Delta 34
Also known as Delta, Robot, Junk (by Night once), Scrapmetal (also used by Night, Mephiles once)
Species Robot
Gender Genderless (considered to be a male)

Skylar Prower (creator)

Miles "Tails" Prower(other creator)

Alingment Good

Skylar Prower

Miles "Tails" Prower

Likes Helping others, Skylar and his friends and family, Nick (when he's not reprograming him), Nero, Safari "Saf", Speed
Dislikes Scaring Nero, Nick reprograming him, being kicked around by Night (only happened once), anyone who is bulling Skylar
Skills Shift shaping, scanning abilities
Ability Type Possiably skill


(In real life)


Delta 34, or just Delta, is a fictonal robot in NightHedgehog14's universe. He may not look like much at first but Delta surprisingly contains everything from zappers to cup holders. According to Skylar himself, Delta doesn't contain any lethal weapons because he created Delta to be a more "friendly robot" than a war robot like E-123 Omega. Unfortenatly, Nick the Hedgehog likes to reprogram Delta's way of speech claiming that "Delta's talking is so boring, it's putting me to sleep." So far Nick had reprogramed him to say the weirdest, snarky things to things that sounds a little pervy in a wide variety of voices, including a woman's scream for when ever Delta sees something that looks scary to him.


Not much is known about what Delta can do. He has been shown however, to have the ability to shift shape into almost any mechanical object and can even turn into an exact android copy of a person. However, he can't stay in his android form for too long of a time otherwise his battery power will run out. He also has a tendecy to accidently scare Nero the Hedgehog (No, not that Nero) while in his android form and in one incedent, Nero actually turned off Delta's android ability.


Delta is a kind and caring robot to everyone. For a robot though, he's surprisingly scattered brained and at times acts childish. One could say he is very random for when he has his moments of blurting things out of the blue. But one could argue that Nick had reprogramed him again and isn't truly a random character like Charmy Bee or Marine the Racoon. Deep down however he is very intelligent.

Delta also appears to be like act either as a little innocent kid brother or a big protective brother to Skylar when ever his creator is getting bullied by someone. He's ferociusly loyal to Skylar and his friends and would rather sacrifice himself than see anyone he cares about getting hurt. (leading him to get broken and re-fixed a several times)


Delta can apparently be easily reprogramed by just about anyone, for that Nick doesn't know much about robots and my have just switched a few wires here and there in Delta's voice box; but if he can be reprogramed to loyalties however, remains unknown. He has a habit to short curiut every now and then, possiably indicating that Delta may not be compleatly stable. Like any other robot, Delta's main weakness is water.


  • Delta is the 34th Delta to be created. The other 33 Delta's had either exploded or did not work.
  • Some quotes of Delta and how Nick reprograms him is based on N.I.G.E.L from the Godzilla series.