The Expansionist Project is a group of spriters, animators and sprite comic makers who focus on either improving sprite sheets, converting sprites from Genesis to Advance style, but mostly creating new forms for the SEGA created characters most people don't make new forms for any non-hedgehog character (mainly), although they will do requests.


Current Members


Yes, the same one as the admin on this wiki. Flash got fed up with the lack of forms outside of Super and Turbo for Tails (a fanon Turbo with uber hair, similar to Turbo Sonic), so he decided to start the Expansionist Project. The current sprite sheet being done isn't one for the Expansionist Project, with Hyper Tails to follow when he resumes Expansionist duties.


Flash's little sister. She joined in due to a lack of decent Tikal sprites. She is working as an artist at the moment and is Also working on Super Cosmo Sprites.


Not a formal member, Blood has offered to help with a Super Cream sprite sheet (can you say SEXY!), with membership offered to him if he ever decides to take it.


Joined as an artist and spriter, currently working on sprites for a male bat.

Grinder The Hedgehog

Joined as a spriter to make a new form for Blaze. That form has been cancelled, and replaced with an advance version of Tailkku.


Joined as a spriter to make sprites for Hyper Silver.


Joined as an artist for new forms for Knuckles.

Current Projects

(New Members can take one not claimed that is on the list, and feel free to leave requests on the talk page)

Super Cream - BloodSonic1

Super Rouge

Hyper Tails - Flashfire212

Sprites for a male bat (believe me, they don't already exist) - KittheCat (Spriting)

Mega Rouge - KittheCat (Drawing)

Dimension Tails

Tailkku (Sonic/Tails Fusion) - Grinder The Hedgehog

Super Cosmo - DoofRox4Eva

Dark Tails 4

Hyper Silver - Digisapien

Ancient Knuckles- ShimatheHedgehog (Gonna try to draw it)

Completed Projects

Dark Tails - Flashfire212

Dark Turbo TailsFlashfire212

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