Duke "Deuce" Zocker

Biographical Information
AgeAppears: mid to late 20's

Actual: Unknown

Romantic Interests Fetzig Heart (possibly)
Physical Description
  • Hair: Varies
  • Eyes: Varies
  • Skin: Caucasian


Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Himself

(See section of the same name)

Other Information
American V.A. N/A
Japanese V.A. N/A
Theme Song(s) (Pending)
Original CreatorHunter1034

Duke "Deuce" Zocker is a relatively wealthy overlander who attained his wealth through "gambling".

Physical Description

Duke has meticulously practiced the art of blending in with a crowd, and thus he always is one of those faces that you'll soon forget. Especially after he changes his hair and eye color.

Oh, you wanted an actual description?

Well then, Duke is around 5'6" in height and it can be assumed he is around 150 lbs. Face is a little on the lean side, as is his overall body, and his eyes tend to have a knowing glint in them. This glint disappears when executing a "job" to make him even less noteworthy. In terms of clothing, think generically, he never wears things to make him stand out.


When out on the street, he is non-descriptive. Heck, you could even accurately describe his "street personality" as gray.

When speaking with a client, in combat, or (sometimes) out gambling, Duke is self-assured with face that tells those he's dealing with he knows what he's doing.


Duke's main talent is the ability to "Borrow" Time, a complicated form of temporal manipulation. For a complete description of how it works and what may be done with it, click here.

Other abilities Duke posses include:

  • Immunity to Chaos-Control and other space-time warping abilities
  • Proficiency with most forms of handgun, including revolver
  • Ability to calm himself on cue, down to breathing normally in an instant
  • Proficiency in hand-to-hand combat
  • Ability to speak several different languages
  • Proficiency in acrylic and water-color painting
  • Natural luck in many gambling games
  • Ability to fill almost any acting role, improv. included
  • Natural talent playing keyboards and pianos


Despite his emphasis on blending in while in a crowd, Duke loves to live on the edge. This daring side reveals itself in his form of business: covert operations. Need a person knocked off, an enemy put in his place or some classified information? If it's risky enough and you're willing to pay his fee (He only "gambles" when the stakes are high.), Duke is most definitely your man.


Due to his chosen profession, most of Duke's history has been obliterated from record. There is, however, one recent incident that would be pointless to remove, as it had quite an audience...

The Joker of Hearts

Duke was out "gambling" as per usual, this time taking on an entire gang for a copious amount of money. However, this time the odds were against him no mater what he did, there were simply too many. He ended up nearly running out of stored time, something that any borrower of time dreads above all else. Running out of options, he wound up hiding in an oversize closet and trying to tap into another pocket of time, desperately hoping a past Borrower of Time had died nearby and left their pool intact. Coincidence happened to like Duke, and he wound up finding a pool, but one that Irony herself had planted. The instant he tried to tap into it, the pool burst and released someone, something, into his own time. Directly in his closet actually.

The newcomer wore a red Victorian style gown with a matching top hat and some relatively dressy shoes. She had purple hair and pale white skin, but the strangest things about her were her glowing green eyes... They were all he noticed before she knocked him out cold with a flick to the forehead.

The first thing Duke noticed when he woke up was that he was no longer in his closet: he was someplace outside. A roof. The next thing he took note of was the warehouses the had gang been using: reduced to scrap. The people that were inside: red stains on the street. Finally, while trying to figure out what could've done that much damage, he noticed the green-eyed woman from before watching him.

"Er-" he began, trying to think of something to say.

"I'm not on the island anymore, am I?" She suddenly asked, cutting him off.

"Come again?"

"You've got no clue what I'm talking about?"

"No," Duke admitted.

"I'm a free-birdymorph, then..." She replied after a few minutes, rather sadly.


She cut him off again, "Your world isn't as fun as the island. Everything's too... Probable. "

"What in blue-blazes are you talking about?!"

She continued, undaunted. "Aside from you, that is. You've got a happy amount of improbability to you."


"Which is why I saved you from those other newbies," She finished, finally looking like she would let him speak.

"Wait..." He began, holding up a finger, trying to gather his thoughts before he spoke. She gave him as long as he needed. "So... you came out of that bubble of stored time I popped, knocked me out, then realized you liked me and utterly destroyed that warehouse so the people inside didn't find and kill me? Do I got that right?"


"Well then, it seems I owe you my life."

"No you don't."

"I don't?"



"I already own it," She answered with a smile before holding up a polished skull. "Wanna go bowling?”

There were news reports galore on the massacre within the hour and a massive police investigation on that eventually went cold, but Duke and the woman were never connected to it.

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