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DismalFlicting describes the various people who enjoy inflicting pain, death and torment upon Dismal the Hedgehog. But it also describes the people who actually care about Dismal, and want to protect him.


Dismal's naturally timid personality seems to make him a target for the crueler sorts who delight in harassing those who can't stand up for themselves. The abuse really started when Dismal had first been captured by the Trolls, however; he was frequently used as a 'guinea pig' for Bubonic's experiments, and the other Trolls seemed to like taking their anger out on him. This is not to say that everyone hates Dismal, however. He has quite a few friends who will do what it takes to protect him (and even help him stand up for himself).

The Tormentors

Add your character if they enjoy torturing Dismal!

The Protectors

Add your characters here if they want to protect Dismal!

Fanfics For

Fanfics Against




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