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"All right then. Let's test them out!"
—Dark Sonic
This page is for Dark Sonic from ANY person's continuity. You may have been looking for Dark Super Sonic, better known as Dark Sonic. Follow the link there!

Basic Info

Dark Sonic is a form of Sonic created by the Metarex. He makes a brief appearance only, after seeing Chris unconscious and Cosmo scared under the Metarex's care. The Metarex leader introduces Sonic to two robots - a gold and a silver. He says that the gold will test his strength and the silver his speed. Chuckling, Dark Sonic says they should test the robots out and disappears. At this point, Sonic turns Dark Super Sonic as he absolutely destroys the two robots.


Dark Sonic looks almost exactly like Sonic, but with much darker fur and no pupils.

Sonic, pissed off.


Sonic Crystal Universe series

Sonic is transformed into Dark Sonic under the influence of Dr. Eggman. He makes his appearance for 10 to 15 issues. Dark Sonic goes on a rampage that nearly destroys the city, and fights Shadow, Silver and Blaze multiple times after he lands Shima unconscious in the hospital when he attacks her. Shima regains consciousness and confronts Dark Sonic. She pleads with him to remember who he really is, then regretgully does Chaos Penetration after getting over her fear of killing the true Sonic inside. Sonic and Dark Sonic get separated and Sonic turns into Dark Sonic. He, along with his friends, trap him in the Deep Dimension, where he soon breaks out and calls together all the villains Sonic and Co. have defeated in the past. Dark Sonic also makes a brief appearance when Shima disappears and when Mespira plays on his and Shima's emotions.

Sonic 2: Next Gen

In Sonic 2: Next Gen, Sonic first becomes this form in the 4th Season when Scourge beats Sonic's son Sonic Jr. to a pulp. Dark Sonic cripples Scourge by eventually breaking Scourge's arm. Sonic then supposedly kills Scourge by blasting him repeatedly until Scourge was practically nonexistent. Sonic then returns to normal shortly after finding out that Scourge didn't kill Sonic Jr. Dark Sonic doesn't reappear until the 8th Season when fighting Hellzone and other villains while being trapped in Hell. However, the large amount of villains easily overpower him. Finally, in one more Season, Eggman separates Sonic and Dark Sonic. Dark Sonic starts to cause destruction to several cities, when Sonic, Crimson, Angel, and Knuckles track down Dark, Sonic becomes Super Sonic and fights Dark while Angel and Crimson prepare an attack that traps Dark into the Master Emerald. Dark is never seen again after this.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2.0

Dark Sonic first appears in book/movie 11: The Return of Maria Robotnik. In the series, he is unstoppable, and uncontrolable. He appears after Sonia and Manic were "killed" by Flytrapp. Before Dark Sonic appeared, Sonic fell to the floor, sobbing over Sonia and Manic's "death." He also appeared in book/movie 13: The Return of Nazo, when he was fighting Nazo after Nazo killed Tails.

Dark Sonic Rises(Coming Soon)

Dark Sonic is the main antagonist here. He is now given NEW abilities, like whenever he feeds off people's fear or gets angrier, he increases in size and gets more powerful. He is unleashed when he is angered by Dr. Eggman and he beats up Eggman and starts feeding off people's fear as he tears apart the city with his powers. Then all the power and fear causes him to increase in size until he is nearly 90 feet tall. Tails and the gang at first try to fight him, but Tails try to make Sonic realize who he is and what he's doing. He's defeated when Sonic manages to gain more control, which enables him to fight Dark Sonic inside his mind.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2.0

Dark Sonic first appeared in book/movie 10/11: The Return of Maria Robotnik. Before he appeared, Darth Knuckles (transformed into Flytrapp) "killed" Sonic's siblings, Manic and Sonia. Sonic then fell to the floor, sobbing. Then, Flytrapp stole the energies of the Chaos Emeralds, becoming Perfect Flytrapp. But then, the powerless Chaos Emeralds gained Dark Energy, transforming Sonic into Dark Sonic, and he then fought Perfect Flytrapp. He later appeared in book/movie 13/12: The Return of Nazo,in which he was fighting Nazo, after Tails's "death." Whoever deleted this section, please don't delete it again. Cross your heart?

(person crosses heart) Good.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Light through Darkness

Dark Sonic appeared when Luna was killed by Arjar, he had tears rolling down on his cheek and he started to fight EggPlankton's Jack-4 Robots, Lou calm him down when she told him they will revive Luna.

Hedgehog Trio

Sonic gets this form from rage after it appears that Chaos has died.Sonic gets so angry the he becomes Dark Sonic and rampages and literally destroyed Eggmans base and smashs into the earth's core when Chaos wakes up and hops down the crack.Sonic cools down in relief and realizes he's in the earth's core.Dark Gaia sucks out most of Sonic's power and forms a dark replica of him.Sonic doesn't have enough energy to fight the phony Dark Sonic and asks Chaos to finish him.Chaos wins the battle and Sonic gets enough energy back to help him fight Dark Gaia.They defeat him rather easily, but as a last resort sucks all the power out of both of them to kill them when Tails comes up and stops Dark Gaia and saves Sonic and Chaos.

Dark Deeds Universe

In this Universe Dark Sonic is almost always caused when a Main Villian in the Series called Shade the Silhouete seduces Sonic. He has complete control of himself but has a much shorter temper and a craveing for Power, Destruction and Shade. He also gains a faster Speed Level and Dark Obliteration. ( A Varient of Chaos Blast. ) His strength and Stamina also increases. In this Form his Fur changes to a Dark Blue, his Skin turns Gray, his Quills turn upright and his Eye's Pupils turn Red.

How it Becomes ...

Usually, Dark Sonic is off from rage and sadness (Ex. Tails died). His Power Level is beyond his Super Form, his fur turns black and his eyes sometimes vanishes, making his eyeballs fully white. Sometimes, if he gets to angry, he turns to dark super sonic, and only his light side can beat it

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