Doctor Eggman the show
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Dr. Eggman rox 2
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Dr. Eggman rox 2

Also known as DR.EGGMAN! the show or Doctor Eggman the show


Doctor Eggman the show chronicals the events of the humorus, overweight, evil Doctor Ivo Robotnik who manages his school's clinic and health center, a factory,castle like base complex on the school's rooftop, and his crazy and unique robots and inventons. He conjures to impress his childhood friend and pretty nurse, Vanilla the rabbit, and to assist his students which often leads to a large amount of highly embarrassing and funny situations for the Doctor, Vanilla and the students and teachers of the school.


Doctor Eggman

A humorus, overweight, evil and endearing Doctor who has made it his mission in life to Destroy Sonic and Marry Vanilla and also assist his students in any way he can. He also creates crazy robots and inventions that mostly made to assist students and impress Vanilla usually end up in adventures and embarrassing situations for everyone. Throughout the show Doctor Eggman trys to express his true fealings for Vanilla but is uaslly stoped by his shyness and machines.In episode 10 his weight is comfermed to be 128 kg (by his syliva detector)

Vanilla The Rabbit

Eggman's former classmate and pretty nurse of the school's clinic and health center. When the Doctor's inventions go wrong she is often a helper to fix and correct them. She is highly trained in martail arts.

Cream The Rabit

Vanilla's younger sister and a student at the school

Miles "Tails" Prower

A student at the school and Cream's classmate with whom he has a crush on

Silver The Hedgehog

One of the male teachers at the school. A sly person who is often an unwilling victum of Eggman's machines, he is a close conidante of the vice princibale. his favorite bakary as confirmed in episode 10 is Sweet mountain barkery.

Dr. Eggman Nega

The vice princible at the school. he collects many rare items like atique artafactes. many of which face the brunt of Dr.Eggman's creations. Like Silver his favorite bakery is Sweet mountain bakery.

Sonic The Hedgehog

A male teacher at the school who isn't afraid of showing off his muscular body. He teams up with Eggman only when times get to hard for Vanilla to handle. Also he often tries to woo Vanilla which always fails.

Rouge The Bat

A female teacher. A delicate person who often faints when faced with shocking situations usually due to Eggman's robots.

Amy Rose

A little girl who is helped by the evil and lovable doctor. She has a crush on Charmy

Charmy Bee

A little boy who is classmates with Amy. He is quite popular with his female classmates

E-97 Tal, E-98 Shoku, E-99 Kin

The Doctor's 3 Egg pawns who were created using germ DNA

Voice Actors

Dr.Eggman - Mike pollock

Vanilla - Rebeca Handler

Cream - ???

Tails - Kate Higgins

Silver - Quinton Flynn

Eggman Nega - Mike Pollock

Sonic - Roger Craig Smith

Rouge - Karen Strassman

Amy - Cindy Robinson

Charmy - Amy Birnbaum

Tal - ???

Shoku - ???

Kin - ???


Dr.Eggman - Koichi Yamandera

Vanilla - Sayaka Aoki

Cream - ???

Tails - Shizuki Ishikawa

Silver - Daisuke Ono

Eggman Nega - Kenichi Ogata

Sonic - Junichi Kanemaru

Rouge - Ayako Wawasumi

Amy - Taeko Kawata

Charmy - Yoko Teppozuka

Tal - ???

Shoku - ???

Kin - ???


the intro main theme is Nenai Nenai Nenai by The Castanets. the ending theme (in season 1) is E.G.G.M.A.N Doc robotnix and (season 2) the Original E.G.G.M.A.N

Artwork Gallery

Eggman Artwork

Doctor Eggman

Sonic Sticker Collection

Sonic beta artwork


  • Doctor Eggman the show has many simalaries with the famous Dokkiri Doctor anime
  • Even though in the beta artwork Sonic is not waring clothing in the final release of the show he is. but only when he trys to woo (and sometimes other random moments) Vanilla showing the fact that he has took a shirt off.
  • Cream seems to be a bit more aggressive and a little less polite. This is because originally Amy and Cream places were going to switch places (rto fit there personalities more) but were kept do to lack of time
  • Vanilla seems to have dark hair (instead of her usual blonde)
  • One of the canceled original tiles were Dokkiri Doctor Eggman

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