Darkspine Amy Rose by Hyper Shan

Darkspine Amy Rose is one of Amy Rose's super forms. She is very aggressive this way. Amy achieves this form by collecting 3 of the World Rings.


Darkspine Amy Rose came about after Sonic was killed by Eggman, which caused Amy's rage to rapidly increase and caused her to transform into Darkspine Amy Rose. In this form, Amy is more powerful, but her ring counter goes down slowly. When It reaches zero, Amy will revert to normal and fall from the sky.


Darkspine Amy Rose has made numerous appearances in comic books; notably STH Issue #200, where she escapes and accidentally kills Sonic. She was captured By G.U.N and sent to Prison Island where they performed a series of tests. Darkspine Amy was taken away from Amy Because she was causing too much trouble and mischief.  

Maria instantly complained about  was and/or if Amy was okay.Hedgehog dude told her to stop and took her hand to get out off Prison Island.


Darkspine Amy returned In STH Issue #198, where Amy breaks out and snaps, resulting tn Darkspine Amy Rose becoming Re-Attached to Amy Rose, destroying everything in her path.


Darkspine Amy Rose died In STH Issue #200 when she was stabbed to death. She was pronounced dead, buried, and laid to rest.


Amy's rebirth As Darkspine Amy came In Issue #211, where all of her friends, including Sonic, died from a bomb Eggman had created. Amy Was enraged and transformed Into Darkspine Amy, knocking out Eggman and Snively In The Process. However, she was stopped and restrained by Jonshadios the Hedgehog.


Jonathan Washington

Misty The Cat

Shadow The Wolf

Sunny The Hedgehog

Jonshadios The Hedgehog (Jonathan and Shadow Fusion)





Suppression Squad

Ixis Naugus


Iron King and Queen

Iron Dominion

Mathias Poe

Renfield T. Rodent

Ebony Downtown Hare


  • Darkspine Amy's personality Is mean and cruel, proven when she insults Jonathan. Later, she apologized for it.
  • Amy and Darkspine Amy are distinguished by appearance.
  • It was confirmed that Darkspine Amy is one of Jonathan's closest allies.
  • Darkspine Amy is Jonathan's biological sister.

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