Feesho Kingdom is the home of Team Slider in the Team Slider Universe.


"Golden" Age

In the first days of the Feesho Kingdom, the kingdom was peaceful, because Dr. Mari hadn't yet attacked. Even Rubble City, which is now a rough and rude city, was peaceful. There was no king; no queen; no prince and no princess. People just lived. But then, something tragic happened. . .


A few months after the Kingdom was created, Dr. Mari and her sidekick, Dr. Eggman, learned about this kingdom. Immediately they began to attack. Dr. Mari took over the kingdom, becoming queen and gave Dr. Eggman charge of Rubble City. The two of them made the weak and helpless people work all the time.


Fortunately, there was a legend that read: "A kingdom of fishes will be created. But two evil doctors will then take it. After a few days of hard work and chores, a team of small sliders will make them free forevermore. . ." Silver the Hedgehog and Amy Rose knew this legend. When their baby was born, she was named Dena. When she was three, she loved to slide around. She was one of the legendary children, and her parents knew it.


There were five other babies who lived the same life as Dena. When they were all six (except one, who was three), they met and formed a small team. The six of them were best of friends and vowed to save the kingdom; once they were old enough. And they did, giving Sonic the Hedgehog rule over the kingdom. But, they hadn't gotten rid of Mari forever, and they couldn't shoo Eggman away at all, leading into what is happening now.



  • Rubble City = A small city, ruled by Dr. Eggman. It is full of rowdy people and original home of Sarah the Hegdehog.
  • Feesho Swamp = Original home of Lumms the Frog, it is a small swamp filled with frogs.
  • Feesho Pond = Sarah and Lumms' new homes, it is a little larger then the swamp and filled with bugs, crocodiles and frogs.

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