E-105 Zeta MkII


Physical Description
Species Robian
Political Alignment and Abilities

Robotnik Empire


Eight advanced missile launchers

Voice Actor

Jon St. John

E-105 Zeta MkII, also known as E-105 FIVE MkII, is the sixth of the E-Series Robots and rebuilt version of E-105 Zeta.


E-105 Zeta emerges as a much larger, advanced defense unit robot, while being also a mobile robot, with the help of boosters and seven rocket turrets around his perimeter


Battle with the Underground

When Robotnik sent the E-Series into battle Zeta took some time, but Manic knocked his primary circuits out, by throwing his drum stick into his bottom. VS. E-Series

Last ditch battle

Robotnik used the entire E-Series to kill the Underground, but the planned didn't work and Zeta was part of the members of the team who did survive the EMP, and was placed back in storage. Super Sonic Adventure

He was revived in the Sonic Adventure adaptation and killed later before getting upgraded.

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