Dorian the cat is a character created by Yorobot for the multi-crossover RP "Unexpected Allies". He is largely based on both the original Dorian Gray, from Oscar Wilde`s novel, but also retains the powers he has in the movie League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


Dorian Gray is heir to rich parents, who were among the richest on all of Mobius. As such, he grew up extremely spoiled and hardly in contact with the poorer people. One day, around his twentieth birthday, a renowned painter approached him to draw a picture of him. Dorian accepted, giving the painter a great sum of money to do so. The picture was wonderfully identical to the model. Seeing this, Dorian told himself that it was so sad that he would keep on aging and getting uglier and uglier, while this picture would stay beautiful forever. He then wished out loud he could stay young and handsome forever while the picture would age for him. ...Little did he know some unknown obscure force would grant him this wish. After Dorian discovered he couldn`t be hurt by a single thing anymore, he learned he had become immortal (and invincible, apparently), so he began living through all kinds of forbidden pleasures (understand here "sins"). He kept his picture preciously in his living room until he began seeing it growing uglier, as it was accumulating all the sins Dorian committed. The picture was now revealing how dark, ugly and monstrous Dorian`s soul had become. Dorian rapidly hid it in the Gray Manor`s attic. Ever since, he had to live through his eternity the best he could, despite the era changing and bringing technology.

Implication in Unexpected Allies

Unexpected Allies happens just as Dorian approaches two centuries old, which means he is immortal since almost a hundred and eighty years already.

It is revealed, right from the beginning, that Dorian Gray is the one who has invited all the heroes to join him against "terrible events that occurred recently". Although Dorian has never admitted it in the RP, he is trying to save his soul by becoming a hero, which he hopes will erase, if not all, part of his sins and bring back his picture to its original state. Thanks to a large team of contacts he gathered throughout his many years, he sent handwritten letters to many heroes all around the world, and hopes for them to come to Gray Manor. He reveals he has sent nearly a hundred letters, but to where the RP is at presently, about one-third of them have showed up. He is concerned with the fact that he has no offensive power (after all, he is not physically built to fight so much), but he very often serves as some kind of living shield against enemy attacks.


Dorian is a cat with dark blue fur, white muzzle and belly fur, and some black hair on the head (this is a reference to the 2009 Dorian Gray movie, in which the actor portraying Dorian Gray has black hair). Dorian is described as handsome to the extreme. Even thugh like any male Mobian he does not really need to wear clothes, he likes to dress up in very classy outfits, such as three-piece suits.


Whereas Dorian is extremely handsome, he is also very narcissistic. This was caused by the fact that he is constantly looked at by most mortal Mobians. However (gladly), he seems to try and hide his narcissism to everyone, and refers to it through jokes.Dorian spent a good part of his eternity until now studying all kinds of subjects, and thus he is very smart, though he has learned so much that he might often remember things at the expense of other things.

Dorian is constantly tortured by the thought of his picture. He fears anyone would see how ugly his soul is, and thus not only did he hide it in the attic, but he also made sure no one would reach the picture and be unharmed; he trapped the entire attic so that he could be the only one able to get to his picture without being injured (after all, he is nearly invincible, so he survives all those traps). Also, although he admits to the other heroes that he is immortal, he tends to hide it to anyone else who would freak out by learning this. As a final element, due to his immortality, Dorian is trying to avoid getting attached romantically to a girl, as he knows he would get heartbroken to see her get older and older, while he would still be young. On this, it is possible that he acts like Shadow the Hedgehog. In any case, he might have a clue or two about immortality to teach the Ultimate Life Form.


Due to being immortal and invincible, Dorian serves as a living shield against the opponents. Next to no normal move can harm him. Sephiroth`s katanadid open scars on him, but that is all. Speaking of which, whenever Dorian gets injured (and it is already very difficult to injure him), he heals almost instantly, depending on the gravity of the injury. The users of a Sonic fan forum have argued about the latter, and also about how would Dorian survive an attack that would normally kill everyone, such as an atomic bomb; Yorobot`s idea was that Dorian would indeed survive, but be badly injured and take much longer to heal.

However, though Dorian is probably the best defender of the team, he has next to no fighting skills. the fact that nothing can harm him can however be compensatory, as it seems he cannot be hurt by simple, everyday acts. In the RP, he is shown to be able to break a dark dog`s neck bones by strangling it. Of course, this means if Dorian puts pressure on something it could mean the object could break.

This leads to another problem, the one of Dorian`s body density. Indeed, since Dorian`s body is impervious to nearly all attacks, he could be considered like he is actually made of something else than flesh and bones, which is false. Dorian once explains that in the early years of his immortality, he indeed asked himself this question, and was glad to hear that immortality did not change anything about his metabolism, and thus he still weighs the same weight as before, despite his powers that could lead us to think he is extremely heavy.

Dorian`s only known weakness resides into his picture. Any harm done to his picture will permanently show on Dorian himself, as the picture represents his soul. If the picture is destroyed (in any way, it doesn`t matter if it is exploded or sliced or anything), Dorian will die instantly, his body probably going through the same type of destruction the picture has had.

This power seems to be the opposite of Dorian Gray's ability from the (in)famous movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, in which Dorian's body could not be harmed due to being intangible and weapons such as blades or bullets went through him.