Tertium (the third) the Averruncus of Earth
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Fate Averruncus, (the name he chose)
unknown, only thing known about him is that he is a doll of some sort
Romantic Interest
fighting worthy opponents, drinking coffee, relaxing in beautiful landscapes
anything that isn't naturally born
Powerful western and eastern magic, demon summoning, Mastery of the Rock and Water-based spells, control over Earth and sand, high-class martial arts, unnatural magical defenses
currently none
currently none
"'I am quite aware of the morality and the significance of my actions."
—Fate Averruncus


Fate Averruncus appears to be calm and collected, but he is in fact distant to the point of being almost emotionless. Likely because of his nature as a construct he doesn't seem to feel actual emotions. Even in the rare moments when he is seen smiling, his eyes still express nothing. He regards things with cold logic and thus, he finds difficult to understand those who follow their heart. He has a rather nihilistic view of the world, dismissing anyone that are not born naturally as "illusions." He doesn't hold himself in higher regards, as he calls himself a "mere doll" devised to enact his late lord's plan. He seems to value destiny very much (hence the name he chose) and he frequently states that those whom he calls "puppets," (including himself) cannot escape their fate, as opposed to "real people" who have the right to live in peace.

Fate isn't cruel though. He has no qualms about getting rid of people dangerous (or useless) for him, coercing or turning people into stone forever, (though he doesn't really enjoy it) and he fights without mercy; but he will never kill anyone when he can avoid it. He is rather indifferent and he acts out of a strong sense of duty rather than malevolence or ambition. He is very devoted to his lord's objective, which he describes as his only reason to exist, and his ultimate motivation is to quarantine all beings who are born unnaturally.

Fate lacks real emotions but not personality and tastes. He enjoys having a nice cup of coffee, (he drinks seven cups a day) relaxing in a peaceful place and more than everything, fighting with the few people able to match his immense power. He also prefers direct confrontation over coertion. Fate values strength above all and despises incomplete power, but not powerless people. He openly disdains incomplete and biaised points of view and never hesitates to point the contradiction in someone's reasoning, stating that they judge from their first impression. However, he speaks very formally, even impersonally, he respects his opponents and recognizes any people's qualities to their rightful worth. He is also generous, having given shelter to many orphans and sent them to school.

Fate is gentle towards his partners and his followers, taking the responsibility of their failure instead of blaming them and congratulating them for their efforts. If he first resents people who managed to strike him, (or to best him in a general way) he soon develops an interest in them, hoping that they will grow strong enough to fight on par with him.

It is stated that Fate is way more human than the two Averruncuses before him. Indeed, the flashbacks show Primum (the first) Averruncus as a malevolent person, who likes to taunt his ennemies and who kills people without second thoughts. Yet he already had Fate's admiration for very strong enemies, even if he didn't seem to respect said enemies as much as Fate does.


He is highly proficient in both western magic (chanting spells) and eastern magic (summoning and spellcasting through bewitched papers) and he mostly uses spells chanted in Ancient Greek, more powerful than the common spells in Latin. He has a strong affinity with the Rock Element, being able to conjure magical spears of stone, stone stalagmites of variable size which erupts from the ground for offensive and defensive purposes, and numerous flying blades which he uses to strike from every side or to unleash a fearsome attack, which slashes everything over a very large area in a matter of seconds. Fate's two signature attack spells generate a huge cloud of petrifying smoke, and a beam of light which destroys everything in its past and turns any living being into stone. (He can fire the latter from one eye, in a Basilisk-like fashion.) He can also fire countless homing, arrow-like projectiles that petrify the ones they strike, to cast attack spells that bypasses his foes' magical defenses, and even worse, to cast a highly dangerous "eternal petrification" spell whose effects cannot be canceled. His most powerful spell known so far is the "Stone Pillars of the Underworld," which makes many skycraper-sized, black pillars of stone appear in the sky and hurls them towards the ground at high speed, crushing anything in their path into dust.

He also has a lesser affinity with the Water Element, which he uses to create replicas of himself, serving in battle as decoys. When he performs oriental summoning, he calls forth demons or water spirits. As the Averruncus of Earth, Fate has displayed the abilities to conjure sand from the ground to form barriers around him and to attack his foes, to hurl rocks, to causes small tremors and to control the Earth element in general.

Fate is also immensely skilled in martial arts. (His technique looks like Chinese kempo.) He uses his magical power like ki to perform teleport-like dashes, and impregnate his fists with his magical energy to increase the power of his blows and to fire energy blasts. Also, he sometimes wields a huge sword made of stone. He has a highly enhanced perception of his surroundings that enables him to notice the faintest changes in a very large area. Finally, he is protected from any physical harm by a multi-layered, mandala-like barrier of magical pentagrams around him, which was devised by his late lord. Striking him for real would mean bypassing the entire barrier.


  • Αιωνιον Πετρωσις (Eternal Petrification)-An attack spell which releases a beam of light from the fingers, petrifying all living and nonliving beings in contact with it. While the petrification caused by Pnoe Petras and Kakon Omma Petroseos can be magically countered or canceled, this spell is comparatively even more dangerous, as its effect is semi permanent. It would require calling on spirits on a divine level of power to undo this spell.
  • Δόρυ Πέτρας (Spear of Stone)-Ordinarily, the spell "Spear of Stone" causes sharp stone spikes to appear, attacking the target. But for Fate Averruncus, his variation of this spell was added with spell-breaking properties to penetrate a Magi's magical barrier.
  • Κακόν ὄμμα πετρῶσεως (Evil Eye of Petrification)-A spell used by Fate Averruncus. One that that emits a concentrated beam of light from the fingertips, causing petrifaction at anything it touches, and to the desired subject. Perhaps unsurprising, a high-level spell that is invoked in Ancient Greek. It's possible that it's a different form of Πνοή Πέτρας, seeing as it's beginning stanza is identical.
  • Ο Μονολιθος Κιων Του Αιδου (Pillars of Hades)-An attack spell which summons large-volume stone pillars; a high-level mage can control these pillars through psychokinesis. While summoned by magic, the pillar itself cannot be defended against via anti-magic shields. However, the mass of the pillar means that it is almost impossible to deflect with anti-physical shields.
  • Μελαν Και Σφαιρικον Δεσμωτηριον (Black Sphere Prison)-A capture spell in which the target is first covered in asphalt to restrict movement, then sealed within a shrinking spherical bounded field. This spell is powerful enough to trap dragons and other massive, spiritually powerful beings. Without special means of sustaining life, the target will asphyxiate once the asphalt hardens.
  • Πνοή Πέτρας (Breath of Stone)-Although the spell is not meant to kill, in the victim's case he/she would have suffocated to death when his/her neck petrified.

theme song

File:Fate's theme


  • This character is based on Fate Averruncus from the Negima series.

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