Durion is a Rektilian shadowhog with the ability to control matter itself.
Durion the Shadowhog



Durion was created in an ancient lab accident on Rektilia(Unknown because he thinks he created the Rektilian race and will never be proven).The scientists had hoped to create the ultimate weapon....they were half right about their creation. They mixed many toxic and radioactive substances and one unknown dark substance. Suddenly, lightning had struck the building and knocked everything down, mixing everything incorrectly. There was a flash of light and then a shdow-like creature arose taking the shape of a hedgehog. The weapon was to be called Drakon but angrily shouted "I AM DURION!!!" the name eventually stuck. Soon after he killed his creators. He went on a rampage until one brave hedgehog sealed him away in a sacred totem supposedly forever...


Durion has a very light fur coloration with black markings that change as he moves. But the designs on his head are usually very jagged. His hands aren't gloved and are black with sharp fingernails. His shoes are grey with white marks on them.Durion's eyes have black eyelids with no irises and has slit pupils(Like a cat or snake).


He has the ability to control matter itself as well as spectrakinetics,pyrokinetics,shapeshifting, and necrokinetics. Despite these abilities he is a it weaker when shapeshifted.


Durion is often very troubled or angered, usually carrying an evil grin. He however can be a gentlemen towards women at first and "disposing" of them when he no longer needs them. Afterwards he can be a real jerk towards pretty much everyone. Overall Durion is a jerk and a user. P.S. HE'S CRAZY!

Love Interests

Durion is a pure evil shadow filled with rage and frustration,(This being no surprise)he believes "love is a wacked up,useless emotion" stated by Durion himself.

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