Dani was born prematurely for unknown reasons, and as a result has a missing finger on her left hand. Despite these difficulties, her parents raised her as they would any child. She became a selective mute around the age of five. They experienced a lot of difficulties teaching her how to learn. Soon after she turned 5, her little brother was born. She actively tried to help her brother in spite of her own problems.

General Information

Dani is a girl who is about 12 years of age, and lives with her parents, Demi the Wolf and Nikolai the Dog, and her little brother, David. She has a slight Russian accent, or is at least portrayed that way by the stuffed rabbit that constantly accompanies her. Her martial status is single, and has no significant others. She was diagnosed with Aphasia at a young age, due to brain damage. Her language disorder prevents her from even the most basic speech, so she chooses to communicate through other ways.

Family and Religion

She currently lives with her parents and her little brother, as mentioned in the paragraph above. Her father has an unknown religion, but it is known that her mother practices Buddhism. She chooses not to practice religion, and doesn't care for it.


Dani is extremely shy when first met, keeping a lot of things to herself. She relies on intuition and wants to make the world a better place for others and she wants to find the meaning in life. Her thoughtful and considerate demeanor puts others at ease around her. She has a strong dislike of conflict, but genuinely tries to help those who do end up in them.  She hates being put into stressful situations and will try to avoid them most of the time. She tends to be laid-back and relaxed, especially when she is helping other people.

She has extremely high standards for herself and wants to excel at everything she wants to do. She is often considered to be too hard on herself. She does not like using logic a lot, and prefers helping out in community projects more. She devotes herself to doing things for other people's benefits, and it calms her.


Dani has short fur, and violet/pink eyes, and is missing her pinkie finger on her left hand, and has a small scar on her right inner thigh. She prefers to dress in light outfits, mostly thin, cool-colored dresses or plain T-shirts and shorts. Dani doesn't like to wear anything too revealing, as she wants to go for an 'innocent child' appearance, and she also doesn't like to wear anything too heavy, as she is a somewhat fast runner, and heavy articles of clothing would slow her down.

She is known to look a lot like her father, but has the eyes and hair color of her mother.


She has no real special abilities, but she is very flexible as a result of performing a lot of yoga, and wants to become an experienced martial artist.