Earth is one of the many elements used in the Sonic Fanon universe, amongst others. It is one of the ten main Elements; the others include;

It's opposite is Wind.

Element Description

Strong Against (Offensive)

Elements that take a lot of damage against Earth-aligned attacks.

Strong Against (Defensive)

Elements that do little damage against Earth-aligned beings.

Weak Against (Offensive)

Elements that take little damage against Earth-aligned attacks.

Weak Against (Defensive)

Elements that do a lot of damage against Earth-aligned beings.

Earth-Aligned Deities


The living embodiment of the Earth element. The Earth Clan is centered around this deity.


She is capable of using the Advanced element of Diamond.


He is capable of using the Advanced element of Onyx.



Earth-Aligned Artifacts

Particularly powerful or well-known/legendary artifacts that are tied to the Element of Earth.

The Stone Orb of Temblor

One of the ten Elemental Orbs that are tied to The Elemental Gods. It resembles a relative round stone with many facets and a resinous sheen, and bears many earthy colors. It is slightly heavier than the other Orbs.





Advanced Elements

  • Mud: A sticky sludge that makes up an advanced variant of Earth.
  • Crystal:
  • Metal: An advanced element that involves using harder, purer Earth.


  • Magma: A Fire/Earth combination.
  • Wood: A Water/Earth combination, and advanced Nature element.
  • Magnetism: An Earth/Electricity combination.
  • Sand: An Earth/Wind combination, similar to Dust.
  • Onyx: An Earth/Darkness combination.
  • Diamond: An Earth/Light combination.
  • Permafrost: An Earth/Ice combination.
  • Sludge: An Earth/Poison combination.
  • Growth: An Earth/Nature combination.


  • Dust: An Earth/Wind/Fire Combination

Legendary Beast Styles

Chaos Variants

Advanced/Mixed Techniques

Add Elemental combination techniques here!

Elemental Forms

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