Dismeline is the romantic relationship between Dismal the Hedgehog and Madeline the Fox.


Dismal and Madeline first met when Spade the Hedgehog and Whisper the Chameleon captured Dismal in order for him to be made into Ronix's weapon. Madeline escorted Spade and Dismal to the mess hall, where shortly afterward Madeline accidentally made Vic drop his tray of food all over her. Dismal helped clean her off, and both of them were ridiculed, and Vic called Dismal Madeline's "boyfriend". They continued to taunt them, until Dismal stepped up to Vic and tried to punch him. Vic then punched Dismal through the wall, sending him flying all the way back the Chaos City. After Dismal was sent to the hospital and fixed up by Dr. Carson, Madeline arrived while he was asleep. She was supposed to take him back to the Troll League base, but she was confronted by Reaper, and she told him that she loved Dismal, and she did not take him back to the Troll League, though she was punished harshly for it. Dismal woke up and Reaper told him that Madeline had visited, and Dismal went to go rescue her from the Troll League.


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  • MADELINE IS MINE!! --Ronix the Dark
  • Dismal, I'll destroy you for fraternizing with the enemy...!! --Rageik
  • Pfffft. Dismal don't deserve a girl. --Toxic the Hedgehog
  • [sharpens his machete as he prepares himself to cleave Dismal to death] --Jeremy D. the Fox
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    • Yeah, and you're a thorn to my side. Go deal with these so-called powerful Trolls and leave me in peace while I sharpen this baby to cut Dismutt in pieces! --Jeremy D. the Fox
    • Seriously I'd rather like you to handle a werehog of dismal and look at the real one the same way..... Suzie-Lu the Echidna


Part 1

(Ryu-I bet ronix is really angry...)

(One day...)

Jeremy: *on a tree* So bored....

(Meanwhile, Dismal is out picking flowers for Madeline...)

Jeremy: *seeing dismal* hey dismal! *jumps down from his tree* ya picking flowers?

Dismal: Mmm-hmm. ^^

Jeremy: nice, need any help?

Dismal: Okay!

Jeremy: why you picking flowers anyways *picks up a daisy and a rose* man flower picking is peaceful, even for me...

Dismal: I'm picking 'em for Madeline. :3

Jeremy: that's my buddy *pats his back* but I hope she doesn't realize I kinda helped you with this *gives him the daisy and the rose he picked*

Dismal: Uhh....Jeremy, you can give those to Madeline yourself if you want to, you know....

Jeremy: I know...but I didn't want to interfere.....

Dismal: (Ears droop) Ohh...

Jeremy: Sorry dude, I just hope you and Madeline are alright....

Dismal: I didn't think you were interfering...I mean, I wouldn't mind at all if you gave flowers to Madeline...

Jeremy: least I can find some more flowers. *picks some daises and another red rose*

(Meanwhile, Ronix watches the two, concealed in the shadows)

Ronix: ..... >:(

(Eventually, Dismal and Jeremy have picked quite a few flowers...)

Ronix: (steps out of the shadows) That's quite enough, boys.

Dismal: EEK!! (drops the flowers)

Jeremy: I got him *rams into him and pecks his head rapidly*

(For some reason, the pecks don't affect Ronix!!)

Ronix: (laughs) In case you ahven't noticed, I'm much more powerful than I used to be! (punches Jeremy, sending him flying into a tree)

Dismal: Jeremy!!

Ronix: (turns towards Dismal) Now it's your turn! (reaches for Dismal)

Dismal: No!!

Jeremy: *to ronix* you abused my friend, you abused my crush, your gonna pay for that! *goes dragon Jeremy* prepare to be killed Ronix.... *zooms into him at full force without losing momentum* HAYNAWATAH! *tackles ronix and starts breathing fire in his face*

Ronix: Augh! (shields his face, then disappears, and then reappears behind Jeremy, kicking him in the back)

Dismal: !!!

(Ryu-Going to bed. G'night guys.)
(Shima: Aww... :( Good night, Ryu)

Jeremy: *pecks his spot people shouldn't be hit in* AHA! got ya now Ronix, now run away and forget everything.... *still has his flowers at hand*

Ronix: !!! (falls onto teh ground, then disappears)

Jeremy: *turns normal* heheh loos like his weakness still lies in him...GWAH HA HA HA! *still holding the flowers* but anyways, Dismal? you okay buddy?

Dismal: Uhh, y-yeah....

Jeremy: good, be lucky I know his weak point, now I have your flowers for you *gives dismal his flowers he dropped* now lets get out of here before he comes back....

Dismal: Uhh....

Jeremy: Lets just find Madeline and give her our bouquets, hows that sound?

Dismal: Okay.

(So the two leave to go look for Madeline. Meanwhile, Madeline is in her new hideout (which was built so she can hide from the TL))

Madeline: (humming)

Jeremy: *outside with dismal* do you remember this place being built before? I don't recognize it at all.......

Dismal: Me neither...

Jeremy:well we're not just gonna stand here all day XD let's knock on the door *knocks on the door*

Madeline: (opens the door so only her eye can be seen) H-Hello..?

Jeremy: Hi ^_^'

Dismal: *blushing* H-Hi, Madeline...

Madeline: (blushes) Hi! (opens the door) C-come on in!

Dismal: Thanks...!

Jeremy: thanks Madeline ^_^ *walks in*

Madeline: Do you, uh..w-want to sit down...? (goes over to a chair but trips) Eep! (blushes with embarrassment)

Jeremy: no thanks, I'm good........0_0' *whispers to dismal* dismal did ya get your flowers?

Dismal: Oh! Y-Yeah...! Uhh, Madeline, we got you these flowers...(walks over to her)

Jeremy: same with me *follows Dismal*

Madeline: Oh! (gets up, ignoring the scrapes on her legs and hands from falling) T-They're beautiful! (takes the flowers and then hugs Dismal and Jeremy)

Dismal: I'm glad you like them... ^^

Jeremy: your welcome *blushing deep*

(Meanwhile with Ronix and Vic at the TL base...)

Ronix: (anime vein and drumming fingers on his desk) Grr...Vic!

Vic: (walks in) Yes, Ronix?

Ronix: Has ANYONE found a trace of Madeline or that grey runt of a Troll?

Vic: I-I'm afraid not, Ronix...

(Suddenly, Whisper and Spade come in)

Ronix: Grr! What are you two doing in here!?

Whisper: (panting) We...f-found...(pant)

Spade: ...Madeline's (pant)..hideout.

Ronix: You did?!

Spade and Whisper: (nod)

Ronix: (evil grin) Excellent.

(Back at the hideout...)

Madeline: (let's go of Dismal and Jeremy) ^_^

(Suddenly, there is a loud knock at the door)

Madeline: Huh...? Who could that be....? (goes to the door and screams)

Ronix: 'Ello, Madeline! >:) (barges into the hideout with many Trolls behind him)

Dismal: WAAHH!! (grabs Madeline and runs) C'mon, Jeremy!!

Jeremy: Right behind ya *starts a super-peelout then zooms off*

Ronix: AFTER THEM! >:(

(All the Trolls chase after the three)
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The Benny Hill Show Theme Tune

Dismal: WAAUUGH!!!

Jeremy: 0_0' AHHHHHHHHHHHHH *zooms off since he got scared of the many trolls after them*

Vic: (lunges at Dismal)

Dismal: NOO!! (pushes Madeline to Jeremy (to protect her from Vic)

Jeremy: *throws an ice egg at many trolls to freeze them in their tracks* KEEP RUNNING!

(Ryu-We're not allowed to attack Vic or ronix, I thought.)
(Twist:I fixed it)

Ronix: (throws balls of dark matter at Dismal and Madeline) Grr!

Jeremy: man I got everyone but them.......weird........but still KEEP RUNNING! *zooms off again*

Ronix: (catches up with Dismal and Madeline, and grabs Dismal and Madeline by their scruffs)

Madeline: Eek!! D:


Jeremy: MADELINE! *zooms back to try and charge into Ronix*

Ronix: >:) (throws Dismal at Jeremy, making them collide and disappears with Madeline)

Dismal: UGH!!

Jeremy: lets find his base.....

Dismal: (Holding his head) Huh...?

Jeremy: where could Ronix be if he used chaos control...his base........lets just find it. *runs off*

Dismal: O-Okay...(runs after him0

Jeremy:and be lucky we don't have 20 trolls after us since I freezed em all.....

Dismal: There's probably more than 20...

Jeremy: good point, but no time to count.....

(Shima: Okay, I'm going to do the thing where Ronix steals a Chip Launcher and an auto-pregnancy chip. I need someone to control the Trolls)
(Twist:I'm in for Hotdog and Merinda)
(Ryu-I'll help!)
(Shima: 'Kay, I need Rageik's Trolls, though, 'cause that's who owns the chips, right?)
(Twist:BTW I hope we could continue Jereline after this, sorry to change topic)
(Shima: Mhm.)

(Meanwhile with Ronix, Madeline, and the other Trolls..)

Madeline: (shaking with fear/whimpering) Wh-What do you w-want with me, R-Ronix?

Ronix: (smiles) You'll see soon enough. (disappears)

(A while later, Ronix reappears onto the Troll Moon Base)

Ronix: get that chip.

(Ronix easily enters the base, melting into the shadows. He searches for the room with the chips and Chip Launcher (which happens to be near Bubonic's lab. In Bubonic's lab...)

Hotdog: Bubonic...I sense something wrong

Merinda: involving troll league, kind of wrong.

Bubonic: Huh. Why would those cowardly excuses for Trolls try to come here?

Merinda: Auto-pregnancy chip I believe....

Bubonic: What would THAT have to do with anything?

Hotdog: Ronix, baby, Madeline, as in he uses the chip to make his "fiance" pregnant.

Bubonic: Don't tell me you're psychic or something, Hotdog...

Hotdog: I spied on the troll league a lot, so I know why he's here.....

Ronix: (peers into the lab, though still melted into the shadows) Hm...not here, either..

Bubonic: Okaaaay, then...

Hotdog: besides, I often get assigned to spy on Ronix, he constantly rambles about his "fiance" Madeline, she's 13 for petes sake!

Ronix: (goes into the next room) Bingo! (steals a Chip Launcher and a chip, then disappears)

Bubonic: Eww. That's gross.

Hotdog: well lets hope he didn't find an auto-pregnancy chip.....

Bubonic: Yeah.

Hotdog: if he did, I know one person that could kill him.....this gu *holds a picture of Jeremy*

Merinda: we just know him well.......

(Ronix returns to the base, and he holds out the Chip Launcher)

Ronix: Oh Madeliiiiiiiiiine! I got a surprise for you!! (holds the Launcher up to Madeline's arm)

Madeline: !!! (tries to pull away, but Vic holds her still as Ronix injects the chip) (pained yelp)

Ronix: Excellent.. >:)

(gar away from the base Jeremy is trying to draw a perfectly drawn picture of im, dismal and Madeline hearing the yelp* 0_0' that sounds like.....

Part 2

Madeline: (whimpers from the pain in her arm)

Vic: What was that?

Ronix: A very useful chip some of Rageik's Trolls have made. (evil smile) An auto-pregnancy chip.

Madeline: Wh...Wh... (starts to cry)

Ronix: Aww, don't cry, Madeline. (pats Madeline's back, who then winces away) (turns to Vic) Take her to her lold room. We need to make more preparations.

Vic: (nods) Right. (he takes Madeline to her room, where she then sits on her bed and cries)

(back with Jeremy who is currently telling dismal he heard Madeline's yelp)

Jeremy: and I came after hearing her yelp to tell you she needs help, lets just get to her, I'm scared she'd be dead.....

(So they leave to look for Madeline.)

Jeremy: I'm scared, I hope she's okay.......

Dismal: Me too...!

Jeremy: oh forget it I can't do this I'm too scared *starts crying softly*

Dismal: J-Jeremy! don't c-cry...p-p-please!!

Jeremy: How can I not? Ronix has Madeline, he could have used a pregnancy chip on her, and Ronix would kill us if we try and save her.....*gets up and wipe tears off* but I'm not giving up...........this is not how I will go on.....*eyes go to a fiery red* lets go Dismal, we got a damsel to save.... *motions him to follow*

Dismal: R-Right...!!

Jeremy: That ronix is gonna PAY for messing with the wrong Breegull, *starts a super-peelout then zooms off, and he ends up at the base* okay I hope I'm not too late, I know plan B if I am....

(In a cafeteria in the troll base. Toxic and Frost were discussing something)

Toxic: Wait, I just realised something.

Frost: What, that Dismal's gone and has a girlfriend he'd smash you for touching?

Toxic: Hmph, as if he could. No, that's not it. It's to do with his girlfriend. What was her name again?

(Rageik revealed himself)

Rageik: Madeline? Where have I heard that....RONIX!

Toxic: Wha...Rageik, I know you're a few thousand years old, but seriously, don't come to a sudden realization like that.

Rageik: That has to be...Ronix always claimed to have a "fionce" called Madeline. Either I'm wrong and it's all a coincidence, or I'm right and...

Toxic: Dismal's fraternizing with the enemy. Well, he's dead.

Rageik: Yes, he is. I'll make sure of it myself this time!

Toxic: Right, sir. I'll rally the troops!

Rageik: Toxic...(Rageik's hand wrapped around Toxic's throat as he lifted Toxic to look him in the eye) If I say I'm going to do something myself, I don't mean for you to get everybody excited. No, I think I shall go alone. Teach Ronix and Dismal both a lesson.

Toxic: Y-Yes sir!

(Back at the TL base...)

(The time for Ronix's "wedding" is here.)

Madeline: (crying (as usual)) No...

(Vic comes in)

Vic: Time for your wedding "bride". (grabs Madeline and drags her out, revealing she is in a white wedding dress)

(back with Dismal and Jeremy)

Jeremy: how much till we find the base Dismal?

Dismal: Uhh...I don't know...

Jeremy: wait, I got a better idea :D CHAOS.....CONTROL! *teleports them closer to the base*

(They are about a half mile away now.)

Jeremy: well I think we're half-way there....

(At the TL base...The wedding has started)

Madeline: ..... :'(

(They go through most of the ceremony)

Priest Troll: ...and whoever thinks these two shall not be wed, speak now, or forever hold your peace.


Jeremy: *on the roof breaking the window* I THINK THEY SHALL NOT BE WED! *through the window trying to scare everyone*

Ronix: WHAT?!

Madeline: !!! :D

Trolls: !!!

Jeremy: *hops through he window hole he made somehow he made a costume change into a tuxedo*

(Dismal jumps in after him, but falls on his face.)

Jeremy: *helps him up* come ON ronix auto-pregnancy chip? please your CRAZY when it comes to you trying to marry madeline so we can stay away, she'd rather marry this gut *points to dismal* than marry you, why I don't say me, pretty obvious, she likes her.

Madeline: D-Dismal! J-Jeremy! (tries to go to them, but Ronix holds her back by the neck) Eep!

Ronix: (raises eye) Now now, no need to call me crazy. I'm just doing what's best for her.

Jeremy: no whats best for her is living with THIS GUY *points to dismal* not you, this guy *points to dismal* not you *points back to ronix*

Ronix: Then why not let her decide? (smiles evilly)

Jeremy: well I know her answer.....*to himself* oh this will be a shoe-in

Madeline: I...uh... (starts to shake with fear)

Jeremy: dismal or ronix, only those 2 for you........

Madeline: (shaking) I..I-I ch-choose...

Jeremy: *thoughts* least I kept ME out of the mix because 1. I'd get killed 2, 2. she'd rather date dismal, and 3. dismal loves her too)

Madeline:! (runs to Dismal)

(Dismal immediately hugs her once she's close enough.)

Madeline: (hugs him)

(Dismal notices that she has a slight belly that he hadn't noticed from far away)

Jeremy: YEAH!

Dismal: M-Madeline...your stomach...!!

Madeline: (crying) I'm...I'm...

Dismal: Y-you're...?

Madeline: (crying; quietly) P-Pregnant...

Jeremy: *whispers to them that he's gonna make ronix eat a timed grenade egg so they need to get out of th place before it explodes* *coughs up a timed grenade egg unarmed* heheh, I'm ready for my part.....

Madeline: !!!

Jeremy: Sorry if I kinda scare you here....*kinda nervous*

Dismal: Uhh...

Ronix: (growls, then starts walking towards the three of them)

Dismal: !! (steps in front of Madeline protectively) G-Get away...!!

Jeremy: *force feeds the time bomb in ronix and it starts to glow, lets get out of here!

Ronix: What the-?!

Jeremy: LETS GO! *motions for madeline and dismal to follow him as he zooms off*

Dismal: Uhh...(grabs Madeline's arm and follows Jeremy)

Jeremy: *outside of the base* COME ON 12 SECONDS BEFORE IT EXPLODES

Madeline: (nods; scared look)

Jeremy: I'm glad I made it 20 seconds

Dismal: Y-Yeah...!

Jeremy: Okay we're gone the bomb will explode in 5...4...3...2....1...NOW!

Madeline: (covers her ears)

Jeremy: *covers his ears*

Dismal: (Covers his ears)


Jeremy: it worked, now we're free tll he regenerates....lets get out of here...CHAOS.....CONTROL! *teleports all 3 to madeline's hideout*

Madeline: (sits down in a seat shaking)

(Dismal sits down next to her and hugs her.)

Madeline: (hugs Dismal back)

Jeremy: Sorry if I kinda scared you with the bomb *frowns a little*

Madeline: I-It's okay.

Jeremy: than you *sits down frowning a little*

Madeline: ?

Jeremy: I can't believe Ronix stooped THIS LOW to make you love him, seriously weirdest attempt *remembers he went to floral meadows once before he drew the picture when she yelped* oh man, I forgot I went to floral fields and found a couple flowers

Madeline: (nods sadly)

Jeremy: *gives the flowers to her* I hope you like it......

Madeline: (takes the flowers) Thanks...

Jeremy: welcome, also those plant spirits we saved said hi to's as sunny as ever since we stopped eggman's cloud making machine.......

Madeline: (nods)

(Dismal seems to have fallen asleep...)

Madeline: (looks at Dismal and smiles slightly) C' me get him into a bed or something...

Jeremy: okay *helps her get Dismal to a bed*

Madeline: (sits at the edge of the bed watching Dismal)...

Dismal: Zzzzz...

Jeremy: you okay? I hope ronix didn't do anything too bad to you during your "marriage" be lucky I objected quick enough

Madeline: He did nothing except...this..(looks at her stomach and tears up)

Jeremy: make you pregnant? oh I am gonna make him pay for that..........

Madeline: (crying) Like it'll matter...He'll just come he always does. (buries her face in her knees)

Jeremy: *hugs her* don't worry no matter how many tims he returns I'll keep him away from you and dismal *starts sobbing*

Madeline: (crying)....

Jeremy: *still crying* your one of the best friends I ever knew....

Madeline: (sniffs) S-Same here..

Jeremy: but ou and dismal make a good couple, *sniff*

Madeline: Yeah...Jeremy.. (looks at Jeremy) You'll find somebody..okay?

Jeremy: yeah, I'll go through with this, but you'll be a true friend to me......

Madeline: (smiles a bit, then yawns) I think...I'm going to get some sleep...

Jeremy: me too....

(Madeline shows Jeremy where he can sleep)

Madeline: I hope it'll be comfortable..

Jeremy: Well I thin it will, *gets on to it and falls asleep* g'night

Madeline: Good night... (she goes back to where Dismal is and lays down on the other side of him, though she doesn't fall asleep)

(later that night)

Jeremy: *tossing and turning in the bed since he's having a nightmare* was only an accident

(The dream starts...)

Jeremy: *sobbing* IT WAS AN ACCIDENT, I'M SORRY!

Madeline: (glares at Jeremy) I'd rather love a rock than be friends with you!!

Jeremy: I knew it =( just leave and never see me AGAIN! *runs off sobbing*

Madeline: ....

Jeremy: *still crying and in a tree* just stay away and never see her again

(In the real world, Dismal is awake. He hears Jeremy thrashing.)

Dismal: Huh...? J-Jeremy...?

Madeline: (groggily; wakes up) Huh..?

Jeremy: *still asleep and thrashing* just stay calm and avoid eye contact, OH WHO AM I KIDDING IT'S HOPELESS!

Madeline: J-Heremy...? (gets up with some difficulty and goes over to Jeremy) J-Jeremy...wake up..(shakes him)

Jeremy: *wakes up* phew, it was only a nightmare *sighs with relief*

Madeline: (looks at him with worry)

(Dismal is standing there as well, looking scared...)

Jeremy: you guys alright?

Madeline: You were crying in your sleep... Are you okay?

Dismal: Yeah...!!

Jeremy: yeah I'm okay I'm curious to either it was that dream I relived the tragedy on my old home.....or when eggman roboticized me myself.....but the dream last night was different than the rest.

Dismal: You don't remember what it was...?

Jeremy: well I never had that certain dream before........

Madeline: What was the dream about...?

Jeremy: *shrugs* all I can remember, it said someone would rather love a rock than be my friend >_<' that's the only thing that came to mind.....

Madeline: You don't remember who it was..?

Jeremy: nope....not at all

Madeline: Oh..

Jeremy: in a few minutes I'll try to remember who it was, that often helps me remember dreams and all.....

Madeline: Okay.

Jeremy: *thoughts* phew, that was a close call. but I'm scared, I'll tell dismal about it.

Madeline: So...anyone want breakfast...?

Jeremy: Yes please :D

Dismal: Ok.

(Madeline smiles and rushes off to make them breakfast)

Jeremy: I wonder if Ronix regenerated yet *kinda nervous*

Dismal: I don't know...

Jeremy: yeah lets hope he doesn't decide to look for us again.......but still I think I remember something, I think a girl that was a fox told me that they'd love a rock than be a friend to me >_<' odd it all comes to getehr quickly

Madeline: (making breakfast) (fights the urge to get sick)

(Someone's watching from the window. He eyes Madeline's body.)

???: So, that's the runt's girl...she's kinda cute...if a bit beaten up...

Madeline: (covers her mouth and gets sick in the sick) Ugh... (ears perk up as she senses the stranger)

???: ! (moves away from the window)

(A few seconds later, the door flies open!)

Madeline: EEK! (jumps)

Jeremy: *hearing her* 0-0' dismal, remember what we do?

Dismal: *panicking* Uhh...uhh...I forgot!! DX

Madeline: (gulps and sees who opened the door)

Jeremy: well.....I'm dead.......*gulps*

(Standing there is...Toxic!)

Jeremy: Oooooh no...

Madeline: (backs away a bit) M-May I he-help you...?

Toxic: Yeah, I was wondering if I could speak to your "boyfriend"...(sees Dismal) ahh, there he is!

Dismal: *gulps*

(Toxic walks over to Dismal.)

Toxic: So, Dismutt, I hope you realize you've pissed off Rageik enough for him to want to come and kill you himself...and that pathetic excuse for a troll, Ronix, too. You've got a cute girl, though...(looks over at Madeline, smiling with a faint perversion)

Dismal: Y-You leave her alone...!!

Toxic: Oh, and what are you gonna do about it, huh? (pulls out his rapier) You gonna fight me?

Jeremy: I will >:)

Toxic: Please. (points the rapier at Jeremy) Stay out of this.

Madeline: (gulps and clings to Dismal, who holds her) G-Go away...!

Toxic: Hmmm, lemme think...uhh, no.

Madeline: (gulps; shaking with fear)

Toxic: Hey, don't worry girl, I won't hurt ya. But Dismal here...(points the rapier at him)...oh yes, he deserves to be punished for fraternizing with the secretary of Rageik's arch-rival...that's like, treason, ya know.

Jeremy: eep *slowly backs away to stay out of the event*

Madeline: (shaking with fear) I-If you hu-hurt Dismal, I-I'll...I'll...

Toxic: Now now, girl, you're in no condition to fight...(looks down at her stomach)

Madeline: (blushes) S-So...

Toxic: Yup. I knew. Well, actually, Rageik knew, and informed me.

Jeremy: look not to interrupt I even get a shot at this?

(Toxic laughs.)

Toxic: You REALLY wanna take that chance? (he melts into a puddle of sludge, then reforms with 3 clones)

Madeline: !!!!

Toxic: Ahh, the Toxic Clone Technique. Never gets old.

Jeremy: look can we not fight in here, it's her home we're in......besides I was just saying is all.........sorry I'm gonna just leave you 3 alone for now >_<'

Toxic: Whatever.

Madeline: (shaking) L-Last warning...! L-Leave!

Toxic: And I said no. (looks at Dismal) So, you even gonna speak up and defend your girl? No? I thought so. You've got no heart...

(He jabs Dismal in the chest with his very sharp and pointy rapier.)

Dismal: GAH!!

Toxic: ...and you've got no balls.

(He then jabs Dismal in the crotch.)

Dismal: AAAAAGH!!

Toxic: What are you complaining for? You're neutered anyways! *laughs*

Madeline: Noo! (lunges at Toxic) L-Leave him alone!

Toxic: !! (uses his free hand to hold off Madeline) Hey!!

Madeline: (tries to reach for Toxic) Grrrr.....!

Toxic: Get off! I'll cut you...!

Madeline: (hits at Toxic)

(Toxic gets hit in the arm.)

Toxic: Gah! you crazy little...that's is! (swipes at Madeline with his rapier)

Madeline: !!! (gets sliced by the rapier across her chest) (yells in pain)

Dismal: MADELINE!! Grrrrrr...!! (mustering all energy, he punches Toxic in the face with his right arm (which contains the Project Reaper flexo plate)

(Toxic, caught off guard, gets punched fully in the face. Dismal's anger seems to have fueled that punch, and Toxic's nose is now bleeding, and he has a black eye!)

Toxic: GAHHH!! YOU LITTLE B******!! (stabs Dismal in the stomach)

Dismal: Grk!!

Madeline: (charges at Toxic, one hand raised for a punch, the other keeping her top up (since it was sliced)

(Toxic is too preoccupied with gutting Dismal, and doesn't notice Madeline)

Madeline: (punches Toxic in the face, then tries to pull the rapier out of Dismal's stomach)

Toxic: OWW!! Clones!

(The 3 clones surround Madeline and Dismal)

Madeline: !!!

Jeremy: *slowly tiptoes from behind toxic with a wooden baseball bat*

Dismal: (Attempts to get in front of Madeline to protect her)

Madeline: (pulls the rapier out of Dismal's stomach, slicing her hands by accident)

Dismal: M-Madeline...!! *coughs up blood8

Madeline: (hugs Dismal, protecting him from Toxic) W-We'll get out of this... (looks back in fear at Toxic)

Jeremy: ATTACK! *smacks Toxic and the clones with a swing of the wooden bat*

(Toxic is knocked over, and the clones are turned into sludge. But two more spring up from each puddle, making six!)

Madeline: !!! (vines start shooting from the ground and strike at the clones)

Jeremy: huh?

Toxic: (Gets up) Vines....d-dammit!! Naturekinesis!!

(The clones are defeated, but this time, no more appear!)

Toxic: Grrrr....fine, I'll go for now...but I WILL be back!! (Chaos Controls away)

Part 3

Madeline: (shaking) D-Dismal... A-Are you okay?

Jeremy: I finally know about that bad dream last night, but is he gonna be okay?

Dismal: I....I....*coughs again*

(His chest and crotch are bleeding, but his stomach is gushing blood.)

Madeline: !!! (supports Dismal) J-Jeremy, call Carson!

Jeremy: I'm gonna call Dr. I'll get the phone *gets his cell phone and calls Dr. Carson*

Madeline: (helps Dismal onto a bed) (fights the urge to get sick again)

Dismal: M-Madeline....a-a-are you okay....?

Madeline: (nods) M-Mhm.. (urge gets to much and she runs into the bathroom and gets sick)

Jeremy: *to dismal* dismal that nightmare, it was about Madeline saying she'd love a rock than be my friend I know the whole dream but....I doubt that she'd say it, can you not tell her?

Dismal: I w-won't tell her...

Jeremy: thanks

Madeline: (comes back, looking a bit pale) I-I the doctor o-on his way..?

Jeremy: yep

Madeline: Okay... (sits down)

Jeremy: *puts cellphone away*

(Soon, Carson comes in with his medical bag.)

Dismal: *weak moan*

Jeremy: you sure you can help him Doc?

Carson: (takes a look at Dismal) I'm pretty sure I can. (starts pulling out his medical supplies) So what happened this time, Dismal? (Lol he knows his name by now XD)

Jeremy: not sure....

Dismal: I w-was st-stabbed....*coughs up more blood*

Madeline: (holds Dismal's hand comfortingly)

Carson: (examines his wounds) Hmmm... (starts to cleanse them)

Dismal: *whimpers in pain*

Jeremy: *thoughts* I'm scared to tell Madeline about the nightmare, she'd kill me if I did

Carson: (starts to stitch up the wound in Dismal's stomach)

Dismal: *yelp* (squeezes Madeline's hand reflexively)

Madeline: (winces a bit)

Carson: (finishes and cleans the stitch)

Dismal: (Relaxes his grip; to Madeline) S-Sorry...

Madeline: (smiles) It's okay..

Jeremy: *sighs with relief* is he okay doc?

Carson: I think so. I'm leaving some medicine here in case he spikes a fever. Make sure you clean his wounds, okay?

Madeline: (nods) O-Okay.

Jeremy: right *nervously*

Dismal: Th-Thank you...

Carson: (ruffles Dismal's fur) No problem, kid. Call if you guys need anything. (he leaves)

Jeremy: I'll be right back I have to uhhh....use the bathroom that's it *goes to the bathroom*

Madeline: ?

(with Jeremy)

Jeremy: *thoughts* why am I acting all nervous all of a sudden >_<'

Madeline: (goes up to the bathroom door and knocks) Jeremy..? Are you okay..?

Jeremy: *coming out smiling* yeah why do ya ask? :)

Madeline: Was just wondering..

Jeremy: ah...okay *thoughts* I'm still scared, but I HAVE to tell her my nightmare.....but it's gonna be hard, so I have to hold up till I'm alright to speak it loud and clear

Madeline: Well..I guess I'll go finish making our breakfast, okay? ^_^

Jeremy: that sounds good.......

(Madeline goes back into the kitchen and resumes cooking breakfast)

Jeremy: *thinking* well at least I'm calm now :D

(A bit later...Dismal is sleeping...)

Madeline: (brings out the food and smiles at Dismal) Guess I'll save his for later.. (she sits the plates down) Jeremy! Food's ready! ^_^

Dismal: Zzzzzzzzz......

Jeremy: thanks :D

Madeline: You're welcome ^_^ (starts to eat)

Jeremy: *starts eating* ^_^

Madeline: ^_^

Jeremy: *still eating* ^_^ *thoughts* this is a piece of cake

Madeline: is it?

Jeremy: *gives a thumbs up*

Madeline: :D (smiles)

(Dismal's nose twitches slightly.)

Jeremy: *seeing dismals nose twitch* is he awake?

Madeline: I don't know... (looks at Dismal's food, then takes it and holds it under Dismal's nose)

Dismal: (His nose twitches faster) *sniff*

Jeremy: believe so........

Madeline: (smiles) C'mon...wake up.. (circles the food under his nose)

Jeremy: *thoughts* please wake up please wake up :D

Dismal: *sniffing* (slowly and painfully gets up)

Madeline: (helps Dismal sit up) Hungry..?

Dismal: Yeah...

Jeremy: *whispers to madeline he's going to get more flowers from floral fields*

Madeline: (nods) (she holds a plate of food out to him) H-Here..I hope you like it..

Jeremy: see you 2 later *runs off to find the door leading to floral fields*

Dismal: (Takes the plate of food) Thank you. :3

Madeline: You're welcome. ^_^

(Dismal begins eating. After a few seconds, his face is the picture of total bliss.)

Dismal: Mmmmmmmmmmm......

Madeline: (smiling happily)

Dismal: ^^

Madeline: (finishes her food and puts her plate in the sink)

(In the TL Base, a shadowy figure appears)

???: As leader of the Trolls, I invoke the Demon Rights of Self-Transformation! With the blood of my enemy, I shall transform to my new form! (Rageik appears, still in his echidna form) As soon as Ronix dies, I shall make my body escape this recolor body, and take on a new form!

Random Trolls: !!!! (shrink back in fear)

(Rageik growls, and his muzzle lightens, becoming more distinct from his face)


(with Jeremy at floral fields)

Paper Mario - Clouds Over Flower Fields (Cloudy)01:48

Paper Mario - Clouds Over Flower Fields (Cloudy)


Jeremy: *picking flowers* these get well soon flowers make a perfect kind of bouquet for dismal :3

(many flowers later)

Jeremy: *approaches the tree which is the entrance back to mobius*

Tree: what do you seek from me?

Jeremy: I wish to return to mobius

Tree: as you wish *lets him through the door back to mobius*

Jeremy: okay now to give dismal the get well soon flowers *zooms off*

(Back in Madeline's house...)

Madeline: (washing dishes)

Dismal: Do you want me to help, Madeline?

Madeline: Yeeah..but are you sure?

Jeremy: *goes in with the get well soon flowers* I'm back guys :D

Madeline: Oh, hey Jeremy!

Jeremy: dismal,. I got you some get well soon flowers from floral fields, they say for you to get well soon and they said hi to the 3 of us :D

Madeline: That's nice ^_^

Dismal: Thank you Jeremy!

Jeremy: welcome dismal, and yes it is nice, the tree also said hi now I gotta ummmm use the bathroom *goes to the bathroom*

Madeline: ...?

(in the bathroom)

Jeremy: *thoughts* I have to tell the secret, I'm kinda nervous only way you can stay calm is to tell the truth not keep a secret >_<'

(Back outside...)

Dismal: Don't worry Madeline, I'll help you with the dishes! (tries to sit up)

Madeline: Okay...if you're up to it... (helps Dismal sit up)

Dismal: *pained grunt*

Madeline: (worried look) Maybe you shouldn't...

Dismal: N-No, I'm fine...!

Madeline: Okay...(helps Dismal stand)

Dismal: Thanks...

Madeline: You're welcome... (they go over to the sink) ^_^

(Dismal follows her, rather stiffly. He winces.)

Madeline: (watches him with a worried look on her face)

Dismal: (Stands next to her) See? I'm fine...!

Madeline: Okay.. (hands him a towel) You dry, I wash. ^_^

Dismal: Yeah!

Madeline: ^_^ (they start doing the dishes)

(Twist: I still got no ideas >_<')
(Ryu-I think the best idea would be for Madeline to just reassure Jeremy that she'll still be his friend.)
(Twist: *gives a death stare* thats a good choice but,.....I need something a bit better XD)
(Twist:and one of my ideas.......he just leaves them alone, does that cheer him up at all?)
(Shima: No)
(Twist:I'm currently out of ideas, but we need atleast 3 of them to decide on, since u came up with reassurence, it's ust ryu sicne I RAN OUT OF IDEAS D:)
(Shima: Mhm.)
(Twist:I wish some idea popped inside my head, and no not something to go with the bacon and eggs >_< thats toast)

(back with jeremy who is keeping himself in the bathroom)

Jeremy: *thoughts* it's hopeless, I'm too nervous to tell that I had that nightmare T_T I might as well slowly exit if I still can, but how I'm too scared I might get noticed.....if she sees me, I'm bound to get hurt by saying it

(Twist:Im serious he's under too much pressure XD)
(Shima: Yeah)
(Twist:I still have no idea how he can live it down, the most affectionate way I got was a hug)
(Shima: Yup)

(There was a knock at the door)

Jeremy: *scared to answer* I'm scared.....

Dismal: I'll get that! ^^ (walks awkwardly over to the door and opens it)

(Nobody was there, but a package sat on the ground, with a note attacked)

(twist:I thought it was the bathroom door)
(Twist:but either way hug or reassurence your guy's pick)
(Shima: Okay)

Madeline: Who is it, Dismal?

Dismal: No one's there...(bends down painfully to pick up the package) *grunts in pain* Just a package...

Madeline: A package...? (walks over to where Dismal is) Does it say who it's from?

Dismal: There is a note...(grunts painfully as he stands back up)

Madeline: (helps Dismal stand up) What's it say...?

Dismal: Uhh...(pulls off note and reads it)

Note: Hey Dissie dude! Heard about the stuff that's goin on, so I thought I'd help. In this package is a box of chocolates and stuff...and also about 300 Mobiums, a weeks wage for me. Hope it helps! - Rubbz

Madeline: Rubbz...?

Dismal: He's this guy that rescued me from the Troll Moon base once...

Madeline: Really? He seems nice..

Dismal: He is. I didn't think he'd remember me, though... ^^

Madeline: Guess he still does. ^_^

(Jeremy slowly comes out of the bathroom and tries to slowly exit without being noticed)

Jeremy: *thoughts* I'm very scared now, I think dismal could either be kidnapped or killed and it will be all my fault T_T *out loud* hey guys uhhhh.....yeah I'll be back soon I uhhh *slowly goes iout the door* gotta get some water.....yeah that's it :D see ya later *shuts door quickly*

Madeline: Okay..

Dismal: ........

(outside or should we say....1 tree away from the place)

Jeremy: my life is over, I'm just a big coward, all because of that stupid nightmare! >_<' I don't think I can go on living like this.......

Madeline: (goes outside and looks for Jeremy) Jeremy...?

Jeremy: eep *thoughts* well thats the end of me... on to telling about the nightmare

Madeline: Where are you...?

Jeremy: 0_0' *thoughts* I'm still scared to show my position *starts clearing his vocal cords then starts making crow noises*

Madeline: Huh? (looks up and see Jeremy) Oh, there you are!

Jeremy: *comes down* how'd you find me so easy? nbesides fact I was 1 tree away from you heheh

Madeline: (shrugs) Just that good, I guess! ^_^

Jeremy: yeah I was gonna tell ya something but I was very shy to tell you >_<'

Madeline: Like what?

Jeremy: that nigthmare

Madeline: What about it couldn't you tell me?

Jeremy: It was pretty much horroriffic, was just us...I accidentally said something wrong and then downright hated me *sheds a tear*

Madeline: Wh-What?! D: Jeremy...I would never hate you...

Jeremy: you wouldn't? *sheds another tear*

Madeline: (hugs Jeremy and gives him a kiss) No, I wouldn't.

Jeremy: thanks....*blushes deeply* that helps *thoughts* WOOHOO! :D I'M BETTER we should get back incase ronix saw us and well....decides to kill me >_<'

Madeline: ^_^

Jeremy: you know I feel less nervous now.......just be lucky ronix won't see us....or at least see me doing this

Madeline: Yeah, but I don't we have to worry about him for a while.

Jeremy: good, lets get back to dismal, in case he needs help still.......

Madeline: (nods) Right. (she goes back to Dismal)

Jeremy: *follows*

(They get back to Madeline's house.)

Jeremy: I'm still not sure how long till ronix finds us again........because 1. he knows where we are, and 2. he'd kill me AND dismal.......well dismal can regenerate at will but . once i get killed, bye bye to me..

(Dismal sees them.)

Dismal: Madeline! Jeremy! Are you guys okay?!

Jeremy: yeah *blushing since she gave him a kiss*

Dismal: *sigh of relief* Good...

Jeremy: I'm just glad we're alive *still bushing since the kiss*

Dismal: Yeah....uh...Jeremy, why are you blushing?

Jeremy: *too happy with he kiss to explain*

Madeline: he's blushing cause I gave him a kiss.

Jeremy: yep :3

Dismal: Oh...(giggles at Jeremy's blush)

Jeremy: *blush grows a bit deeper* heheh okay buddy? I just wonder....

Dismal: Y-Yeah, I'm fine...

Jeremy: good

Part 4

(Back in the Troll League base...)

Miranda: I knew that wedding was a bad idea! but does he listen? Nooo!

Vic: Yeah, yeah, we know, you've been complaining for the last three hours.

(Rageik bursts in, almost glowing with anger)



Ronix: (appears with an ice pack on his head) What the hell is going o- (sees Rageik) (growls and glares at him)

Rageik: HAHAHA! You fool! I'll teach you a lesson for letting one of your people date one of mine!

Ronix: (snorts) You really think I WANTED her to date him!? (spreads his arms) This is the remains of my wedding!! Until it was interrupted! I would've been GLAD to keep my fiance away from that Troll runt!

Rageik: I'll teach HIM a lesson after I finish you! Consider this wedding...destroyed for eternity! I could send you to the No-Time Zone, but there's no fun there.

Ronix: (smirks) I'd like to see you try!

(Rageik smirks in return, before suddenly appearing behind Ronix with Dark Chaos Energy coating his hands)

Rageik: Boo. (Rageik punches Ronix in the back with a Dark Chaos Fist)

Ronix: !!! (goes flyinh)

Miranda: HEY!! (charges at Rageik with her hammer) Don't you touch my Roni-poo!!! >:(

(Rageik disappears, before reappearing behind her and knocks her over with a single elbow-jab)

Rageik: Face it, you cannot beat me. Only once have I been beaten in my true form, but I fought a fusion. Nothing else has beaten me when I'm not possessing someone.

Ronix: (gets up and growls, then disappears and reappers above Rageik, diving down and kicking him straight in the head. Rageik falls, hitting the ground, before he disappeared, ghost-like)

Rageik: Can't hit what you can't see! I'll destroy you all, then the traitor, then you again once you regenerate! (Three balls of energy appeared from different places, all coming at Ronix)

Ronix: !! (throws his arms out, creating a psywave and destroying the balls of energy)

(Rageik reappeared right behind Ronix, using a Dark Chaos-coated Spindash)

(Ryu-Will? Don't forget about here...)
(Twist:or speedy-lu)

Ronix: Ack!

Rageik: Too fast for you? That's what happens with thousands of years of training!

Ronix: (growls) Grrr...! (his eyes flash, and beams on energy come up from teh ground everywhere)

Rageik: This is new. Oh well. (Rageik closes his eyes, and forms a tight-fitting Rage Shield)

Ronix: !!!! (directs all teh beams at the shield)

(The Rage Shield breaks under all the beams)

Rageik: GAAAAH! Ok, now I'm mad!

Ronix: (smirks and directs all the beams now at Rageik)

Rageik: Ok, eat this one! Chaos Det-Lance! (Rageik uses three techniques simultaneously - Chaos Lance, Chaos Grenade and Chaos Control, so he walks out of the beams aim and launches an exploding Chaos Lance)

Ronix: Oh s***!!

(Rageik clicks his fingers, restoring time to normal speed)

(back with dismal, Madeline, and Jeremy)

Jeremy: okay guys, any ideas for anything we could do? because I got no more ideas heheh ^^'

Madeline: (sits down) I don't..

Dismal: (sits down) *light grunt of pain* Me neither...

Jeremy: well lets try to think while we can....because ronix is gonna steal you back, kill me.....and well take dismal as well....but still he'd kill me and rid me forever :( that makes me feel sad but....well......I'm gonna try hard to get ideas....wait...I got an idea.......................a movie?

Dismal: A movie sounds nice...

(Twist:what? it was the best idea he had XD, either that r spongebob, either way I gotta know if Madeline ever watched TV or not)
(Shima: Nope, she hasn't)
(Twist: be glad we're gonna see toy story 3 on this XD)

Madeline: A movie?! I've never seen a movie before!! :D

Jeremy: this will be a good one though but uhhh.......yeah I can't decide what movie :3 but hey each tickit is like 3 mobiums, I have 9 mobiums :) so we're good

Dismal; Yea-haaarrrrgh!! (clutches his stomach) OW!!

Jeremy: if we help you stand dismal....

Madeline: !!! D:

Dismal: (Still clutching) I-I think I moved too fast...!

Jeremy: seems logical, but still stay calm and don't get too excited that pretty much made you move too fast and got your stomach hurt.....

Dismal: Y-Yeah...

Madeline: J-Just take it easy, Dismal..

Jeremy: anyways, lets try thinking of a good movie to see......

Jeremy: I have a plan B......ask around for a theater in this current part of mobius :D and see if there is any good movies to watch lets go :D *helps up dismal and he goes out to look for fellow movie-watchers for good ideas and where a theater is at*


Jeremy: okay, we gotta ask where a- hey that was easy *points to a movie theater a few meter away from where they are standing*

Madeline: :D (goes up to the theater)

(Dismal follows them.)

Jeremy: okay lets see what movies there are...*looks at the promotional art for each one* well I know what I wanna see :D *thoughts* TOY STORY 3 FTW! :D

Madeline: (staring with her jaw open at the movie posters)

Jeremy: anything you'd wanna see? I'd stick to a PG movie.....

Madeline: Hmm...

Jeremy: any ideas dismal?

Dismal: (Points at Toy Story 3) Let's see that one!

Jeremy: WOO HOO! that was the one I was thinking :D

Madeline: Oooh, what's it about?

Jeremy: heheh, I dunno, if I knew it wouldn't be fun to watch :3 it's more fun to watch.....well what're we waiting for, we got 9 mobiums, the tickets are 3 mobiums each, and besides......its a good movie from what I heard......

Madeline: (bouncing up and down) Let's go see it!! :D

Jeremy: well that's great :) 3 tickets for toy story 3 please *puts the 9 mobiums down and he receives the tickets* thanks

(Twist:LOL this will be good :3 I bet they'd laugh by el buzzo XD LOL so anyways I had a question, I think dismal and Jeremy should be crying after the ending XD...but madeline was happy to see a good movie with a happy ending, that touched fans of said series LOL)
(Twist:ready guys?)

(They go inside the movie theater.)

Jeremy: okay guys, I'll get the food you 2 just stick close to me okay?

Madeline: (not paying attention; looking around the cinema eagerly) :D

(Dismal is standing close to her, making sure she doesn't wander off. But he himself is looking around excitedly.)

Jeremy: *seeing her eagerness* *thoughts* I knew it was a good idea :)

Madeline: Ooooh, what's that? (goes over to a grab machine and presses her face on the glass)

Dismal: I don't know...(looking at it curiously)

Madeline: (presses the Start button, though it doesn't do anything) Huh...maybe it's broke...

Dismal: Awww...

Kid: you need money to start the thing up :)

Madeline: Money? Hmm... (digs in her pockets, pulling out a couple of cents) Like this?

Kid: yep, you put it in the slot

Madeline: Oooooh..(puts the money in the slot, and the Start button lights up. Madeline presses it, making the claw move) !!!

Kid: use the stick press the button the claw grabs a toy and puts it in the hole, you gotta choose quick or the machine will stop on ya ;)

Madeline: O-Oh! (grabs the stick with both hand and focuses)

Kid: good luck to you :) *leaves the two with a wave goodbye*

Madeline: (focusing on the machine, her tongue sticking out of the side of her mouth from concentration)

(Dismal is watching her.)

(Twist:it was nice of the kid to help her)
(Shima: Yup)

Madeline: (loses) Aww... (ears droop)

Kid: *comes back* don't worry, at least you did a good job :) it doesn't matter if ya get something or not, it's how ya play the game......

Jeremy: *comes back with popcorn and drinks* well lets get to the movie :)

Madeline: (bouncing up and down with excitement) Okay!! :D

Dismal: Yay!!

Jeremy: heheh alrighty then....but uhh guys, we gotta be quiet in the movie, it's not nice to speak during it people try to watch in the movies :) just a reminder.....

Madeline: Okay! (pretends to lock her lips and throw away the key)

Jeremy: *gives a thumbs up and they go to the movie for their seats*

(Twist:we should skip to near credits of the movie XD)

(close to the end of the movie)

Jeremy: *tears up at the ending*

9twist:it's a tear giver when it comes to the ending)

Madeline: (watches, her lip quivering)

Dismal: *sobbing*

Jeremy: *quietly sobbing*

(Twist:XD could ya imagine Madeline kissing both of them just to cheer them up? thats funny)

Madeline: (wipes her eyes and gives each of them a kiss on the cheek)

Jeremy: *blushes upon the kiss but tears are still in his eyes*

(Dismal's ears perk up and he blushes deep red)

(The credits role and the lights come up)

Madeline: (wiping her eyes)

Jeremy: that was a good movie... *sniff* but a sad ending to a trilogy

Madeline: (nodding; rubbing her eyes with both hands) (sniffling)

Dismal: Uh-huh...

Jeremy: any plans for what to do now? *exiting the cinema with them*

Madeline: (shakes her head)

Dismal: No...

(As usual, Dismal is walking stiffly and painfully.)

Madeline: (watches Dismal with concern)

Jeremy: meh me neither lets get home, besides. it was your guy's first movie :) and there is a first time for everything right?

(They finally get back to Madeline's house. Dismal leans against a tree, panting and wincing.)

Madeline: C'mon, Dismal... (supports him and leads him into the house)

Jeremy: *gets the door*

Dismal: Th-Thanks, you guys...

Madeline: You're welcome.. (gets Dismal on the bed and lays him down)

'Dismal: *groan*

Jeremy: we should get to rest also.....I kinda feel tired after laughing from the funny parts of the movie.....

Madeline: You go on ahead...I'm not that tired...

Dismal: Are you sure...?

Jeremy: I'll try not to cry in my sleep again >_<'

Madeline: (nods) Yeah...I'm sure.

Dismal: Okay...

Madeline: (smiles at Dismal and Jeremy) Go and get some sleep, guys.

Jeremy: okay *gets to his spot where he slept the other night* g'night *falls asleep*

Dismal: Good night, you guys...(falls asleep)

(During the night...)

Jeremy: *tossing and turning like last night but a different dream is occouring*

(Twist:ya know I was original;ly gonna make Jeremy be in a mentos commercial XD, don't worry I'll save that for another time, and besides.....old commercials unless wanting to see them is like torture to him)
(Twist:guys? I'm ready :3 XD this feels like toy story 1 for him all over again :3)


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