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Flame the Cat
physically 17 however she is 49+
Orange golden fur, yellow hair, white muzzle and yellow eye's.
Black shirt with white band, black skirt, black boot's and gloves.
Light the Cat

Tawny the Cat ,Alice the Cat Vicky the Cat ,Ally the Cat

Carmel the Cat
Romantic Interest
Anti Hero
Warmth and fire
Fire and fast running
Almost everyone
Who ever annoys her
Flame is a 16 year old Cat who love's fire. She got her nickname because of it. Flame can almost not be seen with out her bestfriend and sister Light the Cat


Flame and her sister's at a young age lost their half-sister and creator, well one of them the other is still alive as far as she know's. Her oldest looking sister Ally (Alison) took charge of them. One day Ally let Tawny out of her sight. Flame knew Alison had gone looking for Tawny. But when Alison came back Tawny wasn't with her she just said to them Tawny has been sent down to Earth. Flame found this not very hard to believe. Flame later on found out she could control and make fire. She almost set her and her sister's house on fire, that's when Alison gave Flame the nickname Fire. Eleven years later Tawny came home, Flame thought Tawny would remember them. When Tawny didn't it was no big deal for Flame, what was the big deal is her little sister shortly after got pregnate with Shadow the Hedgehog's child. Flame got Ally to finnally remember them, of course it was to late Tawny was dating Shadow and had two of Shadow's children. Flame felt really bad about all of this she blamed herself for it all not reminding anyone, not telling someone. Tawny and Flame grew close so when Tawny's childeren were both killed, Tawny could lean on Flame too.


Flame's abilities are controling fire and fast running. Flame cannot out run her sister Light the Cat but can tie her.


Tawny the Cat: Flame's 15 year old sister. (you would have to see her page)

Alice the Cat: Flame's 15 year old sister. (you would have to see her page)

Ally the Cat: Flame's 18 year old sister. (you would have to see her page)

Light the Cat: Flame's 16 best friend and sister. (you would have to see her page)

Carmel the Cat: Flame's 14 year old sister. (you would have to see her page)

Vicky the Cat: Flame's 17 year old sister. (you would have to see her page)

Luna the Wolf: Flame's friend...

Scourge the Hedgehog: Flame is his friend but a little worried for her sister Alice...

Shadow the Hedgehog: Flame is his friend... But she worries about him and her sister Tawny...

Sonic the Hedgehog:Sonic and Flame are friends and Sonic will help her with her running.

Silver the Hedgehog: Flame like some of her sister's finds him amusing, they're friends.

Tails the Fox: Flame hates him and calls him nerd alot.

Knuckles the Echidna: Flame and him get along because of her amusment in his ill-temper.

Blaze the Cat: They get along well and are friends... Thanks to the fire thing of course.

Rouge the Bat: They don't talk much but are friends.

Theme Song

Flame's theme song is "Fully Alive by FlyLeaf"

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