Physical appearance
eye color
glowing yellow
150 lbs
hair color
skin color
very dark green
black and red armor plated shirt with a black and red jacket, red gloves and a pair of black and red boots. He also wheres a choker collar with a mysterious glowing gem on it.
fire( pitch black in color), ice, darkness, necromancy.


ancient history

In ancient history, over a thousand years before the current time, a there was a war between the dragons and the mobians. Most dragons, for and unknown reason, hated the mobians. Though most dragons used elemental powers Durnehviir used necromancy and was fascinated by it. To increase his powers he made a deal with the daedric prince of destruction, Mehrunes Dagon. The deal was that Durnehviir was to guard the realm of the undead and in return he would be able to control armies of the undead. When the deal had been struck Durnehviir learned that Mehrunes Dagon had tricked him. The trick was that once you enter the realm you are unable to leave. Though durnehviir with his knowledge of magic created a spell that would allow him to travel between realms. Though Durnehviir learned that the he could not control where the portal would emerge on mobius. The second time he used the spell he emerged in a tomb, in the middle of a burial procession. The mobians at the burial procession, still remembering the dragon war, chained him in the tomb and destroyed the tomb on top of him. This tomb is where GUN would unearth him over a thousand years later.

working for GUN

Almost 30 years ago GUN unearthed a tomb that was emitting spikes of energy. Inside of the tomb they found a seemingly dormant; almost dead looking dragon. presuming it was dead they took its body back to the HQ to study its remains. At the lab, while the commander was observing, a pitch black aura filled the room and the dragon awoke from its slumber. The scientists bound it to the floor and tried to see if they could communicate with it. When they figured out they could they explained they had unearthed him in a tomb presuming him to be dead. As the dragon had no other place to go GUN offered him a contract to be GUNs highly secret ultimate weapon. Not even top agents know of his existence. Under GUN hq is a secret cave that he calls home. nothing else is known of his story before this, but I will add things to it as time progresses.

powers and abilities

His abilities include an understanding of fire( pitch black and extremely lethal), ice, darkness, and necromancy. His fire is fused with darkness from his time in the world of the undead; it is unknown how this happened though because the realm is un-inhabitable for the living. In GUNs report they said that he had an understanding of necromancy; stating he could awake the undead to fight for him. Another power of his is the ability to bring a massive storm of meteors to rain down upon the enemies. GUN won't authorize this power though because it can also harm civilians in the area. His full powers are unknown to GUN and even Durnehviir himself as they were lost in his dormancy while he was buried underground. Durnehviir's most secret power though is his ability to travel in between the realms of the dead unscathed.


Durnehviir, though immortal, can be killed. Now this may sound strange but when killed his soul disperses elsewhere and there his body will regenerate around his soul. He can be harmed by anything, but the weapons that will do the most damage are light-attributed weapons. The only powers that won't harm him are fire, darkness, and ice, because those are his powers. Due to his time in the realm of the undead he can only survive for a short time in the living world, one week max, over the course of the weak his powers wil slowly decrease. The longer he stays in the real world the longer he must regain his strength in the realm of the undead.


  • he is immortal but when killed his soul will disperse away and his body wil regenerate somewhere else.
  • he does not have a known heartbeat or pulse.
  • durnehviirs fire sbilities cast a pitch black flame which is odd beacause it is immensely more powerful than regular fire.
  • Durnehviir will some times be seen with an m107 .50 cal SASR.
  • Durnehviir has an immense hatred of troll for an unknown reason.
  • in research by GUN it was reported that Durnehviir was a legendary dragon even recorded in history books though the text was lost.
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    Two Steps From Hell - Archangel

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