Creyze is one of th humans that attends CastleRosen High School. She isn't like by most of the animals.


Name: Creyze Rezrami

Nicknames: Pelena

Species: Human

Height: 5 ft 2in

Birthplace: Imoixe

Age: 15

Eyes: Brown

Likes: Using people, Thinking she better than every one else

Dislikes: G.A.A.M., anyone else that they can stand in her way


Creyze is one of the most hated humans by the animals at the school. Creyze belives she is better than every one else. She especially thinks she better than all the animals. She and G.A.A.M. have been enemies since the 4th grade. G.A.A.M. always pronounces her name Crazy. That really tick her of and is one of the reasons she hates her. Creyze usually hangs out with her group of friends, who are all human. Animals rarely ever make friends with her unless they're stupid enough to think she wil actually be their friend. She usually just uses them and after she doesn't need them she just ignores them after that. The only reason she still pretends to be Jocelyn's friend is to piss of G.A.A.M. and the rest of her friends.




Creyze tells people that her real name is Pelena. She doesn't like the name she has.


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