fang the Sniper.


She was born on the 6th of June 19XX. At age 12 she heard Welcome to the Black Parade for the first time and became a fan of My Chemical Romance almost Instantly. 5 years later after being saved from a vicious beating from Stealth the Echidna, who later received a Vicious beating himself (courtesy of Adam the Hedgehog), she joined Adam's gang. It was there that she met her best friend Lavender the Meerkat.

Misadventures with the Gang

Collette and the Gang had many misadventures together where many things happened. In Rise of the Vamphogs, Collette, like most of the gang, was temporarily turned into a Vampire. Unlike Lavender, Collette hated being a Vampire (since Pizza was her favourite food) and was relieved when the transformation was reversed. In the world of Nightmares in the episode The Wrath of Nitemare, she was turned into a vampire again due to that being her worst nightmare being a Vampire. She was returned to normal once Nitemare was defeated.

The Death of Lavender

In the episode Bring Me The Head of Storm the Meerkat, after Learning that Lavender was going to hide out with her boyfriend Storm in another city Collette made Lavender a good luck charm that matched her own. Then later, While playing Guitar Hero: WoR (the song was Welcome to the Black Parade), her Good Luck Charm cracked which she took as a sign that something had happened to Lavender. Adam and Kim were on the middle of trying to convince her that Lavender was okay when Storm ran in carrying what appeared to be an injured Lavender. Collette rushed to check her friends pulse only to be told by Storm that Lavender was dead.

In the next episode, The Funeral, Collette had written a speech about how Lavender was a good friend to her but just before she was to speak the paper blew away and Collette couldn't remember the speech. She ended up singing the chorus of Welcome to the Black Parade but was knocked unconscious by a bottle thrown at her head by Stealth.

Lavender's Return as a Ghost

She was reletively pleased when Lavender came back as a ghost but was still slightly upset. For almost the entire 4th season, the running joke of Collette singing Welcome to the Black Parade was unused until the Season Finale, Metal Lavender Attacks: Part 2. In that episode just when Metal Lavender is about to kill Adam, Collette sings the Chorus as loud as she can which causes Metal Lavender's head to explode.

Collette's Music Corner

Welcome to the Black Parade ----------------------------------------------------Teenagers

My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade (Lyrics)

My Chemical Romance - Welcome to the Black Parade (Lyrics)

Collette's Favourite Song

Teenagers - My Chemical Romance (lyrics)

Teenagers - My Chemical Romance (lyrics)

Another Song Collette Likes