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Cquote1 GIVE ME YOUR SOUL! Cquote2
Dementina to a now-deceased person

Dementina is the daughter of Cream the Rabbit and Mephiles the Dark.

It is safe to say that she is one of the most horrifying beings ever conceived, and should be avoided at all costs.


One day, in an alternate universe, Cream was skipping through the meadow near her house, without a care in the world. Little did she know that Mephiles was hiding in a patch of tulips, plotting to kill her. However, the more she gazed upon the young rabbit, the more fascinated he became with her. Eventually, he realized that he had become inflatuated with her, and no longer desired to destroy the world. Upon realizing this, he jumped out of the tulips and confessed his undying love to Cream. She accepted it, and proceeded to continue frolic through the meadow with her new boyfriend.

Cut to 10 months later, and Mephiles, Vanilla, and Cheese were in a nearby hospital, waiting for the arrival of Cream's child. After about 30 minutes, Cream gave birth to a healthy horrifying baby girl. About 5 seconds after being born, the demonspawn killed Cream, Vanilla, Cheese, and everyone in the hospital.

Mephiles was proud.

Yes, Mephiles supported her murderous ways, as the death of his wife killed off his previous good nature. He even taught the newly-named Dementina how to torture her victims and consume their souls. Meanwhile, she continued torturing and killing everything in sight. By the time she was 6, only she and "Daddy" were left.

When she realized that she had nothing left to kill, Dementina told her father that she was going to use the Chaos Emeralds to warp to a Mobius in another universe and kill everyone there. Mephiles, deciding that she was old enough to go out on her own, agreed. Right before she left, he gave her a present - a chao made of souls to protect/aid her. She named it Grimm and used Chaos Control to warp to this world.


Dementina greatly resembles her mother Cream, but bears a few differences. Where Cream is peach and orange, Dementina is black and dark cyan (like the crystalline form of her father), though she retains Cream's white muzzle, as well as her mouth and nose (although said mouth has jagged teeth). She can change her eyes between having white scleras and green irises and red scleras with green, catlike irises at will. The two spikes for hair are longer and curved upwards (like Marine's hair), and her ears are spiked at the tip (like Terriermon's ears). Her clothes are the same as Cream's.

Grimm resembles a dark chaos chao, only skeletonized. His eyes glow light-blue, and he has a glowing light-blue orb in his ribcage.


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  • She has a skull collection back home.
  • Her "chaolich" Grimm can turn into a scythe and various other weapons and torture devices.
  • She will kill any species but two:
    • Other demons, unless they're good.
    • Seedrians, because her parents met in a meadow.
  • She visits her home universe every year on her birthday: March 18.
  • Her backstory is a parody/deconstruction of the stereotypical bad shipping fanfiction.
  • After killing and consuming the souls of Percius the Mouse and Justin the Runehog, she has been declared the best scythe user on Mobius by the other scythe users (though mostly out of fear for their lives). Now she's focused on the 2nd best user - a purple hedgehog with a similar name to hers...


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