Dead World is a location under the Crust of Mobius, it is commonly seen as a Hub-World.


Dead World can be described as a Cave with no Exit. Every building is made of stone, ever the skyscapers. The undead walk the streets, so do other Creatures. The Rivers are filled with Burning Magma, as these Rivers will lead to Volcano Bases. The closest location to Dead World is the Haunted Ridge.

Locations within the Dead World

The Temple of the Dead

a Large Stone Temple in the center of Dead World, it has Obsidian Statues of Nine Deities:

The Darkest One (Depicted as a Large Skeletal Dragon)
Ankou, Guardian of Darkness
Titan the Dragon
Crysillis the Uktena
Nato Americano the Piasa
The Empress of The World of Dreams
Necromentia, Empress of Nightmares

The Nine Statues are arranged into a Circle Formation, However these Nine Statues are far more special than you may think......(To Be Revealed in Night of Infinity)

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