Divine Eraser is one of the more basic Nihlic techniques, but by no means is weak. It is only truly taught by the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus to its members.


The user creates a multicolored ball of energy in their hands, with anything that is absorbed by the ball vanishes for good. Th user then unleashes the ball into a large beam, with fragments of Nihlic energy simply flowing from the beam as it is launched at the target. Upon contact, the beam can create a weakness in the opponent, making special attacks more powerful against them, and is capable of erasing almost anything in its path, barring organic life-forms, banishing everything 'erased' into the Realm of the Erased, where it is kept until either released, or destroyed.



Technique Rank

The technique, forgotten to the world and only truly taught to Nihlic Clan members, is listed in the technique books as a 'dead art', as with all other Nihlic techniques. If only they knew....

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