Cyber the Hedgehog

Current Years and Days
Name Cyber the Hedgehog
Weapons Saiba Ken
Profession(s), Occupation(s) Sysop
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Age: 15
  • 3'3
  • 77 lbs.
Attire [Clothing] Specially designed light weight, hyper friction resistant blue shoes, White Gloves, Blue vest with white lining, blue shorts
Affiliation(s) Cybius Admin Patrol
Romantic Interest(s) (Pending)
  • Supersonic Speed
  • Advanced Data Control
  • Hand-to-hand combat expertise
Relatives (Pending)
Likes Bytes "Bit" the Fox, Macro the Echidna (to an extent), Micra the Rabbit & Chip, running, proving himself, destroying viruses, adventuring, freedom
Dislikes Oppression, Viruses, Being told what to do, unfair treatment
Birthplace Cybius
Current Residence Cybius
Alternative Names
Super Form(s) (Pending)
English Voice Actor
Japanese Voice Actor

Not to be confused with Cyber the Echidna.

Cyber the Hedgehog is a hedgehog resident of Cybius. While rather well known as a troublemaker, Cyber nonetheless has a good heart, and will do whatever it takes to protect his friends and Cybius.


Cyber's early life isn't all that well known, although it is known that he grew up largely on his own. Because of this, Cyber often had run-ins with the law, and became known as a notorious troublemaker. Despite this reputation, many knew him as a truly kind child, who wasn't afraid to stand up for what he believed in.


Cyber is extremely powerful, and his rank as a Sysop reflects this. Despite not having any specific combat training, Cyber is an excellent fighter, able to defeat a fair number of average Viruses with his bare hands.

Cyber has a unique connection with the ambient energy known as "Data". While he at first did not have a conscious knowledge of this, it first manifested itself as a unique ability of able to travel along data streams, either through running or grinding along them. This unique connection has been noted by many powerful beings across Cybius.

Cyber is also capable of running at high-speeds, almost at speeds of supersonic. However, Cyber rarely uses this ability, using it only to slash through large numbers of enemies.

Saiba Ken

Cyber also wields the Saiba Ken (literal translation; "Cyber Blade"). The Saiba Ken is an extremely powerful Guan-Dao-like weapon. This blade is a famous Attack Program, known for being dangerously powerful. This weapon is able to channel Data, and release it in immense blasts of energy, or focus it to extend the length of the blade. Cyber is extremely adept with the Saiba Ken, able to use it with extreme proficiency. A unique fact about this Attack Program is that it responds solely to Cyber; he is the only one who can activate the program, and if anyone else tries to wield the blade, it releases a terrible shriek and immense waves of red energy, which won't stop until it is returned to its owner.


Cyber is a free sprit and troublemaker. He will often bend or even break rules "in the name of adventure and excitement", which often gets him, and anyone unfortunate enough to be with him at the time, in big trouble. Cyber can also be cocky, have full belief in his abilities to get through anything, though his boasting is not without proof. Regardless, Cyber has a good heart, and will do anything to do what's right and protect his friends. Cyber can't stand the idea of anyone getting unfair punishment for their involvement (or lack thereof) in any activities, so Cybius will always own up to whatever he has done, sometimes even (ironically) trying to take most of the blame. Cyber is protective of his friends and home, and will use every bit of his abilities to protect what he cares about, even going beyond his limits to do so. While Cyber can be one to hold grudges, he believes that no-one is above redemption, and will offer assistance to anyone he believes may need it. Cyber is rather trusting, and will always try to find the best in people, though he admits that not everyone has good in them. Cyber takes betrayal of any kind very seriously, and will go to great lengths to find the reason for doing such. Cyber, despite being cocky and somewhat arrogant, always seems to be able to affect those around him in a positive way, never failing to give people hope and strength.

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