The Fire transformation is an elemental transformation, aligned with the element of Fire.


  • The person grabs a Fire Flower or an item with a similar effect.
  • The transformation is induced in a pyrokinetic/pyromancer by a fire-aligned deity.
  • The person uses a source of power or has a special connection to something that induces the transformation.
  • The combination of six Chaos Emeralds and the Red Elemental Emerald


The transformation may and can vary between individuals, but a standard transformation results in the person's fur changing to a shade of orange or red, with their clothes becoming a seperate but similar color. In addition, the person transforming typically releases extra heat from their body. A natural fire-wielder's transformation may have some additions.

  • A basic fire-wielder transforming may have small flames coming off their body.
  • A master fire-wielder will have flames coating parts of their body, and their fur may become darker.


The abilities and boosts granted by this transformation vary depending on the person and their skill with the element of fire. A master fire-wielder becomes much more powerful, able to let loose highly destructive flames on an extremely large scale with ease. An average or basic fire-wielder's powers are increased to the point of a master, with their exact power depending on skill, talent, and affinity with the element. One with no natural fire powers is granted the standard powers:

  • Immunity to flames and other sources of strong heat.
  • Basic fire abilities and attacks.
  • The capability to walk on and survive in magma and other molten materials.
  • Unaffected by extremely high temperatues.


Water and fire-retardent materials can douse the flames from this technique. Depending on the source, the transformation may run out after a certain amount of time, and the transformation will end when the person transformed runs out of energy or is defeated.

Individual Transformations

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