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  • Aquella "Tsunami" Oceania (Numbuh)
  • Shade "Tendril" Nightwing (Numbuh)
  • Pyra "Inferna" Fireheart (Numbuh)
  • Pyro Oceania (Numbuh)
  • Jim the Doggaby (Scroundernuts)
  • Coconuts (Anyone)
  • Crystal (Scroundernuts)
  • Scratch (Anyone)
  • Grounder (Anyone)
  • Drake the Echidna (SilverthehedgehogMan)
  • Drake's Chao (SilverthehedgehogMan)
  • Goku the Hedgehog (SilverthehedgehogMan)
  • Vegeta the Hedgehog (SilverthehedgehogMan)
  • Krillin the Fox (SilverthehedgehogMan)
  • Piccolo the Echidna (SilverthehedgehogMan)
  • Chi Chi the Hedgehog (SilverthehedgehogMan)
  • Bulma the Bat (SilverthehedgehogMan)
  • Tien the Crocodile (SilverthehedgehogMan)
  • Yamcha the Chameleon (SilverthehedgehogMan)
  • Chiaotzu the Bee (SilverthehedgehogMan)

Chapter 1: The usual

(Duan is leaning against his house)

Duan: Another uneventful day. Why is it that every day is quiet like this? No one comes to visit, no one calls... the quiet life is boring.

(a blue hedgehog with orange streaks is walking by. he bears a slight resembalance to Tsunami)

Pyro: (notices Duan) hm? hey, you look bored

Duan: Very. Hey... wait a minute... you look like my girlfriend, Tsunami.

Pyro: everyone says that, yet i have no idea who she is. mind introducing me?

Duan: I have no idea where she is at the moment. Though she's bound to come over eventually, she does a lot. She hangs out here a lot, due to her nomadic lifestyle and the fact that I'm her boyfriend, so she hangs out at my house. Sometimes I don't even know she's here.

Pyro: alright, so i just wait here?

Jack: Hi Guys

Duan: Jack, bro, what's up? (High fives him) This is... uh, a guy that I don't know and I just saw him. He looks like Tsunami if you ask me.

Pyro: oh right, i never introduced myself. name's Pyro.

Duan: I'm Duan. Mobius' greatest rock star!

Jack: My name is Jack & these are my Friends, Bada, Bing, Rutt, Tuke, Ichabod, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy

Tsunami: (from the roof) what's going on?

Jack: Hi Tsunami

Tsunami: (jumps down) hey Jack. hey Duan.

Jack: How's your Day?

Duan: Hey Tsunami! This is Pyro. He kinda looks like you.

Jack: These are my Friends, Bada, Bing, Rutt, Tuke, Ichabod, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy

Duan: Why are they named after guys from animated movies and cartoons? But no matter, what's up?

Jack: Sorry

Pyro: (blinks at Tsunami and rubs his eyes. looks again and Smiles) Aquella! haven't seen you in forever! my, look at you. you've really grown

Duan: It's fine that they're named like that, I just find it kinda strange. (Looks at Pyro and Tsunami) W-whoa! Are you guys like, siblings or something? I never knew. No wonder you two look so alike.

Bada & Bing: (Eating Bananas)

Tsunami: (blinks at Pyro) do i......know you?

Pyro: what's wrong? don't you recognize your big brother?

Rutt & Tuke: Huh?

Duan: Reunion, huh? So Pyro, when was the last time you saw Tsunami?

Pyro: nine years ago. when i -(remembers that Duan is her boyfriend) -i--uh....

Ichabod: What is it, Pryo?

Pyro: Tsunami's told you what happened to our parents right?

SpongeBob: Duan, do you know what happen to your Parents?

Patrick: Yeah Tell us

SpongeBob & Patrick: Tell us now Tell us Now

(Coconuts walks By)

Coconuts: Oh hello My name's coconuts And you Are?

Jack: My name is Jack & this is Duan, Bada, Bing, Rutt, Tuke, Ichabod, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy

Coconuts: Nice to Meet you All

Squidward: Oh brother

Ed: Ding Dong

Edd: Greetings

Eddy: Hey there

Duan: Well, she told me only very vague details of it, but yeah. My parents... uh... well... oh yeah. They moved away and asked me if I wanted to go with them. I refused, since they were going to this really weird place I did NOT want to go to. So I stayed behind at their old house, changed it around to my liking... but yeah, Tsunami's told me.

Pyro: after they died i.......i hesitate to say 'i abandoned her' but, i suppose there's no other way to say it.

Jack: Oh my

Duan: I really hope that you only did it for her own good.

Pyro: iiiiiuuuuuhhhhhh no. it was very selfish. but as you can see, it did work out well for her.

Coconuts: Wow!

Bada & Bing: Yeah Wow

Coconuts: I'm pretty sure My Friends scratch & Grouder will Like to Meet you Guys

Duan: Oh yeah, Scratch and Grounder. Grounder was eliminated before you, Coconuts, and Scratch made it to the final eight. But you got fourteenth place, Coconuts, so you did a good job in my contest.

Tsunami: (to Pyro) so, you say your

Duan: More than likely, he is.

Tsunami: since when do i have a brother?

Coconuts: Here They Come.

Scratch: Hi coconuts! Who's your new Friends?

Grounder: Yeah.

Coconuts: my Friends Are, Bada, Bing, Rutt, Tuke, Ichabod, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy

Rutt & Tuke: Hello, eh?

Duan: Scratch, Grounder, what's up? I remember you guys from my contest. Scratch, you got the farthest of you three. Scratch got eighth place, Coconuts got fourteenth place, and Grounder got twenty-fourth place.

(All four of Duan's friends appeared)

Duan's friend no. 1: Duan... we think we've found RMG-24's origins!

Duan's friend no. 2: And we think we've found out who took over him!

Duan's friend no. 3: We think he lives over there! (Points West)

Duan's friend no. 4: We think his name is Blind. After we defeated RMG-24-

Duan: You defeated RMG-24?! By yourselves?!

Duan's friend no. 4: Cut it out. Well, back on topic, he said the name "Blind" quietly and his finger seemed to point in that exact direction. Duan, we think that this may be your chance.

Duan: Okay. Who here is gonna come with me to take out Blind? He's gonna be a tricky one, that's for sure...

Pyro: im in!

Tsunami: don't have to ask me.

Duan: Anyone else that wants to come, last chance.

Coconuts: Me!

Tsunami: i bet Tendril and Inferna would like to come too. (looks down at her shadow) shadow?

Tsunami's shadow: (picks herself up off the ground) yes milady. (splits in two and runs off in different directions)

Duan: I'm pretty sure the fangirls would like to come, and Scratch and Grounder, as well as Jack and his friends. After that, we set out to find Blind!

Tsunami: right!

Tendril: (comes up out of the shadows nearby) boo.

Duan: So, is everyone ready? When you are ready, say, "Ready!"

Tsunami: ready!

Pyro: ready!

Tendril: ready!

Inferna: (appears) ready!

Duan: Okay, assuming everyone's ready, now, we begin the search!

Coconuts: Wait!

Duan: So it looks like I'm going, my friends are going... and just about everyone else here is going.

Chapter 2: The Search for Blind

Jack: I don't what's going on here, but lets go

Coconuts: So is Bilnd a hedgehog or something Else?

Duan: I have no idea who or what Blind is. So, he's that way? (Points west)

Duan's friend no. 3: That should be correct.

Duan: Okay, so first, we're going to investigate. We will ask people, see if they've seen him, and then try and find him. If we cannot, we will still try.

Tsunami: right.

Pyro: got it.

Duan: First, let's ask the police. They know just about everyone in town.

Tendril: makes sense. i'll go through some nearby minds, just to see if i can find anything out. (Dark Eye activates)

Pyro: (looks at Tendril)

Duan: Any luck?

Tendril: not yet.

Pyro: heh, my parents always told me the royal family of the Water Realm was unique. we were the only elemental being family with an ocular ability like that.

Tendril: probably right. i created this technique by copying Tsunami's Ocean Eye.

Duan: Well, we'll need to find out more about Blind. If we don't find anything out, we cannot defeat him. We NEED to find someone who knows about him!

Tendril: you guys go do that. i'll continue doing it this way.

(A citizen heard and walks over to Duan)

Citizen: Blind?

Duan: Wait... you know about Blind?

Citizen: I knew him. We went to High School together.

Duan: What do you know about him?

Citizen: He used to be very popular. Every girl was in love with him, every guy was jealous of him. However, he had so many problems no one else could see. After High School, he never attended any of the high school reunions. He never went to college, never got a job. After that, I found out where he lived, but I cannot remember the address. All I remember of the house is that it is black on the outside, has a gray roof, and no cars ever park there, and no one ever goes to visit. It is west from here, about 20 miles.

Tendril: (uses the information to pinpoint the location) got it!

Pyro and Tsunami: (both activate Ocean Eye and prepare to fight)

Duan: Okay, 20 miles from here. Now, how are we going to get there...?

Duan's friend no. 3: I could be of assistance.

Duan: Okay, Tendril knows where to go, my third friend knows how to get there. Tendril, lay it on him.

Jack: What should we do?

Tendril: (tells no. 3 where the house is)

Duan's friend no. 3: Got it! (Makes a portal) Well, don't be standing there all stupid-like! Get in!

(Duan and his first, second, and fourth friends go inside)

Coconuts: I argee with Duan. lets Get In!

(Tendril, Inferna, Tsunami and Pyro enter the portal)

(Scratch,Grounder and Coconuts enter the Portal)

Jack, Bada, Bing, Rutt, Tuke, Ichabod, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy: (Goes through the Portal)

Duan's friend no. 3: Looks like everyone's in. (Steps through the portal as well)

Duan's friend no. 3: Here we are, at Blind's house. Duan, you better knock and give this guy a good beating!

Duan: My pleasure! (Knocked on the door, there was no response) What the-

Duan's friend no. 4: Maybe he's a hermit and doesn't want to talk to anyone. Pretend you're a salesman.

Duan: Pizza delivery! Helloooooo!

(A person notices them)

Person: Excuse me, this may not be any of my business, but no one's lived in that house for 20 years.

Duan: Well, Blind never leaves his house. NOTHING leaves or enters that house. How would you know?

Person: Blind? I beg your pardon, but he moved out of that house 20 years ago. You can even go inside, you'll never find him.

Duan: Then let's go inside!

Duan's friend no. 3: Leave it to me! (Uses a portal to go inside, 30 minutes later he comes outside) No one's in there. NoTHING is in there.

Duan: Hm... I guess that citizen wasn't a clue, he was what professional detectives call a "Red Herring." We'll need to do more investigating.

Tsunami: hey Duan. i was thinking. you said RMG-24 is only evil because Blind controls him with the threat of destruction, right?

Duan: Yeah.

Tsunami: you think we should try to help RMG out a bit, you know, maybe find the kill switch and eliminate it?

Duan: Well, my idea was that we could find him and then we could use his technology to track Blind. After that, we'll be able to find him with no problem. So, we just haven't been asking the right people! Tsunami, you are a genius!

Tsunami: thanks, but that wasn't quite what i was going for....

Duan: Yeah, but I get what you are saying. After we find Blind, we'll be able to eliminate the switch, but that means... oh wait a minute, if we destroy the switch, RMG-24's body goes corrupt. That could mean he could go out of control and kill us unknowingly.

Tendril: don't worry about that. Nightfall is a master at safely deactivating electronics. all we need to worry about is how to find the device.

Pyro: i have a few ideas....

Chapter 3: Robot Hunt

Jack: Come on guys let's go

Coconuts: I never Seen this robot Does he look Like Gamma?

Duan: He looks nothing like Gamma. I'd say he resembles Emerl.

Coconuts: Oh! by the Way gamma Is still Alive.

Scratch: We know That coconuts.

Duan: Well duh! Gamma got fifth place in my contest. Well, we need to find RMG-24 so that we can find Blind. If we don't find him, we will lose all chances of finding Blind.

Jack: Ok

Coconuts: Ok....................Wait is that..........EMERL? or Maybe it's RMG-24! lets find out.

Jack: Ok, let's find out

Duan: Okay, here are some things to remember: He has a green head, gray body, and red shoes and gloves. He is around Emerl's height and very dangerous.

Jack: Who is it?

Duan: RMG-24, of course. Now, we just need to find him... hey, didn't you guys say you fought him earlier?

Duan's friend no. 1: Yeah.

Duan: Where did you fight him?

Duan's friend no. 3: We think we fought him over by the beach. I forgot though.

Duan: You've gotta be kidding me. Well then, let's head to the beach.

Jack: Oh Ok

Duan: Let's go then! You, take us there.

Duan's friend no. 3: Let's! (He opens up a portal) Let's go!

Pyro, Tendril, and Inferna: (enter the portal)

(Duan and his friends 1, 2, and 4 enter the portal)

Jack: Ok (enters the portal)

SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy: (Enters the portal)

Tsunami: (enters the portal)

Bada, Bing, Rutt & Tuke: (Enters the portal)

(They all emerge [let's pretend Coconuts, Scratch, and Grounder entered])

Duan: So, this is where you think you fought him?

Duan's friend no. 2: This is where we THINK. We don't know for sure.

Duan's friend no. 4: If we do find him, he's probably going to be out of order.

Coconuts: Big? What are you Doing here?

Big: I'm looking for Froggy.

Jack: Ok

Duan: Wait a minute... Big! Have you came across a robot who looks like Emerl, except with a green head, gray body, and red feet and hands?

Jack: Can you please tell us?

Big: Yep he Said that i'm a Stupid cat. :(

Jack: That's RMG-24

Big: RMG-24's Mean.

Jack: We gotta catch him

Big: If i help Will you help me find Froggy?

Jack: Ok, Deal (Shakes Big's Hand)

Big: Jack,Duan Who are your Friends?

Jack: This is Bada, Bing, Rutt, Tuke, Ichabod, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Ed, Edd & Eddy

Big: Hello Bada,Bing And the rest Of you I'm Big The Cat.

Bada & Bing: Hello Big

Duan: Well, this is Tsunami, Tendril, Inferna, and Pyro. My four friends here... I never found out their names. But whatever, where did RMG-24 run off to?

Big: The North.

Duan: The north. Okay, guys, we just got here. And who knows how far he could have gotten by now? We need to get moving, guys.

Jack: Looks like were going up North

Big: Call me You guys find Froggy!

Jack: Got it

Coconuts: Ok now lets go Find that Robot!

Jack: Ok

Duan: All right, we need to find him. He's around somewhere. I've got a plan. My team searches North, Coconuts' team searches Northeast, Jack's team searches Northwest, and Tendril's team checks around this area. Sound like a plan?

Tendril: got it.

Coconuts: Sounds like a Plan.

Jack: Got it

(Duan's team searches north)

Duan: See anything?

Duan's friend no. 1: Do we have to look for things here?

Duan's friend no. 2: Why was I separated from Tsunami?

Duan's friend no. 3: Shut up! That's Duan's girl!

Duan's friend no. 4: Let's just find this robot!

(Jack's Team searches Northwest)

Jack: Anything?

Bada: Nope

Bing: Nuh Uh

Rutt & Tuke: Na Da

SpongeBob: Nope

Patrick: Nuh Uh

Squidward: Still don't see him

Ed: No

Edd: I don't think so

Eddy: Nothing

(Drake is near Duan)

Drake: I bet that hedgehog with a guitar won't find me and I will attack him.

Jack: Have you get the feeling you are being watched Duan?

Drake: Get out of my way hedgehog.

Jack: Hey, who are you?

Drake: I am Drake the Echidna and I plan to kill that Guitarist. Wait a minute, are you his friend?

Jack: I guess so

Duan: He is my friend, do NOT get in my way! (blasts Drake with a laser from his guitar) We are looking for a robot right now, so we can defeat a mad puppeteer, and then save the world! And you are just in my way!

Jack: Yeah what he said Little King Kong

Drake: You think you can get away with that Guitarist. (Uppercuts Duan) I plan to kill you and I will.

Jack: Why you (Kicks Drake)

Duan: Thanks, Jack. But you should probably get going and find RMG-24. A little guy like him won't harm me. FreezeFlame! (Fire and Cold air come out of his guitar simultaneously)

Drake: You hedgehogs are not gonna get away with this. (Roundhouse kicks Jack and he hits Duan) Now that you are both knocked down, tell me who you are and where your'e going hedgehogs.

A male voice is heard nearby, "Amaterasu!" As soon as the word is heard, black flames spring up on Drake, burning him.

(I got the Okami reference)

Duan: Whoa! That is... cool!

Drake: You will die guitarist and I am serious. (uppercuts Duan again)

Duan: Not if you die first! (Strums his guitar and lightning falls on Drake)

Drake: Why are you out here anyway and who is RMG-24? (Roundhouse kicks Duan)

Duan: (Pauses for a moment) Why does it matter?! (Strums his guitar and the strings shoot out and tie around Drake)

Drake: (Rips the strings of his Guitar) You are not gonna get awy with this. (Throws Duan at Jack)

Duan: (Grits teeth and spits on the ground) You think you're so tough. (Turns a knob, the head of the guitar becomes a knife. He jabs the guitar into Drake because it is now a knife.)

Drake: (Starts to bleed) You haven't defeated me yet, I will turn into my super form and stop you, first thing is what are your'e last words before I behead you.

Duan: Behead me?! Forget about it, wait'll I burn you alive!!

Drake: You can't burn me alive because your'e just a weakling hedgehog.

Duan: WEAKLING?! You'll pay for what you've done! (Strangles Drake and wrestles his head into the water so that he can't breath)

Drake: (Unable to breathe) (Kicks Duan in the ankle)

Duan: OW! GRRR!!! (Tightens his grip)

Drake: (About to die) (Brakes Free) Ha! Now that I'm free I can do whatever I wan't to you. (Makes his gloves sharp and jabs both of Duan's arms)

Duan: Gah! (Bleeding heavily) You... are... a real creep! You know that... right? I... hope you die... along with Blind...

Duan's friend no. 3: Let me take care of this guy! (Opens up a portal and pushes Drake in there)

Jake the Echidna: Wow you guys are Very strong.

(A chao came out of no where)

Drake's Chao: Chao Chao. (You put Drake in the portal) (Pushes Duan in the portal with Drake)

Jake: (Grabs duan's hand)

Jack: OW, that hurt

(Duan broke free and got out of the portal)

Duan: Seal it, quick!

Duan's friend no. 3: Got it! (Sealed the portal)

Jack: Duan, are you ok?

Duan: Jack, bro, I'm fine.

Jack: Phew, Bro, like Brother?

Jake: Jack who is this Hedgehog?

Jack: Do you mean Duan? (Points to Duan)

Duan: I'm Duan. Well, Jack, if you don't like bro, how about dude?

Jack: That's ok, I'll go with Bro

Duan: K. Alright, guys, we need to find RMG-24. If we don't, we could never find Blind.

Jack: Ok, Let's keep moving

Duan: Right!

Jack: (Keeps looking for RMG-24 to find Blind)

Duan: Whoa! (Sees a red, green, and gray robot that kind of looks like Emerl) That-that's RMG-24! We have found him!

Jack: Let's catch him

Duan: Yeah!

Jack: On the count of 3, 1, 2, 3!


Duan: I'm not here to fight. I want answers. Where... is... BLIND?


Duan: Blind. Your master. Your puppeteer.


Duan: Tell me or I'll decimate you!


Duan: Think about it: If I do beat him, you'll have no one to boss you around.


Jack: So you didn't capture Blind?


Jack: Oh ok, Let's go find Blind & we're sorry


Duan: Thanks.

Chapter 4: The Five Hidden Trackers

Jack: How can we find Blind now?

Duan: We need five trackers. Gosh, they could be anywhere... we just need to check for clues.

SpongeBob: Like what?

Duan: Hm... like that guy! (Points at a sad-looking store manager)

Jack: Ok, let's go ask him to give us some Clues

Duan: Hey! Why so sad?

Store Manager: I had an official-looking tracking device. Some guy walked into the store with a stapler. I told him I needed the stapler because I didn't have one. I gave away the tracker, and this stapler doesn't even work! I asked to return it, but he refused! If you can get the tracker back, I'll let you keep it!

Tendril: no worries. im good with electronics.

Coconuts: Poor guy.

Jack: What should we do?

Duan: What did the guy look like?

Store Manager: He was a dark red hedgehog who wore a cowboy hat and cowboy attire. He had a revolver in his hands. He also had a light red mustache. He said he needed the tracker for "Dern good reasons".

Jack: Who's that?

Store Manager: I don't know! He never told me his name.

Pyro: in any case, we need to find this guy and get that tracker.

Duan: Right.

Jack: Where are we off to?

(Drake had found Duan and pushed him)

Drake: Take that hedgehog, that's what you get for throwing me in a portal. Goku, Vegeta, what do you think I should do to him.

Vegeta: I don't know, leave it to Kakarot.

Goku: I don't know either. Mabye we should find Piccolo.

Drake: Fine.

Jack: Uh, guys?

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