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Endless Bash is a moderately powerful attack, where the user repeatedly punches the enemy as fast as they can, until finally delivering a finishing blow which usually knocks the enemy back. The speed and duration varies depending on the user, as does the finishing blow (though it's usually some form of punching) It also varies whether they use one or both hands to attack. The technique is generally useful for racking up a ton of hits, but could easily be countered if the opponent is prepared. This was a basic skill first developed by Speedy The Hedgehog, whose friends soon learned from watching him. Few others know this skill, as it's only been shared throughout the group associated with its founder.




Though this attack is powerful, and has a chance of breaking through a normal person's guard, stronger opponents find it easy to parry—to the point of it being almost useless, at times. This attack is Rank C

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