This is the romantic pairing between Draggy and Nagny


The two met while Darkstorm gave him and his family a tour of his ship in the Hatchry. At first, she niped and roared at him, Draggy them pounces her and the two fell in love. The two joined a battle to stop Hell Dragons while they are still young and soon peace was restored. Over the years the two still love each other and are married and have a family now.

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  • In the light castle*

Nagny: *Waiting in her nest*

Draggy:(Flies into her castle and lands by her nest)Hi Nagny.^^

Nagny: Draggy *Licks him*

Draggy: (Licks her) I came to see you. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Nagny:Well I am Egg watching from a citizen nothing exciting

Draggy:I can help. What do you want me to do?

Nagny: I need food and warmth and you.

Draggy:Well,its a good thing I brought my side bag. (Brings out fish and meat to eat and a warm blacket) Tiff want to make sure everything was good. So I can stay with you as long as you need me.^^

Nagny:*Feeds* Care to join?

Draggy:Sure.^^(Feeds too)

Nagny:*Licks him*

Draggy:(Licks her)

Nagny:*Hears the eggs hatching*

Draggy:(Hears the eggs hatching too)

4 young light Dragons hatch

Draggy:Wow. 4 new born light dragons.

Nagny:*Gets up and goes to get food*

Draggy: I can go get food if you want Nagny.

Nagny: *Dragging a deer carcass* Sure*

Draggy: (Soon comes back carrying a lot of fish and other animal meat) This should be enough.

the 4 young dragons begin feeding

Draggy: Good. They are eatting.

One of the eggs is late

  • I forgot to mention there were five eggs sorry*

(That's okay)

Nagny: Yeah, but this one I am worried about

Draggy: I see what you mean. I'll help you take care of it till it hatches.

Nagny: Thanks.

Draggy: Your welcome. Is it alright that I lay next to it? My mother taught me how to take care of eggs.

Nagny: sure.

Draggy:Alright. (Gently lays next to the egg) Hatch soon little egg.

Dragon Sound Effects03:40

Dragon Sound Effects

Nagny: Your hear that?

Draggy:Yeah. Who's that? It's not my mom.

Nagny: Coldflame?

Draggy: Maybe. Stay with the younglings. I'll go check. (Gets out of the nest and stands by the castle doors)

Nagny: ok.

Draggy:(Outside) Hello? Who's there?


Draggy:(Looks around the area and roars back)

???:(Charges and Attacks Draggy not knowing that he is weak against a protective mother)

Draggy: Whoa. She fights like mom.(Dodges her attacks)

Ishtar:(Stops attacking and lick him)Your still learning son.

Draggy: Mom. You surprised us.

Ishtar: Its alright Coldflame, its just my son.

Coldflame: Sorry

Draggy: That's alrght. What brings you two here?

Ishtar: Coldflame ask me to come with her.

Coldflame: and my home is melting and so I am moving to more frozen regions.

Ishtar: So I need you to stay with Nagny till I help Coldflame find a new home, okay son?

Draggy: Sure mom.

Coldflame:*Stands and runs on two legs and takes off*

Ishtar:(Licks Draggy and flies off after her)

Draggy:(Goes back inside)

Nangy:*Tending to the late new born*

Draggy:I'm back and I see the egg finally hatched.

5th hatchling:*Cuddled up to nagny*

Draggy:It was only my mom and Coldflame.They mom is helping her find a new home and asked me to stay here till she comes back.

Nagny: Ok, this is so adorable

Draggy:Yes it is.^^Reminds me of me when I was 1st hatched.

Nagny: I am already picturing it you look adorable


5th Hatchling:*Wakes up*

Draggy:Hello little one.I'm Draggy.

5th Hatchling: Dwaggy

Draggy:(Chuckles)How cute.^^

the other 4 tackle Draggy

Draggy:(Gets tackled by the babies)No fair.You 4 got me.

They hatchlings giggle

Draggy:So,how many boys and girls are there?

Nagny: 4 girls one boy

Draggy:Ah.So these 4 on me are the girls.

Nagny: Yep

Draggy:(Chuckles and smiles at the baby boy dragon)And your their brother.

5th hatchling wants to play

Draggy:Can he play Nagny?

Nagny:*Giggles* Sure

Draggy:Come play litle guy.^^

5th Hatchling:*Play Tackles Draggy*

Draggy:(Laughs now that all 5 baby drgons are on him)

Nagny:*Giggles* (In her head "My Birthday is tomarrow I hope he remembers")

Draggy:(As he's playing with the babies he thinks*I hope she likes the gift I'm giving her tomarrow*)


Draggy:Tired Nangy?

Nagny: Yeah

Draggy:I can watch the babies while you rest.

Nagny:*Licks her love and goes to sleep*

Draggy:(Licks his love and takes care of the baby dragons)

3rd Hatchling:*Playfully bites Draggy's tail*

Draggy:(Waves tail around as the 3rd hatchling play bites with it)

5th Hatching:(Sitting on Draggy's head)


Draggy:Hey love.Rest well?


Draggy:(Chuckles)Must be dreaming.

Nagny:*Purr growls*

Draggy:(Licks her cheeck)Love you.

Nagny: I love you

Draggy:(Smiles while purring)

Nagny:*Licks Draggy*

Next day- Nagny's brithday


Draggy:Morning Nagny.^^

Nagny:*Pounces on Draggy* Hey Draggy

3 two four Dragons arrive (Party guests)

Draggy:(Licks her)Hope your ready for your party.

Nagny: Yeah but first I am going to wash up and get ready *Licks Draggy*

Draggy:Okay.I'll make sure nothing goes wrong.

A Chinese Lung Dragon walks in

A Southern White Dragon walks in

A Northern White Dragon Walks in

Draggy:(Greets them)Welcome to Nangy's castle.

Chinese Lung:*In Chinese* Thank you

A Sweedish Shortsnout walks in

Vol walks in

Zek walks in with his family

Draggy:Welcome Vol.Welcome Zek and family.

Darkstorm:*Flies in as the Shadow Dragon and Changes into his humanoid form)

Ishtar:(Flies in with Tiff and Anya)

Draggy:Welcome Darkstorm.Hello mother,Tiff,lady Anya.

Ishtar:Thank you son.

Darkstorm: Gornan Draggy

Tiff:We didn't want to miss Nangy's birthday.

Anya:That's right.

Chineses Lung:*Circling Ishtar*

Ishtar:(In Chinese)I'm sorry.But I'm not searching for any mates right now.

Chineses Lung: *In Chinese* You think In my old age I would want to hit on you

Ishtar:(In chinese)Sorry.Just wanted to be careful.Please take my apology.

Lung: Accepted

Draggy:(Holding Nangy's gift)

Draco Talorik:*Flies in* Sup Drago

Draggy:Welcome Talorik.I'm just waiting to give Nangy her present.

Nagny:*Under Cloak and pounces Draggy*

Draggy:(Gets pounced and laughs)There you are Nangy.I was getting worried.(Licks her cheeck)

Nagny:*Licks Draggys cheek*

Draggy:Liking the party so far?

Nangy:Yes I do.^^

Darkstorm:You should

Draggy:Ready for your gift Nangy?


Draggy:(Gives her a little box)I hope you like it.

Nagny:*Licks Draggy and opens the gift*

(Inside,she sees a gold heart locket,engraved saying,"Forever Loved",and when she opens it,his picture is inside it)

Draggy:What do you think?

Nagny: Oh Thank you Draggy

Draggy:(Smiles and licks her)Your very welcome Nangy.^^


5 Baby dragons:(Pounces Nangy and Draggy and giggles)

Draggy:They wanted to come too.

Nagny: Aww

Tiff:They are so cute.Right Tammy?^^


Anya:Nice locket Nagny.^^


Draggy:I'm glad that she likes it.^^

Nagny:*Licks Draggy*

Draggy:(Licks back)






  • Gun Fire*

Anya:What was that?

Darkstorm: Hunters

Ishtar:Stay back everyone.

Darkstorm:*Turns Dragon*
Nagny the cat

Nagny in cat form

Tiff:(Stands nxt to Nangy)

A dart hits Nagny

Nagny:*Knocks out and she begins to glow*

Draggy:Nangy!(Checks her)

Nagny:*Turns Mobian*

Tiff:Nangy's a cat.

Nagny: Draggy, What happened?

Anya:(Holds out a dart)You got hit by this.

Nagny:*Looks at her self and screams* I am a Mobian, Not bad

Ishtar:You still have your wings.

Nagny:*Hugs Draggy* I am sorry my sweet

Draggy:(Hugs back)Its not your fault.I'll find a way to get you back to normal.

Coldflame: If you love her so much then marry her

Darkstorm they're just kids

Tiff:Yeah.How about we all help to return Nangy to her true self?

Nagny:*Returns to her dragon Self*


Anya:Interesting.Maybe is works for awhile.

Nagny: I just turned 18

Nagny: Excuse me Draggy hon, I will be outside

Ishtar:What's wrong?

Nagny: I just need to clear my head

Darkstorm: Ok kid

Coldflame:Draggy How old are you

Draggy:I'm 17.The same age as Tiff.

Tiff:That's right.

Darkstorm: Legally Marrying the girl you love requires your to be 18 or older

Anya:Age doesn't matter when it comes to love.These two love each other very much.

Vol: It kind of does

Ishtar:Then give these two a year time.By then,my son would be the right age.Just don't take these two away from each other.

Vol:I maybe Cruel but I am not that cruel

Draggy:(Goes out too while everyone talks)

Nagny:*By the Fountain of Light* Draggy!! *Licks him*Please don't leave me, I want to be your forever I am 18 but until your 18, we are stuck, then again there is the secret tunnels.

Draggy:(Licks her too)I would never leave you Nangy.I love you to much to do so.But what tunnels are you talking about?

Nagny:*Moves a brick form the fountain and a door the tunnels opens*

Draggy:What do these tunnels do?

Nagny:These Tunnels are to show lovers the way to their Destiny

Draggy:Wow.That's amazing.

Nagny: *Walks in* Mommy was here when she met daddy


Coldflame: Looky here Ishtar

Ishtar:(Looks over and smiles)To be young and in love.Such a great thing it was when I fell for my mate.

Coldflame: and mine for 3 seconds


Coldflame he got interested in other girls

Draggy:Well,I wanna stay as Nangy's mate.I don't want another dragon girl.

Coldflame: Nothing is stoping you


Tiff:Tammy and I know Draggy will keep his word.

Anya:He's very thrustworthy.

Nagny:*Licks her love*

Draggy:(Licks his love)


???:(Whisper of the winds) Nagny

Tammy:(Ears perk up)

Nagny: Mom?

The Ghost of Chengi appears

Chengi: Ishtar my old friend (Walks towards Ishtar, and becomes whole only form her daughter birthday)

Ishtar:Chengi.Its been so long since I last saw you.

Chengi: Well being dead isn't a picnic, but it is good to see my wonderful husband Rotanahk again oh and he says Hi

Nagny: Daddy?

Ratanahk: That's right my sweet little girl

Draggy:Please to meet you ma'am and sir.

Ishtar:And this is my son Draggy.

Ratanahk: Nice young boy and you are my daughters boyfriend?

Chengi: Awww so cute

Draggy:Yes sir.

Ishtar:Yes,they are cute together.^^

Ratanahk: You know it doesn't matter how old your son is to marry my daughter if your 17 or older

Draggy:You sure?Darkstorm and Vol say I have to be 18.

Ishtar:I told them age doesn't matter when it comes to love.

Ratanahk: Not in my Kindom

Darkstorm: And I shall respect your wish good king

Vol: Bah, 18 or older

Ratanahk:*Growls* Vol Little brother

Anya:Please don't fight you two.

Ratanahk: My daughter will marry Draggy tomarrow at 11:00 am

Vol: Fine brother have it your way

Nagny:*Scared of her Uncle*

Tiff:(Hugs Nangy)It will be alright Nangy.

Vol: Don't be afraid of me, be afraid of what I might do

Nagny: I love Draggy

Draggy:And I love Nangy.

Vol: Fine Marry her I don't care

Ratanahk: Be happy for your niece

Vol: Sure I am happy

Chengi you better, because we will be here for her wedding

Anya:Me and Tiff will be here too.

Tiff:And Tammy.

Darkstorm: Same here

Lung: *Nodds*

The Southren and Northern White dragons:*Same here

Next day the Wedding

Draggy:(Waiting by the alter with Talorik)

Draco Talorik: Lucky man bro, Look if you hang somewhere you roar for me right

Draggy:I will Talorik.

  • In the Brides room*

Nagny: (Nervous)

Ishtar:Nervous Nangy?

Nagny: Yes
Nagny (Bridal colors)

Ishtar:You'll be just fine.Your mother was the same when she was getting married.

Nagny: So Draggy has a little brother? What species of dragon?

Ishtar:Shimato is a special dragon.Me and Draggy found him trapped in a sword and freed him.Soon,his mother came and she's living with us.

Nagny: When can I meet him?

Darkstorm:*Knocking on the Door* We are waiting Draggy is ready Nagny

Ishtar:He's with his mother at the wedding room.Let's go Nangy.^^

Nagny: Ok Ishtar, I am ready

(At the alter)

Draggy:(Still waiting)

Nagny: *Walking Down the Isle* Hey Hon

Draggy:(Smiles)Hey dear.^^

  • I am skipping the first few part of the ceremony and going to the chase)


Earth Dragon: Do you Draggy take Princess Nagny as your Wife?

Draggy:I do.

Earth dragon: And do you Princess Nagny take Draggy as your husband

Nagny: I do

Earth Dragon: You kiss the bride

Draggy:(Kisses Nangy)

Yautjan Warriors, Darkstorm, Ratanahk, Chengi and Zek roars in approval to the union is permanent

Ishtar,Shimato,Shimato's mother,Yang and his family roars as well.

Tiff and Anya:(Cheers and claps)

Earth Dragon: To make this permanent you two must fly together, the next day you must breed and nest

Nagny: Ok *Takes off* Comon Draggy

Draggy:I'm coming Nangy.I just got to do one more thing.(He then hugs his mother,his half brother,then his mom,then licks his partner Tiff and flies out after Nangy)

Darkstorm: Look at 'em, Married Couple

Anya:Yes they are.^^

With The Happy Couple

Nagny:*Playing Hide 'n' seek*

Draggy:I'm going to find you.^^

Nagny: Nuh uh ^^ (Runs to a new hidding spot)

Draggy:Yes I am.^^(Chases after her)

Nagny:*Tries to get to Home base but misses*

Draggy:(Kisses her)Got you dear.^^

Nagny: Remember after this we have to breed

Draggy:I know dear.(Nuzzles her)I founded the perfect spot for our nest.

Nagny: Show me ^^


(Through the woods,they came to a clearing with a lake and waterfall and blooming willow trees)

Nagny: It is beautiful *Starts building the nest*

Draggy:I'm glad you like it.(Helps her build the nest)

Nagny:(Puts in Light Crystals) You like?

Draggy:Yes I do.(Licks her)

Nagny:Well *Her time to breed has come*

Draggy:(Circles around her 1st for respect)

Nagny:*Show her Neck Colors as approval*

Draggy:(Gently comes up to her and begins to mate with her)

  • Fade to black*

(Next day)

Nagny: (Resting next to a fresh clutch of eggs she laid only 6)

Draggy:(Comes back with some meat and fish)I'm back dear with some food.

Nagny:Care to join me?


Nagny:*Begins Feeding*

Draggy:(Begins to feed too)
Draggy and Nagny's eggs

Small squeaks inside the eggs

Draggy:I hear our babies.^^

Nagny:^^ As do I. Shall we have your mom here? (Nuzzles the Eggs), just think hon in a month we are gonna be parents

Draggy:My mother says she'll drop by and visits.And I know dear.I very happy to have you and our little ones.^^

Twig snaps, Human Female

Draggy:I hear someone.Stay by the nest dear.

Nagny: Ok hon *Holds her wing over the eggs and goes to stone camouflage*

Human girl:(Lost only with her camera)

Draggy:(Watches the girl,letting out growls to let her know she's being watched)

Human Girl:*Sets her camera to record and walks to the nest*

Nagny: (Out of Camoflauge and tending her eggs)

Small Squeaks are heard in the eggs

Draggy:(Roars at the girl and stops her from coming closer to the nest)

Nagny:(Goes to defend her young, Roars)

Human Girl:*Scared*

Draggy:Leave girl and return to your family and friends now.

Human Girl: This is a documentary and my dad says not go home till I have proof of Dragons

Nagny: You'll put us at risk

???: Jenny where are you

Jenny: That is my dad

Nagny: Draggy we must hide the eggs and ourselves

Draggy:I know Nagny.We might have to fly back to our old homes.

Darkstorm:(Flies in for a visit) Hey Draggy (See's the Human Girl) Your not supposed to be here (Helps Nagny Collect the Eggs) I'll get theses to Castle of Light

Nagny: Thanks

Ishtar:(Flies in too)I saw what was happening and I came to help too.

Draggy:Thanks mom.

Darkstorm:*Pulls out his Back Pack* I put a hex on the is so no harm comes to the eggs

Ishtar:We better get going before more humans come.

Darkstorm:*Puts the Eggs in the Back Pack and Takes off*

Human Hunter:(Shoots Darkstorm, the bullet Flies off him)

Ishtar:(Blows the bullet away as she's flying too)

Draggy:(In the air)Let's go Nagny.

Nagny: *Takes off*

(At Light Castle)

White Tip:(Doing Tiff's hair and Puts one of her feathers in it) What do you think?

Blue Brow:(Groans) Girls

Tiff:(Looks at a mirror)That looks great White Tip.^^


Light Dragon Warriors:(Roars)

Ishtar:(Flies in with Draggy and Nagny)

Light Dragon Warriors seal the gates

Malvix: Human Savages

Tiff:(Hugs Draggy and Nagny)Are you both alright?

Draggy:We're alright Tiff.

Darkstorm:(Sets the Eggs in the nest)

Nagny:(Giggles) Come Tiff lets me and Draggy show you our children

Tiff:Aww.I can't wait.I've been with Draggy for 17 years and he goes and has kids of his own.^^

Draggy:Well,I'm still your bonded dragon.So I'll come around still.I just got to take care of my family.^^

Darkstorm: This time the hunters have gone too far
Savages - Pocahontas (1995)03:46

Savages - Pocahontas (1995)

The hunters sing as the Soldiers and Ratcliffe, Darkstorm and the Dragons sing as the Native Americans

Light Dragons roar in agreement

Darkstorm: At Daybreak we attack

Ishtar:I know they have.But not all humans are evil.Killing them make us as bad as them.We should stop them,not kill them.

Nagny: The Hunters have slain all the Shadow Dragons, The red dragons, they hunted the Green Dragons to near extinction and the nearly slain the Wyvern species

Draggy:I know my kind was killed by Hunters.Leaving me and my mother.But I know that killing will only add more killing.

Light Dragon Male: We will fight and we will win for vengeance against the hunters

Darkstorm: No deaths will happen

Light Dragon Male: We shall slaughter

Ishtar:Like Darkstorm said,no deaths.

Light Dragon Male:(Roars) Your not a part of thiss

Nagny: (Roars)

Tiff:Nangy,you not going to go too are you?Your a mother with six eggs.

Nagny: I fight no one, Guards seize him

Blue Brow and White Tip (They Are Velociraptors) grab the Light dragon male and arrest him

Nagny: Mine and Draggy's children will not hatch in a war zone

Draggy:We want our children to fly free and safe.So we have to stop the Hunters without killing them.

Darsktorm: Exactly, Being half human myself I can reason with them I hope

Ishtar:I have some human friends who can help us if things get rough.

Darkstorm: Ok

Nagny: I'll check the eggs, Tiff, Anya and Draggy with me

Draggy:Coming dear.(Puts Tiff on her back)

Tiff:I missed riding on your back Draggy.

Anya:Where did the years go.My daughter has a boyfriend and her dragon has a family.^^

Loud Squeaks of a baby girl light dragon hatching

(Loud squeaks of a baby boy lavenblue dragon hatchig)

Tiff:Two are hatching already.And it hasn't been a month yet.

the light dragon Hatchling wings are wet (If one looks close enough they can see downy feathers)

(The lavenblue dragon hatching is blue and his purple hair is wet)

Nagny: (Giggles) Go on Tiff you can hold them, If that is ok Draggy (Smiles)
Shana the Dragon

This is Shana

Dart the Dragon

This is Dart

Draggy:Of course it is.Tiff's like a sister to me.So she's welcome to.^^

Tiff:Okay.(Gently picks up the new baby dragons)They are so cute.^^

The Light Dragon Hatchling playfully bite her brothers tail

???:(Lifts Tiff in the Air with the force)

Shana:(Freaking out)

Darkstorm: Put her down Darien

Darien: Sure (Sets Tiff Down)

Darkstorm: What is going on at the Border

Darien: Nothing good


Tiff:Its okay Shana and Dart.Its safe now.

Shana:(See's Darien Lightsaber)

Dart:(Also sees it)

Draggy:I think our kids are curious.

Darien: I am Darien the Hedgehog, Jedi Knight (Pulls it out and ignites the Dual Blade)


Darien:(Turn the Saber off and Bows)

Zek and Tagry fly in

Anya:Hello Zek and Tagry.Good to see you both.^^

Zek: Hey

Tagry: We want you to meet our daughter, Feather, come out dear

Feather Comes out of hiding behind her father

Feather the Pheonix Dragon

Tiff:She's pretty.^^

Feather:(Licks Tiff, See's Dart and Giggles)

Dart:(Tilts his head)



Feather:(Licks Dart's Cheek)

Nagny: Awwww

Dart:(Blushes deep with a goofy face)

Draggy:He's just born and already has a girl liking him.^^

Shana:(Walks to her daddy)

Draggy:Hello sweety.(Nuzzles her)

Dart:(Walks to his mother)

Nagny:(Lying down) Hello my boy (Moves him Closer to her and begins to lick his hair clean)

Talon the Pheonix Dragon

Draggy:My little girl.(Licks her clean)

Shana:(Licks her fathers Chin)

Ishtar:What beautiful babies.And only four more to go.^^

Zek: I have a son as well, Talon!!

Talon comes out from behind his father

Tiff:He's a cute dragon.^^

Zek: See the Family Resemblance?

Shana:(Blushes At Talon)

Anya:Looks like someone has a crush on him.



Simba, Nala, Kovu, and Kiara arrive


Simba: Hi

Darkstorm: Old Friend

Simba : Nice to see you Storm

Ishtar:Friends of yours Darkstorm?

Darkstorm: Yeah

Anya:Well,its nice to meet you.^^

Shana:(Shakily gets up)

Dart:(Does the same)

Draggy:(Helps Shana up)

Tiff:(By the other eggs)When will the rest hatch?

Nagny: Till the end of this month

Anya:So for now,we have Shana and Dart.

Talon:*Helping Shana walk*

Dart:(Trys to stand up after he falls)

Feather:(Helps him up)

Draggy:They are getting along perfectly.^^

Nagny: Darkstorm your filming, right?

Darkstorm: Have Been

Ishtar:Good.I don't want to miss anything of my grandchildren.^^

Anya:I got some of Tiff and Draggy when they were babies.They were so cute together.^^

Tiff:Yes we were.

Draggy:Good times.

Nagny:(Lies next to the nest and goes to sleep)

Draggy:(Lays next to her and the nest and relaxes)

Ishtar:My son wants to keep his family safe.

Feather lies down and curls up

Talon stands streight

Dart:(Lies with Shana by the nest)

Shana:(Playfully bites her brothers tail)

Tiff:(Giggles and sits by them)

Shana:(Licks Tiff)

Dart:(Licks Tiff too)

Tiff:(Pets them on their heads)

Shana:(Yawns and Cuddles up to her brother)

Dart:(Does the same)

Talon:(Lays next to Shana)

Feather:(Lays next to Dart)

Ishtar:(Smiles at them)

Shana:(Licks Talon)

Dart:(Licks Feather)

Feather:(Puts her head under Darts Neck)

That Night the Battle begins


Darkstorm: Cute (Yawns) Well to hit the sack

Anya:I'll take the 1st watch.

Zek: 2nd watch

Ishtar:3rd watch.

Shana: (Wants to be with her grandma)

Dart:(Also wants to be with grandma)

Ishtar:(Looks at them and nuzzles them)No little ones.Your still young.You must stay with your parents.

Shana:(Cutsy eyes her Grandmother)

Nagny: light dragon cute eye is irresistible


Ishtar:(Giggles)Yes I know that move Nagny.Your mother did that to me when we were young.

Shana:(Tilts her head)

Draggy:Shana sweety, you need to stay with your brother Dart.

Nangy: Shana sweet heart it isn't safe

Shana:(Gives up and goes to the nest)

Dart:(Play bites with Shana's tail to cheer her up)

Tiff:She just wanted to help.

Nagny: It is too dangerous

Anya:That's true.Both her and Dart are just babies.

Shana:(Tackles her brother)

Dart:(Tackles her)

Draggy:How cute.^^

Shana:(Roars her first Roar)

Dart:(Roars his 1st too)

Ishtar:How adorable.Their 1st roar.^^

An explosion goes off in the south wall

Anya:They are here.

Darkstorm:I'll protect the kids

Draggy:Thank you Darkstorm.

Darkstorm:(Turns into the Shadow Dragon)

Tiff:Be careful everyone.

Shana:(Playfully bits Darkstorms Wing)

Dart:(Does the same)


Ishtar:To be that young and playful.


Draggy:I hope we can stop the Hunters.

Hunter Spear Hits darkstorm

Anya:(Makes a crystal wall to slow down the Hunters)

Darkstorm: Nice

Anya:Thanks.I am a crystalkinitic.So I have power over crystals.

Tiff:I can do that too.

Darkstorm:(Stomps the Gound and earth raises to make a barrier)

Ishtar:That should hold the off for now.

Nagny:(Nuzzles Shana.Dart and the other eggs)

Draggy:(Does the same)

Shana:(Goes to sleep)

Dart:(Goes to sleep)

???:(Scream Roars)

Anya:Was that one of the warriors?

Nagny: A child Dragon, Draggy Hurry (Takes off)


Hunters:(Trying to Kill the Last Black Mane Dragon)

Draggy:(Tailswipes them away from the child)

???:(Crying trying to wake the Body of his mother)

Draggy:The poor thing.

???: Mommy!!!

Nagny: Little one your mom is dead

???: You lie

Draggy:We're telling the truth.

???: (Cuddles Draggy crying) I am Vulx the Black Mane Dragon

Draggy:(Nuzzles Vulx)And I'm Draggy the Mane Lavenblue Dragon.And this is my mate.(Shows Nagny)

Vulx: Are the last of your Species Draggy?
Vulx the Black Mane

Draggy:Only me and my mother are left.But with the help of Nagny,I got her and six babies to raise.

Nagny:We can take care of you Vulx,if you want to.

Vulx: Yes Ma'am

Nagny: don't be so formal

Draggy:Just be yourself.(Puts her on his back)Come on.Let's take you back to our nest.


(They went back to the nest)

Dart:(Playing with Shana)

Shana:(Sneaking up on Shadow Dragon Darkstorm asleep)


Darkstorm:(His Forked tongue hanging out)

Shana:(Giggles and Nudges Darkstorm)

Darkstorm:(Opens his eye) I lost Tiff?

Anya:She's still here.

Darkstorm: I meant the game Did I lose

Tiff:Yes you did.That's makes 5 for the babies and you 3.

Darkstorm: Hey they cheated last time

Shana:(Bites Darkstorms tail)

Dart:(Does the same)

Ishtar:(Giggles)They are just playing.


Vulx:(Flying next to draggy, a little shaky)

Draggy:(Lands,and helps Vulx land)We're back.

Vulx:(Hides in a corner)


Anya:Who's that little one Nagny?

Nagny: Vulx the last Black Mane Dragon

Tiff:Vulx looks like another version of the Lavenblues.

Vulx:(Tear fall) My mother died to protect me

Dart:(Tries to cheer Vulx up by hanging on a nearby branch with his tail)

Vulx:(Giggles, being the only female in the family that hatched, Walks over to Dart and licks his cheek as if he was family)

Ishtar:Its like they are family already.^^

Vulx:(Hides again from Ishtar)

Draggy:Vulx,this is my mother.She's very nice.

Vulx:(Comes out)

Ishtar:Its alright little one.

Vulx:(Squeaks and Licks Ishtar)

Ishtar:(Licks her back)

Tiff:How cute.^^

Vulx:(On her back hugging Ishtars face)^^

Anya:I say that she's perfect for this family.^^

Darkstorm: Mhm (Power Jumps to the roof but in mid jump) *This happens every week on Wednesday* (His age shrinks to a 5 year old, luckily for him his memory is with thanks to the crucifix)

Draggy:What happened to you Darkstorm?

Darkstorm:(5 years old walks out) Don't even think about it

Ishtar:About what?

Darkstorm: Most Girls find halfbreed younglings adorable and insist on hugging them

Nagny: I can see why (Giggles)

Tiff:So this is what you like like as a kid.That is cute.^^

Darkstorm:(Gets on all fours) Halfbreeds from 0 to 9 walk on all fours

Draggy:That's interesting.

Darkstorm:(Lays down And tries to sleep)

Anya:(Hums a melody)

Darkstorm:(Yawns and goes to sleep)

Dart:(Yawns and cuddles up with Shana and Vulx)

(I thinks Anya should Hold 5 year old Darkstorm, let him rest on her lap until the week is up)


Shana:(Licks her brother)

Vulx:(Licks her step brother)

Anya:(Picks up Darkstorm and puts him on her lap,still humming)

Tiff:(Sits with the baby dragons)


Darkstorm:(His Black Hair is short, but Spiky)

Draggy:(Cuddles up with the babies and Nagny)


Darkstorm:(Grabs Anya's fingers)

Ishtar:(Keeps watch)

Darkstorm:(His small elvan ears twitch)

Dart:(Purrs in his sleep)

Darkstorm:(Asleep now)

Tiff:(Asleep with the baby dragons)

Darkstorm:(TRies to get up but can't his small younger body needs more rest)

Anya:Go back to sleep Darkstorm.

Darkstorm:(His wings Stretch out)

Draggy:(Sleeps with his family)

Nagny:(Hears Rattling near the Nest)

Tiff:Who's there?

Darkstorm:(Jumps off of Anya's Lap and walks to the sound to find a rattlesnake)

Ishtar:Careful Darkstorm. That thing will poison you.

The Snake tries to bite darkstorm but it's fangs break

Darkstorm:(Bites the Head off of the Snake and eats the Rest)

Anya:Well,better the snake then the eggs.

Tiff:Yep.(Rubs the remaining four unhatched eggs)


Anya:(Picks up Darkstorm and puts him in her lap)Now back to sleep,you little warrior you.


Draggy:(Moves the four eggs closer to him and Nagny and brings Shana,Dart and Vulx closer as well to keep them safe)


Ishtar:Is that Feather and Talon's parents?

Zek: We are here

Dart:(Tilts his head to what's going on)

It is a Northern Ice Dragon

Tiff:Its an ice dragon.


Anya:Is it a friend?

Nagny: She is my moms friend

Draggy:(Looks at the ice dragon)Are you alright?

Icy: Little Draggy, Do you remember me of course not you where a baby when we met

Draggy:(Thinks for a bit and then he knows)Ohh.Miss Icy.The last time I saw you was with your mate in the old ship.

Icy: Yep, but he died along with our babies

Ishtar:I'm sorry that happened to you.

Icy: It is ok Old friend

Anya:Well,your welcome to stay here.

Icy: (Giggles) Thanks Anya

Anya:Your welcome.^^

Tiff:If your wondering were Princess Anna is.She's back at her kingdom with her husband and daughter.

Icy:Sorry Tiff

Tiff:Its okay.^^Everythings been peaceful for a moment or two.

Teniahk: Tiff (Hugs her)

Tiff:(Hugs back)There you are Ten.^^Where have you been?

Teniahk: Being Princess is fun

Dart:(Roars a hello to Ten)

Tiff:That's Dart.He's with his sister Shana and new sister Vulx.They are just babies.

Vulx:(Still not used to new people)

Draggy:(Nuzzles Vulx)Its alright Vulx.She's Tiff's friend.

Vulx:(Licks Teniahk)

Teniahk:(Giggles, a mark on her shoulder shows that she is a rider)

Ishtar:Teniahk,you have a rider mark on you.


Skult the Bone Ice Dragon appears (Male)

Anya:You don't have to hide it.And is that bone ice dragon your partner?

Teniahk: I never hide it and Skult is my partner

Dart:(Tilts his head)

Skult:(Looks at Ishtar and his wings go into a mating display)

Ishtar:Sorry Skult.But I can't be your mate.I do not wish to mate.

Skult:(Still attempts)

Tiff:Ten,can you tell Skult to leave Ishtar alone?

Teniahk: Sorry but no, I can't reason with him

Draggy:Leave my mother alone Skult.

Skult:(Roars, goes from mating to fighting)

Anya:Lavenblues are known to protect each other when members of their family gets bothered with.


Skult:(Growls but obeys)

Dart:(Licks Ten)


Anya:He's saying thank you.^^

Teniahk:(Hugs Dart)


Shana:(Licks Teniahk)


Tiff:I wish you can meet the rest of the eggs.But the month is not over yet.

Nagny: I hope so

Draggy:(Puts an ear to the four eggs)

(small squicks are heard)


Draggy:These 4 are okay.

Elite Feild Marshell: Darkstorm, the hunters are retreating

Ishtar:That's good.

Elite Feild Marshell: Whoa, sorry not used to dragons

Months later

Shana:(Giggles and Tries sneak attack her father)

Draggy: (Watching the kids)

Shana:(Tackles her father) I got you daddy (Giggles)

Vulx:(In her early teens)(She was 12 when she was found)

Nagny: You ok Vulx

Vulx:(Blows her own bangs out of her eyes) Yes, I am just less active right now

Nagny: It happens to teen Dragons

Vulx:Yeah, my mom told me that (Gets up) I got to go (Takes off to the Lake)

(Under Nagny,her lavenblue daughter is playing with her light brother,while another lavenblue male and light dragon girl play with Dart)
Kongol the Dragon

This is Kongol

Rose the Dragon

This is Rose

Meru the Dragon

This is Meru

Lavitz the Dragon

This is Lavitz

Meru:(Giggles)Your it Lavitz!

Lavitz:I'll get you!

Kongol:Hey Rose,who's winning?Me or Dart?

Dart:Be truthful.

Rose: I lost count (Giggles)

???:(Flies in)

Draggy:Who's that?

Darkstorm:(In Spartan EVA Armor)Hey Draggy

Rose: Daddy Who is he?

Draggy:That's Darkstorm sweety.He's a friend to the family.Hello Darkstorm.^^

Meru:(On Nagny's head)He can fly too.^^

Darkstorm: Not only that (Turns into a Shadow Dragon)

Kongol:Whoa.Mom and dad tells us bedtime stories about you.

Darkstorm:(Turn Humanoids) *Chuckles* So I hear

Shana:Me and Dart were just hatchlings when we meet him.

Dart:THat's right.

Lavitz:That's amazng.

Nagny:Yes it was.

???: Dad (It is Bakuustorm the Two Tailed Cat halfbreed)

Draggy:Is that your son?

Darkstorm: Yes he is and adult now 2 kids of his own

Bakuu: and Half Vampire, A black dragon has killed again, humans this time

Dart:Why do hunters hunt us?

Darkstorm: It isn't the Hunters, It is a Black Dragon

Nagny: I thought he was banished

Shana: Who mommy?

Draggy:Nangy once told me that it was an evil dragon who doesn't care what he kills.

Darkstorm: He is back

Nagny: Kids, Go with bakuu to safety ok?

Meru:(Hugs Nagny)Promise that you and daddy will be okay,mommy.

Nagny:(Licks her daughter) Ok

Bakuu: Lets go (takes off)

(All six baby dragons fly close to Bakuu to safety)

Draggy:Let's keep our promise for our kids.

Nagny: Ok (Licks him, Mating season is close)

(In the Hiruni Village)

Black Dragon (Breaths acid on the Humans)

Draggy:There he is.

Nagny: Ok, what is the plan

Darkstorm: Slay him, I have teams in the Forest

Draggy:Will that work?


Draggy:Alright.I just don't want your men hurt.

Darkstorm:(Radios) Echo hell strike GO GO GO


Troopers open fire weakening him

Darkstorm:(Dive Bombs)

Draggy:Think they'll be alright?

{C Black Dragon:(Breaths Acid on Darkstorm)

Darkstorm:(Roars in pain)

Nagny:(Shriek Roars and attacks the Black Dragon)

Draggy:(Attacks the dragon too)

Darkstorm:(His arm melts off )

Black dragon:(Coughing his blood)

Nagny:(Stabs his brain with her tail blade)

(At home)

Bakuu:(Flys back to the Castle) Ok kids in the nest

Kongol:(Goes in the nest 1st)

Meru:(Goes in after him)

Dart:(Goes after Meru)

Shana and Rose sleep in their coner

Lavitz:(Play bites Dart)

Nagny: (Flies in with Darkstorm in her back)

Dart:(Plays bites Lavitz)

Draggy:We're back.Please hurry.Darkstorm need medical help.

Bakuu:(Pulls out health crystals and Jabs them in his fathers Chest)

Meru:Will that help him?

Bakuu: Yes, he need to rest now

Kongol:That's good.

Bakuu:(His two tails sway)

Meru:(Plays bits with his tails)


Shana: Pile on!!!!

(Shana,Dart,Meru,Lavitz,Kongol and Rose all pile on Baku)


Darkstorm:(Deep chested Growl)

Dart:Is he okay now?

A skeletal arm has grown to replace the old melted arm

Darkstorm: Don't worry kid, this Dark Lord is stilling kicking


Darkstorm:Heh (Goes to sleep, his bone arm dangles)

Kongol:Will the skin on his arm grow too?

The musle and Skin regrows

Draggy:That's anwers your question son.^^Right Nagny?


Draggy:Your mother gots the right idea.Bed time kids.

Shana: We want a story

Draggy:(Smiles)Alright.I'll tell you a story if you all get into the nest.^^

Shana, Rose and Lavitz Get in the Nest

Shana: Where's vulx?

(Dart,Meru and Kongol get in the nest)

Draggy:She went to the lake.She should be home by now.

Vulx:(Flies in with a male Dragon)

Draggy:There you are Vulx.Who's your friend?

Torkahn: I am Torkahn

Vulx: We are Dating

Draggy:Well,its nice to meet you Torkahn.

Torkahn:Good to meet you sir.

Vulx:I see everyone is ready for bed.


Shana:(Play Bites Dart)

Dart:(Play bites back)

Meru:(Play bites Lavitz)

Kongol:(Play bites Rose)

Lavitz:(Licks his Sister)

Rose:(Licks Kongol)

Draggy:(Chuckles)Okay kids.Sattle down if you want your story.

Darkstorm: Mind If I tell one?

Draggy:Sure.Is that okay with you kids?

Dart,Meru and Kongol:Yes.^^

Lavitz, Rose, and Shana:Yes ^^

Draggy:They want to hear your story Darkstorm.^^

Darkstorm: Ok kids, what do you want to know about

Shana: How you came to mobius

Rose: Yeah

Darkstorm: I was on my Flag ship the Black Scorpion


Kongol:Is it big?

The black Scorpion decloaks to reveals a large warship

Meru:Look Lavitz.It is big.^^


Darkstorm: Heh, well me and my crew were attacked in the Mobian border and I escaped, when I came to I was here on mobius

Rose: How did you meet Kirara?

Darkstorm: We will talk about that when your older (Blushing bright)


Dart:What happen then?

Kirara:(Walks in) He said when your older, time for bed (Turns Vampire)

Kongol:Yes ma'am.

(Dart,Meru and Kongol curl up next to Shana,Lavitz and Rose)

(Next mourning)

Nagny: (Had Laid 3 eggs and guards them fiercely)

Dart:Darkstorm,why is mommy like that?

Meru:And when will daddy be back with food?

Darkstorm: Protective mothers (Turns shadow Dragon)
Darkstorm (Shadow dragon)

Kongol:Was she like that when we were eggs?

Draggy:(Flies in with meat and fish)I'm back.Everyone alright?

Darkstorm:(Trying to talk To Nagny)


Draggy:What's wrong with her,Darkstorm?

Darkstorm: Protective mother syndrome

Dart:But we would never hurt our new siblings.

Nagny:(Pulls dart close to her)

Dart:(Purrs as he's close to her)

Meru:Mommy let Dart close to her.

Nagny: Come to mommy kids

Kongol:Kay mommy.^^

(Meru,Kongol,Shana,Lavitz and Rose join their brother Dart as they are near their mother)

The eggs squeak

Draggy:Listen kids.That's your new siblings.^^

Dart:I can't wait.

Meru:Ones a lavenblue.^^

The Halfling egg squeaks

Kongol:This egg is a mix of Light and Lavenblue.

Nagny:(Licks her kids)

Dart,Meru and Kongol:(Purrs)

Nagny:(Licks Dart Clean)

Dart:(Licks his mother)

Nagny: I love you son

Dart:I love you too mommy.^^

Rose:(Trys to sneak out of getting bathed)

Draggy:(Grabs her tail)Hold it right there young lady.Your getting a bath like eveyone else.


Nagny:(Licks Rose)

Meru:(Smiling after getting her bath)

Kongol:(Drying off)

Shana:(Cuddles Meru)

Lavitz:(Curls up)

Draggy:(Watches the kids as they sleep)

Nagny:(Goes to sleep)

Draggy:(Goes to sleep too)

(Cracks are heard)

Dart:(Wakes up to hear them)

The halfling egg is hatching

Dart:Shana,Lavitz,Meru,Kongol,Rose.WAke up.One of the eggs are hatching.

The Halfling male Hatches

Nagny:(Licks him clean)

Meru:He looks like mommy and daddy.

Nagny: What should we name him Draggy?

Halfling:(Enjoys being clean)
Haschel the Dragon

This is Haschel

Draggy:I think Haschel would fit him well.

Haschel:(Licks his Fathers talon)

Draggy:(Licks him too)

Kongol:Mommy,when will the other two hatch?

Nagny: Dunno, Ok kids nap time over go play

Dart:Can Haschel play or not yet?

Haschel:(Not used to being on his legs)

Draggy:Not yet son.He needs to get use to his legs 1st.

Nagny: Till then Have fun (Worried about Haschel)

Dart:Kay.(Goes off to play with Shana,Lavitz,Meru,Kongol and Rose)

Draggy:Something wrong Nagny?

Nagny:Look at our new son

Heschel:(Can barely stand)

Draggy:He's just born.It takes time to stand.He doesn't look sick.

Haschel:(Bites his fathers tail)

Draggy:(Chuckles)See?He's already a touch little fighter.

Haschel:(Stand and Walks Shakily to His father)

Draggy:(Helps him next to him)But if you are sick,I know something that can help you.Your grandma used it on me as well.


Draggy:(Chuckles and licks him)Don't worry about it.^^

Darkstorm flies in with Ishtar, Tiff and Anya

Meru:Look everyone.Its grandma,Darkstorm,Anya and auntie Tiff.^^

Ishtar:Hello everyone.^^

Haschel:(Hides behind his mom)

Nagny:Its okay son.She's your grandma.

Shana:We got a new brother.^^

Tiff:How cute.^^

Haschel:(Comes out)


Anya:Well,this is a wonderful group of baby dragons.

Kongol:You guys came for a visit?

Darkstorm:(Nods and Turns to a Shadow Dragon)

Lavitz:Its great you guys are visiting.^^

Darkstorm:(Smiles) Ok Kongol, Dodge this (Tail slashes)

Kongol:(Dodges and bites his tail)

Ishtar:Training my grandkids Darkstorm?

Darkstorm: Never too early

Draggy:True.But Haschel needs more growing before that.


Dart:(Pounces at Rose)

Shana:(Breaths fire)

Meru:(Breaths fire too)

Darkstorm: Impressive

Tiff:They are doing a great job.^^

Lavitz:(Breaths ice)


Nagny:(Licks Lavitz)

Lavitz:(Licks back)

  • Bath Time*

Rose:(Cloaks herself)

Darkstorm:(Grabs Rose)Oh no you don't

Meru:(Getting clean by Nagny)Why does Rose hate bathtime?

Nagny:(Licksing Meru Clean) Dunno sweety

Dart:I like getting baths.

Kongol:Me too.

Shana: Me too

Lavitz:And me.

Shana: but rose gets all angry about it

Draggy:What do you think Darkstorm?

Darkstorm: Dunno

Tiff:Is Haschel getting a bath too?

Nagny: He will but Draggy is helping

Draggy:That's right.^^

Anya:(Looking at the last two eggs)These two are almost like twins.I bet they will be born at the same time

Haschel:(Wants his father to bathe him)

Darkstorm:(Goes to meditate)

Draggy:(Smiles at Haschel and begins licking Haschel for his bath)

Ishtar:(Smiles)How cute.^^

Nagny: Mind helping with rose Ishtar?

Ishtar:Sure.(Goes to Rose and starts cleaning her)


Ishtar:Rose dear.You need to stay still.I'm almost done.(Finishes cleaning her up)

Rose:(Goes to a sunny corner to dry)

Meru:(Dries up)

Draggy:(Finishes cleaning Haschel)There you go son.^^

Haschel:(Gets up and Lies next to his father)


Dart:I'm next.

Kongol:No.Me next.

Shana:(Walks out when she is done with her bath)

Lavitz:I want the next.

Anya:Who gets what to clean?

Nagny:(Picks Lavitz by his Scruff and Lick bathes him)

Draggy:(Cleans Dart)

Ishtar:(Cleans Kongol)

Rose:(Lies down)

Tiff:They all look very clean now.^^


Draggy:Rose,you be nice.(Finish cleaning Dart)

Dart:(Dries off)

Kongol:(Dries off)

Rose:(Power jumps to the Window)

Ishtar:(Grabs her by the tail)Not so fast Rose.

Shana:What's wrong Rose?


Anya:Something wrong Darkstorm?

Rose:(Breaths Black Flames)

Draggy:Calm down Rose.

Darkstorm:(Roars) Don't make me hurt you Rose

Tiff:I think she hates getting lick baths.

Rose:(Whacks Darkstorm's Face Side with her tail Blade)

Darkstorm:(One drop of his blood hits the ground and reheals) I told you not to make me hurt you (Attacks)

Rose:(Breathes Black flames and burns Darkstorms human skin layer off, revealing his half demon black armor-like skin)

Kongol:Are you alright Darkstorm?

Darkstorm:(Roars and Water Bends)

(The water soaks Rose)


Rose:(Calm now and asleep)

Ishtar:(Carefully picks her up and place her in the nest)

Anya:Thank goodness.She's calm down.

Nagny: Well we can try the lake, but It is Drying out

Draggy:Then we need bring more water or dig up a new lake.

Nagny: That's the Thing it is the Dry season, My people will suffer for a week if there is no swimming water

Tiff:Then lets get some more water.Agreed Darkstorm?

Darkstorm:(In stone Hibernation)

Water search

Draggy:Alright.We need to find water fast.

Nagny: We will need to split up

Tiff:I can take care of the eggs and the kids.

Nagny: It is ok with me

Ishtar:We need water from lakes or any source of water.But not the ocean.

Nagny:(Takes off)

Draggy:(Takes off)

Ishtar:(Takes off)

Nagny:(Lands at the Lake)

Draggy and Ishtar:(Also land near lakes)

Nagny:(Sighs in dissappointment)

Anya:No luck?

Nagny: All but dust, Impossible, this hasen't happened before

Draggy:Maybe the water is leaking somewhere.

Nagny:(See's pipe)

Ishtar:That's the 1st time I saw that pipe.

Nagny: I wasn't here

Tiff:Maybe if we follow it,we'll find where the water has been going.


Hooded Figure: (Running)

Anya:Hold it!(Makes a crystal wall to stop his path)

Hooded Figure:(C4's the Wall)

Everyone:(Surrounds him)

Tiff:Who are you?

Hooded Figure:(Detnates the The C4 and runs)

Anya:We better go after him.

Nagny:(Flying after)


Hooded Figure:(Shoots Nagny's wing)

Nagny:(Roars and Crashes in the Woods)

Draggy:Nagny!(Goes to check her)

Nagny:(Tears streaming and turns dark)

Draggy:Calm down dear.

Ishtar:(Catches the man and destroys his weapons)

Hooded Figure:(Bites Ishtar)

Ishtar:Bite all ou want.YOur not going till you tell us what you know.

Anya:(Wraps up Nagny's wing)There.Good thing it was a light wound.

Tiff:Alright.Are you the one stealing water from the lake?

Hooded Figure:(Japanese) I won't spill

???:You will (It is Bakuu)

Draggy:Hello Bakuu.Came to help us?

Bakuu: Yes, because the one you have there is my brother Drakon

Ishtar:Sorry.But we need to know is he's part of the lake losing water.

Drakon:Screw off, like I will spill

Bakuu:(Punches Drakons face)

Drakon:(Spits Blood)

Bakuu: One

Ishtar:Tell us.

Drakon: Never

???: Oh you will (A White and Light Blue Halfbreed appears)

Dart:Who's that?

Bakuu: My fathers Sister Frostless

Meru:She's pretty.

Frostless: I am an Ice type Little one


Frostless: Ok Drakon Be a dear and tell us where there water is

DRaggy:(Stays close to Nagny)

Drakon: West Villiage

Kongol:Where's that?To the West?


Ishtar:Then let's go.Nagny,you return to the nest with the kids.Anya,Draggy and Tiff will keep you safe till then.

Frostless:(Takes off)

Ishtar:(Takes off)

Draggy:Let's go Nagny.(Helps her on his back)You rest and heal your wing.

Nagny:Alright dear.Come along children

Shana,Dart,Meru,Lavitz,Rose,and Kongol:(Follows)

Haschel:(On Dart's back)

Tiff:(Gently holding the last two eggs as she walks)

Anya:(Stays close as they went)

Frostless: How is my brother

Ishtar:He's resting.He got into a fight when one of my grandkids that went to rage mode.

Frostless: Stone hibernation?


Frostless:(Laughs) My older brother is always funny at times

Ishtar:(Giggles)He's very good with my grandchildren.

Frostless: He is a father of a lot of kids

Ishtar:I see why he knows how to handle them.

(Care to join,, me and Wrath are starting this is where they first meet Dark Lord Darkstorm)



Meeting Darkstorms Mom

Frostless:(Giggles) So You like having Darkstorm around your grandkids?

(A water balloon hits Ishtar)


Ishtar:(Shakes the water off)Yes I do and I think we founded the village.

Frostless: ok lets do this (Lands)

Ishtar:(Lands too)


Frostless:(Blocks their path with ice)

Ishtar:We're not here to hurt you.We just want anwers.

Child: Your here to take the water

???:Young man, did you steal the light dragon swimming water, Drakon is not your friend

Child: They shouldn't have water, they like bathe themselves anyways

???: Return the water now

Child: Yes Miss Actu-sin

Ishtar:Thank you Miss Actu-sin.

Frostless: Ishtar, Take out the 2 s's and it is Mi-actu-sin darkstorms mom

Ishtar:Oh.Well its nice to meet you Mi-actu-sin.^^

Mi-actu-sin: Hows my son

Ishtar:He's alright. He's resting by the lake.

Mi-actu-sin:Is still cute?

Ishtar:Well,he's grown and got into a little fight with one of my granddaughters.

Mi-actu-sin:(Giggles)Voice of reason?


Mi-actu-sin: That is my boy, you should have saw him as a child

Ishtar:I bet he was wonderful.^^You think those kids returned the water?

Mi-actu-sin: Oh they did

Ishtar:That's good.^^

Mi-actu-sin: Tell my son to keep looking for me

Ishtar:We will.

Mi-actu-sin:(Kisses Ishtar's cheek)

Ishtar:(Smiles)Ready to go Frostless?


Ishtar:Let's go.(Flies to the air)

Frostless:(Takes off)

(Back at the nest)

Draggy:There's the water.


Rose, Shana and Lavitz are asleep next to Darkstorm

Dart,Meru and Kongol are asleep with Tiff)

Haschel:(Asleep near his parents and the other two eggs)

(Shall Draggys father coming for a special appearance? It would be really cool)


Nagny:(Licks Haschel)

Anya:Now the light dragons will be happy.

Darkstorm:(Wakes up)

A coral encrusted organ appears

Draggy:What's that?

Darkstorm:(Begins Playing)

Tiff:(Wakes up)

Darkstorm:(Messes up and stops)

Dart:You okay Darkstorm?

Darkstorm: I can't shake my Family out of my head

Meru:Look.I see grandma and Frostless.

Ishtar:(Lands)We're back.^^


Draggy:Everyone is happy again.^^

(Shall he enter now?)


(Alright.I'll play him)



(Next Mourning at the Lake)

Nagny:(Teaching the Kids how to swim)

Meru: (Splashes around)

Chengi:(Flies in) Ishtar, good news

Ishtar:What's the news Chengi?

Chengi:(Whispers it into her ear in dragon language)

Ishtar:(Whispers back to her ear)Really?

Chengi: Yes and he is coming right now

Ishtar:Its been so long.How did he come back?

Chengi: Same way me and my mate came back, Spirit Realm

Ishtar:Wonderful.I get to see my Duzell again after all this time.^^

Shana: Who Grandma

Kongol:Who are you talking about.

Ishtar:Well,back before your daddy was born,I also had a mate I loved.His name was Duzell.He protected me when the hunters killed all lavensblues.He fought the hunters off,even if they outnumberd him.He died that day,but like your grandma Chengi here,he also has return to life.^^

Chengi: Mhm, In the Spirit realm he kept on asking questions about you

Draggy:He has?

Meru:Us too?

Chengi: He doesn't know about you kids, He does know how his little boy has grown and how he has married a beautiful princess

Dart:That means we're going to surprise him.^^

Chengi: Come kids you must look presentable

Nagny:(Giggles) Ok kids go on

Lavivtz:Okay mom.^^

Rose:We'll be ready.

Chengi: Come kids

Kongol:Okay grandma.


Kids:(Goes with Chengi to get ready)

Draggy:This will be the 1st time I see my father.

Nagny:(Licks her Love)

Draggy: (Smiles and licks Nagny back)

Nagny:I can't wait

Draggy:Me too.

(2 minutes later)

Nagny:(Wearing her Royal feathers)

Kids:All ready as well as Haschell)

Draggy:I don't see him yet.

Chengi: He is here, His Spiritual Energy is clear

Ishtar:(Sniffs the air and smiles)That's his smell alright.^^

Chengi: Come out Duzell

Duzell:(Laughs)Sorry,I just want to make an entrace.(Steps out from his hiding place)
Duzell the Dragon

This is Duzell

Ishtar:(Giggles)Still the same Duzell that I love.^^

Ratanahk: Duzell old Friend

Duzell:Good to see you again,my good old friend.So where's your daughter and my son?

Nagny: Right here

Draggy:Hi dad.

Duzell:(Looks at Draggy,then at Nagny and then smiles)Its nice to meet you both.Draggy my son,you found yourself a perfect mate to share your lives with.And same to you Nagny,I heard wonderful things from you.^^

Draggy:Thank you father.^^

Nagny:Oh stop your making me blush

Shana:(Behind her mothers legs)

Dart:(Behind his father's legs)

Duzell:And who are these little ones?(Also sees Lavitz,Meru,Rose,Kongol and Haschell)Theres a lot of them.^^

Nagny:They are your grand kids

Ishtar:They are such lovely kids.

Duzell:Hello little ones.^^

Shana:(Licks Duzells snout)

Dart,Meru,Lavitz,Kongol and Haschell do the same)

(Meanwhile in the nest,two sqicks are heard from the two eggs)

Duzell:I heard two more.Young female ones.

Nagny:(Walks to the Nest) Come on mommies here

Draggy:Daddy's here too.

(From the two eggs that hatched one light dragon and one lavenblue dragon was born at the same time)
Eve the Dragon

This is Eve

Chi the Dragon

This is Chi

Ishtar:They did hatch like twins.^^

Nagny:(Licks bathes the Lavenblue)

Chi:(Shyly licks back)

Draggy: (Licks batches the light dragon)

Eve:(Copys Draggy)

Nagny:It is ok my little one (Nuzzles) Your safe with your family

Chi:(Nuzzles and growls softly)

Draggy:We'll keep you safe(NUzzles)

Eve:(Nuzzles too)

Duzell:Good thing I came back.^^

Haschel:(Smells Darkstorm is near and Starts trying to talk)

Ishtar:Look at that.Haschel is about to talk.^^

(Gun fire)

Darkstorm:(Runs in wearing a Nano Suit)

Kids:(Hides near Nagny)

DRaggy:What was that?

Darkstorm:(Takes off his Helmet)

Nagny: What is that?

Darkstorm: Nano Suit 2.0


Darkstorm: Yeah but we have to leave The Seth are everywhere

Tiff:Alright.Come along kids.Get on your parents or grandparents backs.

Darkstorm:(Pulls out his rifle)

Haschel, Rose, Shana and Lavitz get on Duzell's

Duzell:Hold on kids.(Flies up)

(Dart,Meru and Kongol get's on Chengi)

Chengi: Hang on and Watch how I did my flying (Jumps and Takes off)

Draggy:(Puts Eve and Chi on Istar's back)Their ready mom.

Ishtar:Up we go.(Flies up)

Anya and Tiff:(On Ratanahk back)

Draggy:(Puts Nagny on his back)Ready love?

Darkstorm: i'll cover ya (Opens fire) Come over here come get a piece of Darkstorm ANYONE FRIGGIN HUNGRY DARKSTORM IS NICE THIS YEAR!!!!!

Nagny: Yes

Ratanahk:Let's go son.(Flies away)

Draggy:Be careful Darkstorm.(Flies up as he carries Nagny)

Seth:(Attack Darkstorm)

Duzell:(In the sky with everyone)We should drop the Nagny and the kids back at the castle.Tht way we can help Darkstorm.

Vol: No, he will fight for himself

Ishtar:I hope he's alright.

A seth Ship is flying towards them and Darkstorm is Beatin ghte Tar out of the Seth warriors)

Darkstorm: Does this Answer that?


Darkstorm:Draggy, think Fast (Tosses a Seth at Draggy)

Draggy:(Tail smacks it)

Darkstorm:(Slices The Seth In half)

Duzell:Great job son.^^

Draggy:Thanks dad.^^

Darkstorm:(Thumbs up, but does notice a Seth behind him)

Ishtar:(Claws at the Seth from behind,knocking it out of the sky)

Darkstorm: I owe you one

Ishtar:Your welcome.^^

Eve and Chi:(Cheers them)

Darkstorm:(Jumps off the Ship and his wings extend)

A new home Part 1

Duzell:So where to know?

Darkstorm: My home, Seth wouldn't be caught dead there

Draggy:At lest we all got out of there.

Nagny: Yeah, But for some reason I think we forgot someone

Meru:Where's big sissy Vulx?

Vulx: Yeah, no
Vulx the Black mane dragon

Vulx as a teen

Ishtar:Who's missing?

Vulx: My mate stayed behind

Duzell:Why did he stay behind?


Nagny: It is ok dear

Draggy:THis is my father.Which makes him our grandpa.

Vulx:(Takes off to the tower)

Dart:What's wrong with Vulx?

???: Oh nothing, just that I stayed behind


Vulx: My love?


Meru:(Tilts head)

Tiff:I think its Torkahn.

(You remember his name Cause I forgot)

(His name is Torkahn)

Torkahn: Aww I am heartbrocken, you don't remember me?

Draggy:Well,you have been gone for awhile.


DRaggy:You don't have to bow.^^

Torkahn: Your the King of light

Draggy::And your my daughter's mate.

Torkahn: (Rises)

Draggy:So you can see me as your father-in-law instead of a king.^^

Torkahn:Not married to her yet



Chi:(Looks around)

Vulx:(Licks Duzell) Grandfather



Eve:(Tiny roars)


Kongol:(Plays with his siblings)

Eve and Chi: (Cuddles up with Haschel)

Darkstorm: (Yawns)

Duzell:Seems like its nap time.

Darkstorm: Nahk, The Seth don't attack at random

Ishtar:At lest we're all safe.

Darkstorm: But they attacked randomly this time

(Next Day)

Rose:(Giggles and signals Shana and Dart to get ready to pounce on Duzell, Darkstorm and Ishtar

Dart and Shana:(Nods and gets ready)




Darkstorm: Ambush!!!!

Duzell:(Gets pounce)You got me!^^

Ishtar:(Gets pounce)Your too strong!


Shana: Wait where darkstorm

Darkstorm: Behind you

Meru:Look out Rose!


Kongol:I thought we were playing Lavitz?Not fighting.

Darkstorm: Don't worry, she is reacting on hunting instinct

Lavitz:That's good.

Darkstorm:She is ready to hunt

Chi:(Shyly play bites Eve)


Draggy:Darkstorm,Haschel is sick.What can help him?

Darkstorm: Rest)

Tiff:(Gently pets Haschel)Get well quick little guy.


Draggy:(Gently nuzzles him)

Nagny:Uh Dark, is ice normal here?

Darkstorm: Nahk why?

Nagny: Because the Water that naturally drips in here are frozen

Ishtar:That is odd.

(Small squeaks are heard)

Darkstorm:(Knocks on the Wall)

Duzell:Maybe its ice dragons.

Darkstorm:(Punches the Wall and It shatters) Or a hatchling

Anya: (Looks and sees a hatching)Your right.But how did it get here?

Ice Hatchling:(Barly a week old)

Darkstorm: Abandoned

Draggy:Poor thing.

Ice Hatchling: (Sneezes)

Dart:Bless you.

Ice Hatchling:(Licks Dart)

Dart:(Licks its)

Darkstorm: Well What should we name her

Duzell:How about Gilda?

Gilda:(Breaths ice)

Meru:I think she likes the name.^^

Gilda:(Heart Fly above her)

Tiff:How cute.^^

Nagny: What will we do?Someone has to raise her.

Duzell:That's true.

Darkstorm: Don't ask me half human

Ishtar:Think you can raise another one Nagny dear?

Nagny:Well I don't know

Shana:What should we do?

Gilda:(Licks Shana)

Kongol:Can't she be our sister too mother?

Nagny: Ok


Gilda: *Licks Lavitz*

Rose:(Licks her)Our sister.^^


Eve and Chi:(Licks Gilda too)

Nagny: so cute

Draggy:Yes it is.^^

Nagny:(Licks Duzell)



Draggy:(Licks Nagny)


Ishtar:Anyone hungry?


Haschel:(Does the same even if he's sick)

Tiff:That's a yes.^^

Darkstorm:(His back against a wall and asleep)

Duzell:(Brings a bag full of meat and fish)Eat up kids.^^

Kids:(Start eating)

Blood leaks from Darkstorms arm

Anya:WHat happened to your arm Darkstorm?

Darkstorm:Dunno, plasma burn (The wound is very deep)

Ishtar:You should warp that up.

Darkstorm: I am ok (Groans in pain) Just a plasm burn

Tiff:It still needs to be treated.

Darkstorm:(Takes off the Arm part of the Nanosuit)

Tiff:(Cleans the wound and wraps it up)There,that should help.

Darkstorm: Didn't take ya for a medic as well

Anya:Tiff been learning from Anna about herbs and medicine.

Darkstorm: Heh

Duzell:Wow,the kids sure eat good.

Darkstorm:(Out cold)

Kids:(Circle Darlstorm)

???:(Arabic) Move younglings

Kids:(Moved and hide under their parents)

Draggy:Who's there?

Anubis:(Is seen)

Duzell:Anubis.Why are you here?

Anubis: I am the Demon elder visiting Dark Lord Darkstorm

Ishtar:Well,he's resting right now.I hope so anyway.

Anubis: From my point of veiw he's gone

Dart:Pleae don't take him sir.

Anubis:(Follows darkstorms blood trail)

Draggy:Yes we know that he's hurt.But he's been through a lot.

(Is he really dead?)

(Loud Roaring)

  • Knowing Darkstorm he often walks of the wounds*


Anya:Was that Darkstorms' roar?


Duzell:But how?

(Tp on my wiki's chat)

(Where at?)

Anubis: Dunno


(My Wiki's live chat)

(I'm not good with live Chat)

Darkstorm:(Roars very weak)

Draggy:He needs help.

(Blog, then on my wiki,_Darkest_and_Hikaru)

(I'll be there soon)


Tiff:Where to begin?

Anubis: Teams of 2 give or take, me and Tiff Will go north

Anya:And the rest?

Nagny:Me and Draggy go east

Ishtar:Who's going to check the south and west and take care of the kids?

3 Anubis warriors appear from the sand

Anubis: You and Duzell go south

Duzell:All that is left is the west and what are those 3 for?

Anubis" To watch the kids

Anya:Then I'll go with either Vulx or Chengi to the west.

Vulx: Ok (Puts Anya on her back)

A new home part 2

Anubis:(Running with Tiff on his back)

Tiff:Anubis sir,do you see anything yet?

Anubis: (Stops) Just blood

Tiff:Is it Darkstorm's?


Tiff:Let's go help him please?

Anubis:(Runs with tiff on his back)

Tiff:(Holds on)

Anubis" There he is

Darkstorm:(Out cold)

Tiff:What happened to him?

Anubis:Blood loss (Does CPR on Darkstorm)


Tiff:Thank goodness he's okay.

Darkstorm:(His skin had gone pale)

Tiff:Why is he still pale.

Anubis: Loss of blood, call the others

Tiff:Right.(Grabs a calling horn and blows it)

(With Duzell and Ishter)

Ishtar:That's Tiff.Let's go.(Flies to her)


(With Anya and Vulx)

Anya:That's my daughter calling.Let's go there Vulx.

Vulx:(Flies at highs speeds)

(With Draggy and Nagny)

Draggy:That's Tiff.She must have found him.

Nagny: Ok

Draggy:Let's go.(Flies to Tiff)

Nagny:(Follows her husband)

(Back with Tiff and Anubis)

Tiff:(Blows her horn a bit more till everyone got there)

Ishtar and Duzell:(Lands)

Draggy:(Lands with Nagny)

Anya:(On Vlux's back)


Darkstorm:(Rehealing but very slowly)

Duzell:How is he?


(Flute Music is heard)

Anya:Where is it coming from?

A tall man in black wearing a wolf mask walks to veiw

Ishtar:Do you know him Anubis?

Anubis:(Unsheathes his Sword) I don't

???: Crescent Blade ( A Sword in the shape of a crescent appears)

Draggy:(Growls)Stay back Nagny.

Darkstorm: Zen-Aku

Zen-Aku: My lord

Tiff:You know him Darkstorm?

Darkstorm: Dark Elite Guard

Anya:I see.

Zen-aku: (Smirks) I see you haven't met darien yet


Zen-aku: Thought not

Ishtar:I think I heard that name.

(Was he the one who uses the force to pick up Tiff as she was holding Shana and Dart in the Happy Couple section?)


(Ah.Been awhile)

Darien:(Appears in the Trees)

Draggy:There he is.

Darien:(Jumps down)

Zen-Aku: Hmmph

Anya:Hello DArien.How have you been?

Darien:On redemption

Tiff:Its been awhile.

Darien:(Ruffles Tiff's hair)

Tiff:It wasn't that long.^^We met while I was still a teen.

Darien:(His right eye is Orangish Gold and the other is regular blue)

Duzell:Should we head back to the nest?

Darkstorm: Brilliant Idea

Ishtar:Indeed.^^THe kids must be worred by now.

(At the Nest)


Anubis Warriors:(Asleep)

Draggy:Wow.Everyones asleep.

Anubis: No it is a trick

Tiff:You sure?All the babies are here.

Anubis:(Rolls a rock and it is Chopped in half)

Anubis Warriors wake up and disarm the Traps

Anya:Who put them there?

Anubis Warrior: Us, Can't be careful

Ishtar:How's the children?


Chi:(Asleep next to Shana)

Gilda:(Asleep next to Dart)

Haschel:(Asleep next to Rose)

Rose:(Wakes) Mommy daddy (Giggles)

Everyone:(Wakes up)Mommy daddy.

Draggy:Yes.We're here little ones.

Nagny:(Purr growls)

Duzell:Its good to see them all again.


(A grey wolf with wings is seen, female, 2 months pregnant)

Tiff:Who's that?

Darkstorm: Greywing, remember during our fight with the hell dragons we saved her from starvation

Greywing:(Pounces on Tiff and licks her face)

Tiff:(Laughs)Its good to see you again.

Anya:She's really grown.

Darkstorm: She is a mother to be, sorrily her mate left her for a pure breed wolf, she is a sky wolf

Greywing:(Barks and nuzzles Anya's hand)

Anya:(Pets her)She must have smelled us and came to see us.

Greywing: More than likely

Draggy:I forgot that she can talk.

Greywing: Actually that was a magicall accident days ago

Ishtar:Wow.How did it happen?

Darkstorm: My grimmwor fell on her head


Greywing: Then hours later bam I can talk


Darkstorm: Just don't tell anyone else

Tiff:We promise.

Greywing: Btw I am having pups

Tiff:Aww.Congrates.^^(Hugs her)


Anya:Its good to see an old friend again.

Greywing: Don't be a stranger visit my pups sometime

Draggy:We will.

In the Middle of "Crisis"

Kids:(Sleeping close to Nagny and Draggy)



(Greywing is howling, she is giving birth)

Nagny: Honey?

???:(Puppy Barking)
Whitefeather the Sky-wolf

this is White Feather

Draggy:(Licks Nagny)I'm alright dear.^^I'm just keeping watch.

Tiff:Greywing gave birth.^^


Greywing gives birth to 3 females and 4 males)

Ishtar:Seven healthy pups.^^Congrates.^^

Greywing:(Giggles) thanks

Angel (Puppy)

Duzell:How cute.^^

(Mind doing the other 4, they half to be half sky wolf and half dog)

(I'll try.So you already did two girls and one boy right?)

(Yesh, Angel and Whitefeather are girls and John is a boy)

(What's the names of the others?)

(Nikagny, Victor, Tim, and Nikolia)

(Is Nikagny the boy?)

Angel:(Barks shyly)

John (Sky wolf)


Angel:(Sniffs Tiffs toes and backs away shyly)

Tiff:Its okay little one.I won't hurt you.


Tiff:(Gently holds her hand out)



(Could you load the other pups pictures up?Somehow I can't)
Tim pup


Victor and Tim:(Play bite each other)


Nikagny:(Wags tail)

John:(Flirts with his sisters)

Anya:That little guy is flirting.

Tiff:Reminds me of Kalin.

Greywing:(Picks john up by his scruff and puts him back in the nest)


Angel:(Wants to be held)


Tiff:Can I hold Angel Greywing?

Greywing: Yes, your my friend

Tiff:Okay.^^(Gently picks up Angel and holds her)There there.^^


Tiff:(Pets her)Your so cute.^^

Angel:(Licks Tiffs nose)

Tiff:(Giggles and smiles)

Whitefeather:(Pounces on Ishtars tail)


Tim:(Chases his tail)

Greywing:Come here Tim

Tim:Bark!(Goes to his mother)

Victor:(Chasing a firefly)

Greywing:(Bathing tim)

Whitefeather:(Catches the Firefly)

Nikola:(Digging on the ground)

Greywing:(Picks up Nikola) No digging hon

Nikola:(Whines a sorry)


Greywing:(Licks Nikola) You were doing it wrong, mama will show you after your sisters nap, go play with Tiff ok?

Nikola:Bark!^^(Goes to Tiff)

Angel:(Licks Nikola)

Tiff:Your both so cute.^^

Greywing:(Licks Nikagny)


Greywing: No, it can't be
Talvan the Halfwolf


Draggy:Who's that?

Greywing:(Growls) My old mate

????:(Walks to the kids)

Greywing:(Barks angerily)


Talvan:Must I have a reason to see my kids

Anya:How can he talk?Same accident?

Talvan: No, Stole human vocal cords

Tiff:That's not right.

Greywing:Why do you think I left him

Draggy:I can see why.

Talvan:(Attacks Greywing)


Duzell:You leave her alone.

Talvan: I'll be back at noon to clam my kids (Leaves)

Ishtar:We won't let him take these babies.

Tiff:You okay Greywing?

Greywing:(Crying hard)

Anya:(Treats her wounds)Don't worry Greywing,we'll never let him take your pups.

Greywing:Thank you

Duzell:Your welcome.

Pups:(Goes to their mother and licks her)



Ishtar:You have an idea Darkstorm?

Darkstorm: Yeah (Extends wrist blades)

Draggy:So what's the plan?

Tiff:We also have to hide the pups so he can't find them.

Greywing: trust me there isn't a place to hide skywolfs

Darkstorm:I say we slay the creep

Nagny: Forgive me but I am in

Draggy:I'll help to make sure he doesn't hurt my mate.

Anya:We have to keep the pups safe in cause he tries to use them.

Darkstorm:And if it fails his skull is mine

Tiff:Don't worry puppies.(Hugs them)We'll keep you safe.


Duzell:Let's get ready everyone.

(Hours later)

Talvan: Greywing, I am here to take my kids

Ishtar:(Whispers to Darkstorm)He's here.

Darkstorm:(Pulls out plasma caster) inciate plan A



Darkstorm:That's it lead him to ya


Tiff:I hope it works.

Talvan:(Walks to his sons and daughters)





Talvan:(Licks his kids)

Anya:He's near them.

Darkstorm:(Jumps Down) Alright Talvan Paws where I can see them

Anya:Back away from the pups.

Talvan:(Chuckles) You two are anoying me (Attacks)

Anya:(Blocks with her sword)

Darkstorm:(His left eye gone) *Roars*

Anya:Your not ruining those pups future,Talvan.

Greywing:(Bites Talvan's Neck)eti

Tiff:Go Greywing!

Talvan:(Flips her on her back and begins to violate her) Remember this darling


Ishtar:(Swips Talvan off Greywing)Leave her alone.

Talvan:(Smacks Ishtar) You females need to learn your place

Greywing:(Bites him again)

Draggy:(Claws Talven)And you need to learn to respect your mate and other females.

Talvan:(Slashes Greywing and Draggy) They should have killed you off everylast one of you dragons

?????:(Echoing howls)


Duzell:Help has arrived.

Meeting Silverpaw

Silverpaw: DEMON BEGONE!!!!!
Silverpaw the skywolf


Anya:So that's why Darkstorm was roaring.

Silverpaw:No, he called me

Darkstorm: Silverpaw and I were core mates

Tiff:Well,its great that your here now ma'am.

Greywing: Mommy (Licks Silverpaw)

Silverpaw:(Licks Greywing)


Silverpaw:hey there

Nikola:(Wags her tail)

Silverpaw:(Licks her Granddaughter) Wheres your siblings?

(Then the rest if the pups come to the grandma, wagging their tails and barking hello)

Silverpaw: Come to Grandma

Pups:(Come to her and licks her)



Silverpaw:(Bathes Tim)

Tiff:How cute.^^

Silverpaw:(Licks Tiff)


Duzell:So what are we going to do about him?(Points to a caged Talvan)

Talvan:(Barking angerily)

Greywing: send far away from me and the kids

Ishtar:Know a place like that Darkstorm?

Darkstorm: Oh yes (Chaos Controlles him to Earth)

Anya:You sure he won't hurt anyone?

(On earth)

Talvan:(In a zoo) Let me out!!!!!!!!

(Back on Mobius)

Darkstorm: Naw


Whitefeather:(Play bites Nikola's ear)

Nikola:(Play bites Whitefeather's tail)


Greywing:(Lays down so her kids can suckle)

Victor,Tim,Nikola and Nikagny:(Suckles her)


Whitefeather and John:(Also suckling)


Draggy:(Brings food for his babies)Eat up kids.^^

Dart:Thank you daddy.^^



Darkstorm: You know what would be so funny right now?


Eve and Chi:(Feeds)

Darien: If my sister came

Anya:Hey Darien.

Kongol and Meru:(Feeding)

Darkstorm: And my mom

Darien:(Hugs Anya, Reft eye is Sith color and his left eye is his normal blue eye)

Haschel,Gilda and Rose:(Feeds)d
Christine the fox

Christine: Older bro

Vulx:That must be your sister Darien.

Darien: Yeah, she was gifted with force abilities

Tiff:Well its nice to meet her.^^

Christine: Pleasure is mine

Duzell:Welcome to our group of family and friends.


Pups:(Barking playfully)


Anya:How cute.^^


Draggy:You okay Nagny?


Draggy:That's a yes.^^

Nagny:(Licks her mate)

Draggy:(Licks her)

Nagny: I love you

Draggy:And I love you.


Draggy:(Yawns too)What a day.

Greywing:Come kids

Pups:(Goes to there mommy)

Silverpaw:(Lays next to her daughter and grandachildren)

Tiff:(Smiles at them)

Darkstorm:(Turns to stone to sleep)

Anya:(Sits down)

Darkstorm:(Stone face Threatening)

Ishtar:What's wrong with Darkstorm?

Greywing: He does that to ward off enemies

Draggy:I see.


Pups:(Yawns too)


Draggy:Who's that?

Whitefeather the Sky-wolf (Adult)

Future Whitefeather

Greywing: It is female

Anya:But who is it?

????: It is me Whitefeather

Tiff:But Whitefeather is still a pup.

Pup Whitefeather:Bark.

Whitefeather:(Adult)*Licks her young self*

Feoby the sky wolf

Pheoby the sky-wolf

Pup Whitefeather:(Licks back)

????:(Hiding behind her mom adult Whitefeater)

Tiff:And who's the cute pup behind you, Whitefeather?

Whitefeather:(Adult) My Daughter

Tiff:She's cute.^^

Pup Whitefeather:(Tilts her head in confusion)


Tim:(Barks and wags his tail to play)

John:(Flirting with his niece)

Greywing: Bed time kids

(Moon is up)

Nikola:(Bites John's tail to leave Pheoby alone)


Greywing:(Puts all the kids in the nest and goes to sleep)

Draggy:Time for bed for you guys as well.

Shana:(Asleep like a good girl)


Draggy:(Goes to sleep with his family)

At the Beach,With Draggy and Nagny in the undersea caves

Nagny: (In mating heat) Sorry hon

Draggy:(Nuzzles her)That's okay Nagny.

Nagny:(Lifts her tail)

Draggy:(Mates with her)

Nagny:(Licks her husband)

Draggy:(Licks his wife)

Nagny: Your so handsome

Draggy:And your so beautiful.

(On the surface)

Draggy:(Walks out of the cave with his mate)

Greywing:(Fetching stick in the water)

Dart,Meru,Kongol,Haschel and Eve:(Splashing in the water with Shana,Lavitz,Rose,Eve and Gilda)

Darkstorm:(Whistles for Greywing)

Greywing:(Jumps on her mast and licks his face)

Tiff:(Giggles as she plays with the pups)

Duzell and Ishtar:(Nuzzle each other)

Darkstorm:(Throws the stick)

Silverpaw and Greywing chase it

Anya:(Sees Draggy and Nagny)Hey you two..^^

Nagny:(Looking more happy than normal)

Darkstorm: (Pounced on by Silverpaw and Greywing)

Ishtar:You look very happy Nagny.I'm glad you are.^^


Draggy:(Smiles)She's beautiful when she smiles.^^

Nagny: You know how to baby (Licks him)

Draggy:(Chuckles and licks back)Yes I do.^^

Greywing:(Wants to play fetch with Tiff)

Tiff:(Giggles and throws a stick for Greywingy)Fetch Greywing.^^



Silverpaw: Wanna get some chow?

Ishtar:Sounds good.

Silverpaw:(Dives in the Water)

Ishtar:(Dives in too)

Darkstorm:(Eating Clams)

Duzell:(Lights a fire to cook the fish)

Darkstorm:(Tosses the empty shells into the fire)

Pups:(Get dry by the fire)

Darkstorm:(Puts on Freddy's hat)

Dragonlings:(Looks at it)

Darkstorm:(In his deepest and most scariest voice) I am gonna get ya

Pups:Yip!(Hides under Greywing)



Shana: Do it again

Kongol:Yes please.

Darkstorm:(Puts on the hat,glove and sweater and goes scary) Penny for your thoughts chief

Haschel and Chi:(Laughs)

Darkstorm:(Moves his face and it is burnt and melted)



Anya:Don't scare them too much Darkstorm.They are still kids.

Darkstorm:(Turns normal) Ok

Pups:(Licking Greywing)


Meru and Eve:Mommy,that was scary.(Under Nagny)

Nagny: It is ok (Licks them)

Dart:Me and Rose weren't scared.Did you see me growl?


Gilda:(Licks Dart)

Rose:Yeah.He didn't scare me one bit.


Lavitz:Is lunch ready yet?


Ishtar:Eat up everyone.^^We got lots.^^'






Ishtar and Duzell:(Feeds)


Anya and Tiff:(Ate their food)

Silverpaw:(Drying off)


Darkstorm:(Turns Dragon)

Draggy:Got something to do Darkstorm?

Darkstorm:(Sniffs and roars)

Pups:(Wags their tails)


Darkstorm:(Flies for it)

Tiff:Who's that?

Silverpaw: Sekhmet the Goddess of healing, Darkstorms ex-girlfriend

Anya:Ah.I guess they are good friends.

Darkstorm: You don't know the half of it, she is obsessed over me, and jelous too.

Duzell:That sucks.

Darkstorm:(Teleports Sekhmet back to Egypt)

Ishtar:I'm sure she didn't like that.

Darkstorm: And I want to be far away from her as possible, she is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to obesessed over me

Draggy:I see.

Darkstorm: Good

Pups:(Play biting with each other)

Greywing:(Picks up victor to bathe him)

Victor:(Barks happy)

Greywing:(Nuzzles her son)

Victor:(Nuzzles back)

Greywing:(Yawns and rests her head)

Pups:(Nuzzles around her)


Tim:(Wags his tail)


Tiff:They are so cute.^^

Angel:(Licks tiff)

Tiff:(Smiles and pets her)Good girl.^^




Tiff:(Sees Tammy and hugs her)Don't worry Tammy.I would never replace you.^^

Tammy:(Licks) Meow

Angel: (Goes to her mom)

Anya:How cute to be a mother with her babies.

Greywing:(Licks Anya)

Anya:(Pets Greywing)





Tammy:(Holds a sleeping Tammy)


Darkstorm:(Turns to stone and Sleeps)

Tiff:(Goes to sleep)

Whitefeather:(Tries to sneak off)

Nikola:Bark.(Bites her tail)

Whitefeather:(Yips and Runs)


Draggy:(Wakes up)We got two pups on the run.

Darkstorm:(Can't take off due to low warm air)

Anya:WE better catch them before they get lost.

(Darkstorm:(Runs afterm the pups)

Everyone:(Goes after the run away pups)

Whitefeather:(Barks in the offensive against her sister)

Nikola:(Barking to say she try to sneak off)

Greywing:(Barks angerily at White feather)

Tiff:Why did she do that?

A small bird comes out and defends Whitefeather its wing broken

Ishtar:This must be Whitefeather's friend.

Whitefeater:(Licks the bird and rewraps the splint on its wing)

Greywing: Awww

Duzell:I bet she was worried that we wouldn't let her help the bird.


Anya:Calm down now.

Darkstorm:(Pets Whitefeater)

Tiff:You can take care of the bird.

Bird tweets

Nikola:(Gently licks the bird)

Bird tweets


(Next day)

Tiff:(Giving the bird food)

Darkstorm:(Cooking Fish)

Anya:(Gets some non sea water)

Bakuu:(Keeping watch)CLEAR!!!

Ishtar:That's good.

Darkstorm:(Goes into the Water for a swim)

Tim:(Plays by the water)


Hachel:(Swims after him)


Chi:(Blows bubbles in the water)



Darkstorm:(Pulls Jaws to dry land)

Baby dragons:(Swims back to shore)

Jaws flopps around coughing up sonic


Tiff:How did he get in there?

Jaws: I ate him

Draggy:He talks?

Jaws: No duh exlax

Anya:That's something new.

Jaws: What yo mama

Ishtar:Could you send him back Darkstorm?

Darkstorm:(Shoves a Grenade in Jaws stomach and tosses him)

Tiff:At lest everyone can swim safely now.

Darkstorm: Sushi anyone?

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Cinematic Trailer02:32

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Cinematic Trailer

the incoming dragon (Watch vid)


Dart:Who's that?

Nagny:(Grabs her son and manages to pull him away before the flames got him)

Dart:Thanks mommy.

Draggy:Hey,don't fire at my children.

????:(Dive bombs and attacks)

Anya:(Make a crystal wall to protect everyone)

???: Fear my Wrath

Ishtar:Darkstorm,who is he?

Darkstorm: Cataclysm

Tiff:Why is he attacking us?

Darkstorm: Dunno

Cataclysm:(Bites Draggy)

Draggy:(Bites him back)

Draggy's mouth burns, Catayclysm's skin burns anything it touches

Draggy:(Claws away from Cataclysm)

(No Prob)


Draggy:(Shoots fire at him)

Cataclysm:(Whacks Draggy's jaw with his metal Tail head)

Anya:Darkstorm,help.Draggy is part of the family.I don't him to lose his life.

Draggy:(Dodges the attack)

Darkstorm:(Turns into Godzilla and summons the true godzilla)


Darkstorm:(Pins Cataclysm)

Tiff:You can do it Darkstorm.


Darkstorm:(Impales Cataclysm and decapitates)

Pups:(Cheer for joy)

Darkstorm:(Roars in triumph)

Dragon family:(Roars as well)

Darkstorm:(Passes out)

Duzell:(Helps Darkstorm rest)


Ishtar:What's wrong with him now?


Meru:What's wrong with Uncle Darkstorm?


Kongol:Is he sick,mother?

Nagny:I don't know

Gilda:(Hides under Nagny)


Eve and Chi:(Roars)

Darkstorm:(Wakes and Roars)

DRaggy:You okay Darkstorm?

Darkstorm:( the same colors as Cataclysm)


Darkstorm:(Puts on Headset with microphone)


Darkstorm:Hugs Kongol)



Darkstorm:(Extends wings and Roars)

Lavitz:(Roars back)

Darkstorm:(Smiles and Nuzzles Lavitz)

Lavitz:(Nuzzles back)

Rose:(Play bites at him)

Darkstorm:(Deep Chested growl and Tackles Rose)

Rose:(Tackles back)

Meru:(Gets ready to pounce him)


Dart:(Roars too)


Chi:(Hides behind Eve)

Darkstorm:(Walks on two legs)


(Darkstorm:(Dives in the sea)

Duzell:I wonder what my old friend is up to this to.


Ishtar:He's asleep in the water.

Darkstorm:(A Barracuda swims past his jaws and he eats it)

Pups:(Barks as they keep playing)

Greywing:(Picks up John)

John:(Barks playfully)


Angel:(Licks her mother)


Tim:(Wags his tail)

Nagny: Feels the Wind pick up)

Draggy:Strong wind is coming.

Darkstorm:( Starting a hurricane)

Duzell;Why is he doing that?

Nagny:(Takes off and the wind lifts her up) It teaches young light dragons to fly

Ishtar:When Lavenblues are learning to fly,they get a running start as they pick up speed.

Nagny:(Notices a large cliff) you think a cliff can do the trick?

Anya:That might help them.

Nagny:(Licks Ishtar)

Ishtar:(Licks back)

Nagny: Fly lessons?


Shana:Mommy,does that mean we can fly like you and daddy?

Nagny: Mhm

Meru:Yay!We're going to fly!^w^

Nagny:(Takes off)

Shana,Lavtiz,Rose,and Eve:(Flaps their wings)


Chi:(Shyly walks to her mom)Momma,we can me,Dart,Kongol and Meru fly too?

Nagny:(Licks) Of course

Flying lessons

Haschel and Gilda:(Flapping their wings)

Nagny:(Runs on two legs and Takes off)

Shana:(Copies her and flaps her wings)


Draggy:Yes Darkstorm?

Darkstorm: (Turns Wyvern and lifts the younglings in the air)

Chi:This is scary.

Darkstorm: Relax



Dart:The wind feels amazing.^^


Meru:(Giggles as she flaps her winds)

Darkstorm:(Lifts Meru into the air)

Meru:(Flaps her wings more as she gets more air)

Darkstorm: Let your uncle and Dad show you (Extends wings)

Draggy:(Does the same)You can do it kids.

Kongol:(Extends his wings)

Darkstorm:(Tales off)

Eve:(Does the same)



Darkstorm:(Sonic Booms)


Darkstorm:(Licks her and Drops a huge tuna)


The Tuna flopps still alive)

Chi:Its still moving

Dart:(Kill bites the Tuna)

Haschel:THank you.^^

Dart:(Licks his little bro)



Meru:(Licks Lavitz)

Darkstorm:(Age shrinks to a 6 year old)

TIff:How cute.^^

Darkstorm:(Goes to sleep)

Pups:(Sleeps next to him)

Darkstorm:(Teleports and sleeps alone)

Anya:I guess he like sleeping by himself.

Darkstorm:(Growls in his sleep)

Duzell:Seems so.


Ishtar:Something wrong Nagny?

Nagny:(Picks Darkstorm up by his scruff)

Rose:(Giggles)Mommy does that to all of us.^^



Nagny:(Gives Anya Darkstorm)

Anya:(Gently holds him)


Anya:(Hums to him)

Darkstorm:(Purr Growls)


Darkstorm:(Licks Tiff)

Tiff:(Pets him)

Darkstorm:(Ears Twitch)

Draggy:He's happy.

Darkstorm:Best put me down

Anya:Okay.(Puts him down)

Darkstorm:(Runs on all fours)


Darkstorm:(Attacks and kills a deer)

Duzell:Must be meal time.


Ishtar:(Gives the dragonlings their food)

Darkstorm:(Turns normal) Thank God

Draggy:Feel better Darkstorm?

Darkstorm: Yeah

Anya:THat's good.

(Blog tp)

Darkstorm:(Turns Werewolf)

Pups:(Chase their tails)


Tiff:They're playing.^^


Pups:(Howls too)

Darkstorm:(Licks the pups)

Pups:(Licks him back)



Darkstorm:(Lick bathes them)

Pups:(Play growls)

Darkstorm:(His teeth aer bigger and sharp)

Haschel:Those are big teeth.

Darkstorm: Yeah

Eve:Mommy and daddy have big teeth too.








Dragonlings:(Nuzzles too)

Darkstorm:(Purr growls)


Teniahk: Tiff, Can I tell you something?

Tiff:Sure Teni.What is it?

Teniahk: I am a mommy



Draggy:That's great to hear.^^

Teniahk: (Giggles)

Anya:If you ever need help,we'll be glad to.

Teniahk: Ok

Shana:(Nuzzles her)



Breeze:(Appears behind her mom)

Duzell:Who's this little one?

Teniahk: She is my daughter

Tiff:She's cute.^^


Pups:(Wags tails)

Breeze:(Shy Purrs)

Teniahk: She's alittle shy

Anya:That's okay.I'm sure she'll grow to like us.


Draggy:(Nuzzles Nagny)


Teniahk:(Summons her extreme gear) Race ya

Darkstorm: Heh, the day you beat me is the day my tail falls off (Summons Black Hurricane)

Nagny:(Smiles) Wanna join Draggy?

Draggy:(Smiles)Sure Nagny.^^

Darkstorm:Ishtar, Duzell you in?

Ishtar:Why not.Its been awhile.

Duzell:We're in.

Darkstorm:Ok first one to make 5 laps wins agreed?

Nagny: Yep

Teniahk: Talnah (Yes)


Darksotrm: GO (Zooms)


Nagny: (Takes off)

Draggy:(Takes off)

Ishtar:(Zooms off)

Duzeel:(Dashes off),_Darkest_and_Hikaru

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