Darkness is one of the many elements used in the Sonic Fanon universe, amongst others. It is one of the ten main Elements; the others include;

Its opposite is Light.

Element Description

Strong Against (Offensive)

Elements that take a lot of damage against Dark-aligned attacks.

Strong Against (Defensive)

Elements that do little damage against Dark-aligned beings.

Weak Against (Offensive)

Elements that take little damage against Dark-aligned attacks.

Weak Against (Defensive)

Elements that do a lot of damage against Dark-aligned beings.

Dark-Aligned Deities


The living embodiment of the Darkness element. The Dark Clan is centered around this deity.




She is capable of using the Advanced element of Death.


He is capable of using the Advanced element of Black Lightning.


Minor deity.

Mephiles the Dark

Fetalia the Dark


She is capable of using the Advanced elements of Wraith, Hellfyre, and Black Lightning in her normal, Mikazuchi, and Asura forms.

Dark-Aligned Artifacts

Particularly powerful or well-known/legendary artifacts that are tied to the Element of Darkness.

The Aphotic Orb of Voidstar

One of the ten Elemental Orbs that are tied to The Elemental Gods. It resembles a sphere of pure, compressed darkness, yet is solid enough to easily be held. It seems to darken whatever area it is in.





Advanced Elements



Legendary Beast Styles

Chaos Variants

Advanced/Mixed Techniques

Add Elemental combination techniques here!

Elemental Forms

Darkness, like most of the elements, has numerous forms achievable through different methods.

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