Faes is a member of the Mekators, and is one of their fighters.


Faes has a very non-serious attitude, and whenever he gets the chance, he makes a very good joke. Faes, although, has a very competitive nature, continually trying to out do fellow fighters in missions and fighting. While on missions, Faes often takes the fighting missions over recon or scouting missions from his friend Sybe, allowing him to continually train over-time. Whenever Faes finishes a mission, and when nothing important is happening, Faes swims in his water tank while Rab sits on top of a metal platform. Faes rivals Tund the Thunder-bot, because everything that Faes does, Tund always seems to get the credit. Faes would prefer to work for the Warhog organisation, and often speaks to Jason the Sharkhog when he gets his chance. Is a good guy and a member of Beta squad.


Unlike other Mekator members, Faes is a plain straight up android, not based on any organic being on Mobius. Faes has metal feet, of which are spiked like fins to help him swim about easier. Faes's head has 9 small fins covering the area of his head, all of which can rotate, allowing very quick and accurate movements under the water. Faes's forearms have built in water jets, allowing him to slice and swim through water. Faes's eyes glow red, starting a strong shade in the middle then move dimmer towards the outer rims of his eyes.


Faes is incredibly fast and strong in close combat above and below the water. Faes prefers to fight opponents who are likely to dodge his attacks, as he usually finds a way to quickly counter-attack. Faes has general powers over water, allowing him to fire it from his hands, and to control it to an extent. He also uses this by making large pools of water, to stop the opponent from escaping a battle, swimming though the wter as if he were walking through air.


  • Close range combat
  • Fighting evasive opponents
  • Small opponents


  • Electric elemental opponents
  • Fighting strength based opponents



  • Rab the Robo-cat
  • Sybe the Robo-tech


  • Tund the Thunder-bot


  • None so far

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