This is an article about the conflict, and later friendship, between Fifi the Bear and Phoebe the Wallaby.

The Conflict Begins

This conflict is mostly because of Razz the Bear. He and Phoebe were doing very well until Fifi found out about them. Fifi started to interrogate and question Phoebe constantly. Razz saw this happening, and finally he had enough. Razz told Fifi off in the most rude way possible (neither of them will reveal what Razz said). Fifi glared at the both of them and walked off. Razz apologized for yelling at her, and everything was back to normal.

Conflict to Friendship

In the Roleplay:Mobius Basketball Tournament, Fifi was on Team Diva. After Fifi and her team beat the others in the first round, Fifi got a call from Razz. Over the phone, he pretended to dump Fifi, and she had a breakdown. When she finally pulled herself together, she convinced herself that she was over Razz. In fact, Fifi doesn't want anything to do with Razz. Phoebe felt sorry for Fifi, so she tried to confort Fifi by befriending her. Fifi jumped to conclusions and assumed that it was Phoebe who convinced Razz to dump her. After countless efforts of assuring her that that isn't what happened, Fifi finally gave up and befriended Phoebe.

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