Scarface profile

Scarface fully armored and ready. (Seen in Predator:Concrete Jungle)

I'm hideous aren't I? Just say it, you know you want to...❞--Darkblade after removing his armor.

Scarface is a banished badblood who is badly scared and stands at almost 6 feet.


Scarface assumed as normal a life as a hybrid could. Fighting for his homeward he came across a frightened soldier and she shot him in the face and burned him trying to grab her flame-thrower. Angered and in pain he desperately fought back but was mortally wounded. He fled leaving his broken weaponry. He was horridly scared, especially across his face. (earning his name "Scarface") He now wears metal armor wear he was damaged beyond repair. He stalks those who insult him. He is over a century old now.


He was originally a purple and white hedgehog/predator hybrid with black eyes and a white slit down the middle. He now has some characteristics of this, but wears half a mask on his face when not hunting, and patches of his armor added to cover his scars. Select few have seen them, admitting to him they were very bad. His armor is consisting of advanced yautja armor.

Weapons and Abilities

He posses super strength, speed, and agility, but no other special abilities. His weapons are elongated wristblades with markings all over, two supercharged plasma casters, a naginata staff, combistick, shrunken, mines, nd his metal power gauntlets are capable of delivering shocks to his opponents.


He prefers to be left alone and not bugged. He happens to be a very skilled hunter but lacks common sense at times. For example, the reason he acquired these scars is because of how sense less and insecure he can be. Other intel is unavailable.

Love Life

Darkblade is in love with the hated enemy of his species. The name given to her is Xenosix, where her true self is "Hideous" in her words but when in her "humanoid" form she is quite beautiful. These two have mated much to the dismay of their parents and murdered them. The two are a happy couple.


No photos available at the time...

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