Consume Soul is a basic elementless technique that uses a fallen foe to the user's advantage.


The user absorbs a nearby soul into their body and combusts it, entering what is called a Soul State. The user's eyes glow light blue, and his/her strength grows. If the user consumes more souls while in a Soul State, the level of the Soul State increases (1 soul = Lvl 1, 2 souls = Lvl 2, etc.), increasing it's longetivity and giving the user more strength. At a level 50 Soul State, the user can access their super form. However, only the souls of the recently deceased (in the span of 5 minutes), or souls that have maintained a physical form, can be consumed. The consumed soul is sent to Oblivion, never to escape.


Feel free to add your own!

Technique Rank

Since the move requires the target to be dead, this is a D-rank technique.

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