Felix is a half roboticized ferret. He is a member of the same group as Akemi. He has control of all metals. He usually works as the groups blacksmith.


Felix Metalix

Current Years and Days
Name Felix Metalix
Weapons Metallikinesis
Profession(s), Occupation(s) Blacksmith
Chronological and Physical Info
  • Age: 26
  • ??? lbs
  • Fur: Brown, Metallic Grey
  • Skin: Tan/Grey
  • Eyes: Black/Red
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday:???
Description Felix is a half roboticized ferret. He is a member of the same group as Akemi. He has control of all metals. He usually works as the groups blacksmith.
Attire [Clothing] Felix wears a long jacket like cloak. He wears no gloves due to his metallic gaunt like hand. He wears boots, pants, and an eye scanner
Affiliation(s) Evil
Romantic Interest(s) N/A
  • Metallikinesis
  • Blacksmith
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat


Likes Weaponry, Planning, Strength
Dislikes Weaklings, Idiots
  • N/A
Current Residence
  • N/A
Alternative Names


English Voice Actor

Roger Craig Smith

Theme Song(s) thumb|200px|right

Felix's past isn't known. All that is known is that he was roboticized, and that he once was a traveler that driffted from place to place. He know will guard the fortress when all of the others are away.


Felix has a drifter personality. He hates things that take to long, and rarely likes to be in one place for too long. he is somewhat paranoid as he can often be seen looking over his back. Felix is very confident in his abilities, and shows a great deal of pride in his line of work. He believes that metal sculpting is the best artwork that anyone could make, stating it represents the concrete coldness of life itself. He is quite intelligent, but is also very quite. While in battle Felix is mainyl about show, as he is an artist, and likes flashy finishes.


Felix's main ability is to control metal. Though his techniques were never shown he does keep note of his abilities. He usually spreads his metal underground giving him a large battlefield to control. Do to the metal from his roboticization, Felix can change his metal to sprout wings, claws, etc. Felix has one metalic eye that is infer-red allowing him to scan an opponents abilities, and weakness to metal. Due to the metal, Felix was given immence strength. Felix is know to be trained highly, and to be very intelligent. He uses his abilities fully, and likes to finish things quickly. He usually leaves no traces of his presence. Due to the fact that he can control his metal he is very flexible, and nimble. His fierce hand-to-hand combating skills, his control over metal, and his strategetic mindset make him and essential ally to the group, as well as a powerful enemy.


While, Felix is nimble and fexible he is actually slow,running wise. He isn't very good at stealth either as his metal god give him away to some-one with good enough hearing. Another obvious weakness to Felix's abilities is his weakness to Naturekinesis. When Felix has no metal to control, he is completely drained of all special ability, and must rely on tactics. Also, Felix can be injured from over-exposure to lightning or electricity though he can take quite a few hits, even being able to channel some of it.


Before Battle

"You just signed your own death warrant."

"Are you sure?"

"I'll show you there are no tricks when it comes to death"

"Fear metal"

"I'll crush every bone in that pathetic body"

"I've already figured your first move out."

After Battle


"It's Over"

"Rest in Peace"

"There are n'o illusions, only harsh realities"

"What a train-wreck"

"What a waste of a life"


"We are all just wandering aimlessly looking for our chance to shine, however for most of us the light has dimmed a long time ago"

"The lonely look of desperation, shows me all of you"

"Your soul is an open window, and I a thief come to take the riches that lay inside."

"It is over."

"Life is chess. There are rulers, and their are the protectors. I am the hand however, I control the pieces, and I put them to the side laving them forgotten"

"We are all useless specs. No-one notices us besides ourselves, that is why we choose to survive to prolong our predetermined end."


  • Whether Felix likes chess or not is unknown.

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