Everchange City is a very beautiful futuristic city in the Peace Dimension. It is full of different species that are present throughout all known galaxies. It also is known to reinvent it's cities look using a simple computer every few years to meet standards. Everchange City has pieces of each dimension within it. It is a very highly recommended tour site.


Everchange City was built 50 years ago by a group of scientists who fled their home lands in order to create a world where species could co-exist safely. They took all of their data and years of research and information with them. They quickly used robots to build laboratories. They worked day and night trying to create the perfect society. Finally they had created buildings that could change their structure by one command. They along with the robots built the new city. After thirty years the scientists all had older children. They spread there ideas to the children who along with the robots continued building. It had finished finally, and for the next five years Everchange would attract new citizens. The projector messenger robots as seen in RP:The Ultimate Race delivering the message of the race, spread the word around the world. This of course attracted many people to this "Utopia". Many people were happy and began opening businesses. They formed their government and their society was complete. This brings us to present time where the Everchange Stadium has been built to attract business and racers/tourists.

City Information

Citizens Info



  • Humans
  • Anthros
    • Hedgehogs
    • Turtles
    • Fishes
    • Cats
    • Dogs
    • Meerkats
    • Snakes
    • Bears
    • Birds
    • Rodents
    • Deer
    • Reindeers
    • Dragons
    • Half-Breeds
    • Cross-Breeds
    • Lombax
  • Elves
  • Magicians
  • Knights
  • Animals
  • Overlanders
  • Robots
  • Mermaids
  • Werewolves
  • Fairies
  • Other Mythical Creatures


Town Square District~Most government official buildings here. There is also a plaza where many activities are held everyday. There is also a theatre here.

Downtown District~Home to most schools and children's centers. Here there are also a couple of fast food joints. The Everchange City Bar is located here.

Uptown District~This district is another place where schools are located. However uptown is more like a suburbs. Here there are also fast food places as well as nice furnished restaurants.The Everchange City Hotel is located here.

Party District~This district is pretty much just flashing lights. There are many buildings that light up the sky at night. This area was taken from New York City. It also is home to Everchange Night Club. In the day it is a bustling business area where the news centers and courts are placed.

Docks Districts~This district is home to the beach and dock area. Boats are placed here(for payment of course). It is also home to the pier were at night it is home to an amusement park festival. It is also home to the construction and storage sight. Here there are cranes and boats as well as stock piles. It is still uniquely beautiful.

Country District~Here is home to dirt roads and many small convenience stores. People live in a trailer park here.

Factory District~Here are all the factories. There are many buildings here. There are also trains that run through here as well as small stores and hideouts. The Auto-Shop is here.

Science District~Here there are man schools, museums, and monuments. It also houses the science center. There are parks here as well.

China Town District~It has a very traditional Chinese look with a bit of a futuristic touch. There are many lantern lights and a large chain of Chinese restaurants here.They are also many dojos and fighting centers with mighty opponents.

Sports District~Here is home to many sports centers and fields. There is one school here as well that focuses on sports. The main attraction of this district is Everchange Stadium that can change from a baseball field to a race course. Also the courses or arenas can change.

Arts District~ This district is vibrant and colorful. Here there is a concert hall where many famous artist perform. Here there are art schools, art museums, art halls, a mall, and many music stores. They is also a theatre here.

Important Citizens

Mayor Everett~The mayor of the city. He also seems to take care of financial affairs all by himself. He is a kind man who can sometimes seem abit ditsy and dimwitted. His personality is strongly similar to Mayor Adam West from Family Guy as both are very random and in a sense "dumb".

Huang Xi~The dojo leader. He is an expert fighter and can't be matched in his knowledge of the martial arts.

Jill~ She is one of the greeters that welcomes people. She is a very nice girl who longs romantic attention, but is usually too nervous to seek it.

Marty~An old walrus and the owner of the city bar. He will tell you all of his life problems no matter if you want to listen or not.

Otto~A car repairman and the head of the Auto-Garage he is wuite good at what he does.

Shanon~A young librarian. She is seen in all of the learning centers strangely.

Chris~ A young art enthuist. He is pationate about all things art,

Police~They are present everywhere throughout the city and like in real life nforce the law(though they are much nicer than some real life police).

Bon Qui Qui~Qui Qui is the sassy loud spoken "ghetto" niece of the mayor. She is known as the worst employee at her job "Queen Burger". She will call security on anyone who places a "complicated" order. She is also known to flirt with Dumaal(her boyfriend) on the job. She often threatens to cut people who get on her nerves.

Olga~A German accented bear she is the lonely,mean, and viciously strong secretary at the Hotel. She doesn't get along with her co-worker Mindy.

Mindy~They woman who is the secretary of the hotel on the day shift. She is easily frightened and stays out of people's business, She is known to have a strong disliking of children.

Shanta~A young bear who is Qui Qui's best friend. She runs the night club despite beign only eighteen. She loves music, hip-hop, art, and shopping.

More To Come!!!!


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