"Meredith, it is time for you to learn about life. I will guide you throughout your life."

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Flame the Fox
Control fire
Breathe fire
Tactile thought projection
Mental invisibility
Pain illusion
Meredith the Hedgehog (foster child)

Flame (炎 Honō) is Meredith's spirit animal that helped Meredith grow up. His origin is currently unknown, but he was known to take care of Meredith. He has orange-red fur, blue eyes, and he strangely has 4 tails (he is not a kitsune), but are merged.


Mobians have never found out about Flame's backstory. However, only one mobian knows and it's Meredith. According to her, Flame was recarinated into a mythical fox. Mobians are still trying to find Flame's real body that is secretly being hiden in the Abysal Ruins.


Flame looks like every other fox, except that his whole fur color is a flamish color, hencing his name. And like some foxes, he has blue eyes.


Flame is possibly a smart person before he was recarinated. He knew that the world shouldn't be in black and white. Apparently, ever since Meredith entered his life, he has been over protective over her, despite Meredith being embarrased. Flame has almost died trying to protect her, seeing how much he cares for her safety. In some ways, both Meredith and he have the same personality.


It is unknown how he is able to breathe and control fire. A similarity is that both Meredith and Flame are mind readers and can see the future. He is also able to "break" anyones "shield" and can turn invisible. Apparently, if someone is mean to Meredith or she disobeys, he will use the move "pain illusion" on them.


Like what they say, "fire is weak against water." If he were to enter water, hot steam will come out and he might eventually melt. A even better thing is that Flame can't even swim, so that kind of takes care of the problem.


He has almost died trying to pretect Meredith.

Quotes (through his mind to others)

  • "Meredith be careful!"
  • "I have deep regards for you as well."



  • Flame currently has no voice actor, because he can't talk. However, he could talk to someone telepathically. 
  • In some of Jake's writings, they use the names "Meredith" and "Flame". It is revealed that they are the same people, except the age difference and are siblings.

Theme Song

Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day

Green Day-Wake Me Up When September Ends lyrics04:43

Green Day-Wake Me Up When September Ends lyrics

His close relationship/friendship with Meredith

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