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Fiamme (pronounced "fy-YAHM-may") is one of the major deities of the Fire element (and the most powerful one in this user's fanon), as well as the main deity of the Fire Clan.

Physical Appearance

Mobian Form

Fiamme's Mobian form is that of a wolf, with orange fur, a pale yellow muzzle, chest and tail tip, dark red, shoulder-length hair, and golden eyes.

Mystical Form

Fiamme's Mystical form is that of a massive, non-Mobian Salamander.


Early Years

The Fury Of The Elemental Gods


Being a Deity of Fire, Fiamme's mastery over fire is said to be second to none. Heat is constantly exuded from her body. When angry, this heat becomes so powerful she can melt anyone who gets within a ten foot radius of her, or even closer than that. Her fire is strong enough to melt anything, leaving nothing behind, not even ashes. Her flames are a blinding white-blue color. Opposing Fire-Element attacks are harmless to her, as she can absorb them to become stronger.

Aside from her Pyromancy, she can also use the Advanced elements of Scorch, Napalm, Blaze-fire and Inferno.

She, like the other Gods, is capable of shapeshifting into two different forms; a mystical form and a Mobian form.

Mystical form = Salamander
Mobian form = Wolf

Like the others, she undertakes an alias while in Mobian form; her name is Fortunata.

Elemental Disguise

Fiamme can transform into the physical representation of her Element (in her case, pure fire/lava) as a disguise, or as a way to block or avoid attacks. It can only be done while in True form, however.

Elemental Augmentation

In the presence of other Fire-Wielders, Fiamme can influence and increase their abilities far beyond what they would be capable of alone.


Fiamme has the ability to possess others and help them while doing so. When possessing people, Fiamme gives them access to the Element of Fire (or, if they can already wield this Element, a drastic increase in their ability to do so), and even allows them to use Lava Spear, her signature move.


She is resistant to the Element of Nature, and immune to the Element of Fire. She can absorb opposing attacks of the Fire alignment. Her powers thrive in hot and dry temperatures.


She is very weak to Earth, Water and Ice attacks. Wind-aligned techniques can nullify her Scorch ones, and a lack of oxygen will severely weaken her ability to generate fire. Rainy weather and moisture-heavy areas can dampen her powers somewhat.

Forms and Fusions

Inferno Fiamme

This is Fiamme's super form. It really isn't so much a super form as it is an ascended power form, however. It is triggered through the absorption of a lot of Fire attacks.

The Omnimental

The Omnimental is a beast that is a fusion-form of all ten of the Elemental Gods. It somewhat resembles the true form of Ka, but on a much smaller scale (about fifty feet long).

Friends and Foes






Fiamme embodies the passion of fire; like a blazing wildfire, she is prideful and quick to anger, yet she is also generous and protective, like a nurturing flame.

Despite her dislike of water, she has no quarrels with her sister, Neso. She loves spicy food, especially spicy ramen; she once entered Mobius' Spicy Ramen eating competition while disguised as Fortunata, and won.


  • Heat
  • Lava
  • Spicy food (particularly ramen)


  • People claiming to be stronger than her
  • Water

Biggest Fears


"How DARE you get in my way?! I shall burn you into nothing!!" - When attacking.

"What's the matter? Too hot for you?!"


  • Fiamme is obviously based upon the Elemental Avatar Fiamme from DragonFable.
  • Her name is the Italian word for "flames".

Theme Song

Castlevania Symphony of the Night - Festival of Servants (boss battle) HQ

Castlevania Symphony of the Night - Festival of Servants (boss battle) HQ

Battle theme