Team Slider invites the Chaos Patrol to play some sports game with them.Who will win?


Chaos Patrol

Team Slider

  • Dena the Hedgehog (All-Around)
  • Dean the Hedgehog (All-Around)
  • Sarah the Cat (Skill)
  • Turbb "Roxy" Oh (Speed)
  • Sketchy (Speed)
  • Lumms (Jump)
  • Robot Nick (Power)
  • Dr. Mari (Unlockable, Power)
  • Wilson the Psychic (Unlockable, Skill)
  • Smudge (Jump)


Most characters have recolors in this game, such as Smudge having the other kittens.

  • Super Dena (Dena)
  • Harley (Sarah)
  • Super Harley (Sarah)
  • Luscious (Roxy)
  • Weed (Roxy)
  • Lulu (Sketchy)
  • Flying Sketchy (Sketchy)
  • Marbot (Robot Nick)
  • Yellow Marbot (Robot Nick)
  • Blue Marbot (Robot Nick)
  • Red Marbot (Robot Nick)
  • Brown Marbot (Robot Nick)
  • Snowball (Smudge)
  • Leo (Smudge)
  • Grayscale (Smudge)
  • Stripe (Smudge)
  • Louis (Smudge)
  • Ghostly (Smudge)
  • Yellow Wizard (Sparkle)
  • Cyan Sorceror (Elie)
  • Red Warrior (Blair)
  • Green Archer (Lukio)
  • White Viking (Lune)
  • Blue Knight (Sora)
  • Black Jester (Juliet)
  • Purple Soldier (Rock)


  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Racing
  • Football
  • Soccer


Team Slider

  • Feesho Swamp (All)
  • Mary Ann's Yard (Racing, Soccer)
  • Team Slider HQ (Basketball, Racing, Football, Soccer)
  • Dr. Mari's Lab (Unlockable, Golf, Racing)
  • Squirrel Forest (Minigame Area)
  • Dr. Mari's Secret Cave (Minigame Area)

Chaos Patrol

  • Starose Central Park (Racing,Soccer)
  • Shady Oasis Ruins (Golf,Racing)
  • Breeze Gale Mines (Football,Racing,Basketball,Soccer)
  • Nightopia's Carenival(Unlockable,All)
  • Ice Valley(Minigame Area)

Competition Mode

Competition Mode is similar to a story mode; in it, Dr. Mari and Kraid decide to attack Team Slider and the Chaos Patrol while they're enjoying their sports. She makes evil clones of the heroes and sends them out to stop them, then eventually teams up with her Marbots in their own team to defeat them, while Kraid waited for them to arrive in Ice Valley. In Racing, the story is different; instead of just attacking them, Dr. Mari and Kraid kidnapped Dean and Annamaria, which makes Racing harder because you have two less characters to use.


The list of competitors in Basketball, in order.

  1. Sketchy, Smudge, Lumms (Feesho Swamp, no prize)
  2. Sora, Juliet, Sarah (Breeze Gale Mines, Wilson the Psychic)
  3. Minigame (Squirrel Forest, Giant Sketchy, Lulu Recolor, Giant Bounce)
  4. Lukio, Sparkle, Lune (Team Slider HQ, no prize)
  5. Dr. Mari, White Marbot, Red Marbot (Dr. Mari's Lab, White and Red Marbot Recolors and Dr. Mari's Lab)
  6. Minigame (Ice Valley, Kraid, Kraid, Final Brawl)


The list of competitors in Racing, in order.

  1. Lumms (Feesho Swamp, no prize)
  2. Juliet (Breeze Gale Mines, Blair Hotshot)
  3. Minigame (Squirrel Forest, Anti-Luscious, Luscious the Fox and Anti-Luscious Recolors, Ball Smash)
  4. Lune (Team Slider HQ, no prize)
  5. Kraid (Nightopia's Carnival, Yellow and Blue Marbot Recolors and Nightopia's Carnival)
  6. Minigame (Dr. Mari's Secret Cave, Giga Mari, Brown Marbot Recolor, Final Brawl)



Giant Bounce - Played against Giant Sketchy. In this, Giant Sketchy will launch basketballs at you and you must catch them, then toss them at his head. If you manage to hit him 3 times, he will be knocked out. However, if you hit him anywhere else he will toss more basketballs at you and you must simply avoid them.

Final Brawl - Played against Kraid the Shadowed One. In this,you must hit the real Kraid with a basketball for he makes copies to hide himself.Only the real Kraid is different from the rest.But hit one of his copies,and they all will throw balls at you at you must dodge.


Ball Smash - Played against Anti-Luscious. In this, Anti-Luscious breathes poisonous gas at you that you must avoid while ramming into balls to hit Anti-Luscious, who will dodge them. If you hit her 3 times, she will lose.

Final Brawl - Played against Giga Mari. In this, Giga Mari is holding two cages; one with Dean and the other with Annamaria. There are several balls nearby that you need to launch at a cage. If you hit Dean's cage, he will escape and ram into Giga Mari's legs, harming her but also getting him locked up again. If you hit Annamaria's cage, she will begin repeatedly jumping up and punching Giga Mari's face, but eventually getting locked up. Annamaria's attacks take 2 damage while Dean's take one. Giga Mari has 25 health.


"Let's play!"
—Dena, being picked
"I'm ready."
—Sarah, being picked

"Sora:"This will be a breeze." Being picked."
"Sparkle:"I'll do my best."Being picked."
"Juliet:"Let's have some fun!." Being picked."
"Blair:"Ready.."Being picked."
"Lukio:"On it." Being picked"
"Lune:"I'm cool to win."Being picked."
"Rock:"Let's rock this thing!"Being picked."
"Elie:"Let'd go!"Being picked."
—Smudge, getting picked.
"Mew! Mew!"
—Smudge, winning.
—Smudge, losing.
"Wow...this is hard..."
—Dena, coming in last place

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