Diamond the Hedgehog
Diamond the Hedgehog
"Diamond Belly"
Mister Grey Jr.
Blue, sleek
Black and blue shoes,
glossy blue gloves and black socks
Romantic Interest
Running really fast, relaxing sometimes, being alone.
Losing, when justice is not done, annoying people.
Supersonic Running Speed,
Super Strength,
Super Durability,
Enhanced Agility and Reflexes,
Hand-To-Hand Combat Skills,
Chaos Control,
Spin Attack,
Mega Diamond Transformation,
Dark Diamond Transformation,
Ultra Diamond Transformation
Heart the Hedgehog and a few more.
Mega Diamond, Dark Diamond and Ultra Diamond

Diamond the Hedgehog is a quite ironic hedgehog. He does what he thinks is right, most of the times in order to make justice. He is able to run at a supersonic speed and has three forms:

* Mega Diamond: he turn fully blue instead of grey and has lots of electric powers.

* Dark Diamond: his dark form. When her absolves some power from Frieza the Cyborg in the Di-epic Battle, he turns in a black spiky hedgehog. In this form, he is a bit taller and has lots of spikes. He is still good and fights for justice, but sometimes his eyes turn bright red and attacks anyone, rather good or evil. This is a small instinct left by Frieza's power that is rarely triggered.

* Ultra Diamond: just seen once in the Di-epic Battle II. He becomes almost immortal, full of energy produced by his anger.


Early Life

His mother is unknown. Some people say that after his birth, his mother was kidnapped, so he stayed with his father, Mister Grey Sr. (this is why he is nicknamed as Mister Grey Jr.). At 15 he found his Mega Diamond form. One year later, the Dark Diamond form. Just a few days passed from his 18th birthday, that he suddenly entered in the Di-epic Battle II and had the Ultra Diamond form.


Diamond is a calm hedgehog that is in love with Heart the Hedgehog. His name is from the blue diamond he has in his belly. He doesn't have much friends, so likes to run and stay alone. When Heart invites him to go to his place, he always accepts.

Diamond's major weakness is the fact that he is really shy and doesn't know how to act in front of the society. So he lacks of teamwork knowledge and therefore prefers to work alone.

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