Cquote1 I am just a speck of darkness in the shadow that is Chaos. Cquote2
Introduction from him.

Darkness consumes me

Biographical Information
  • 20
  • None
Romantic Interests
  • None
  • Darkness incarnate.
Team affliction
  • None
Physical Description
Species Humanoid, Demon
Gender Male
  • Demonic entity
  • Black shirt
  • Black pants
  • Black Cloak
  • Black combat boots
Abilities and forms
  • coming soon
  • Shiriyuka
Super Forms
  • Oblivion
Theme Song
Ode of Destruction04:19

Ode of Destruction

Theme song

Instrument Profession
  • None
Created by

Memphis creator of light 16:33, August 20, 2010 (UTC)


The angered and depressed form of Memphis the Light. He was created to separate the two beings emotions and keep them in check. He has no hatred for anyone, he simply just does not feel for anyone. It is know that he does not have anything to do with Deruka Khaos.


Quiet and mostly reserved when it comes to talking. The man of little words is not one to anger for he will attack anyone who ticks him off.


Memph: He has nothing against him and is known to team up with his lighter counterpart.


  • He came to mind after a doodle I did took shape and formed him.
  • Even though he is dark and quiet, he does long for some companionship.
  • Unlike Memph, Deraku is not affected by the power of Chaos and can freely use the mask.

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