Fang Bounty Hunter is a Video Game/Comic Series that follows the Time-line of Fang the Sniper after my Remake of the Original Sonic the Hedgehog Game. At the end of my remake Fang Gets a Call from a mysterious person that has not yet been introduced asking him to retreave something for 1,000 rings. Fang Replies yes and the Game Ends. All Sections that are Areas are for the Games. don't get them confused.

Area 1

Job Number 1: Capture Mr. Vinsont

The Game Begins with Fang walking onto a floating Sky Base from his Fang Jet. You Must now go through the Tutorial. it is just showing you how to jump Run Wall Climb open doors attack slide and Pick up guns. after the tutorial you will have to fight the First Boss...

Mr. Vinsont

This Boss is Easy. Mr. vinsont is just this beatle with legs. You have to dodge the sound waves and then shot him when he brings out his wings. After the Fight you retreave Mr. Vinsont and you get on the Fang Flyer.

Area 2

Job Number 2: Sell Mr. Vinsont

This Level is Easy as well. you run to the Museum from your parked Fang Flyer. After you arrive you must get to the Bottom of the Museum. Here is where you get several Extra missions. But that's something for latter. This Mission requires you to defeat several enemies and for you to make it through a laser maze. once you get to the storage room you deliver Mr. Vinsont and receive 1,000 Rings.

Job Number 3: Dino Trouble

This is the Extra Mission you get when you reach the foyer. You must Wall jump to the Cealing. After that you need to run to the next wall and just keep going up. When you reach the floor.

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