Freyaro is the relationship of Freya the Butterfly and Yikaro Grengarii.


Yikaro was just sitting under a tree reading,but then he heard a hum. So he looks up and saw Freya and it was love at 1st sight for him.When Freya looked and saw him,she liked him too. The two got to know each other. Soon after a ritual he went through, Freya told him that she loved him and he awake with a smiles as a joke. The two then started as a couple together.

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This is a cute couple^^--Hikaruyami-having fun* 04:59, December 21, 2011 (UTC)

I have to support it since I'm in it. XD My life is all for God. Deal with it. 15:36, December 21, 2011 (UTC)

So close but yet so far... from the bacon 05:02, December 23, 2011 (UTC)

Very cute ^_^ Forget About The Past, its pretty worthless, Forget about the present, I didnt get you one! .:RioFan01:. 16:51, January 5, 2012 (UTC)




Part 1

Yikaro: *Sitting under a tree, reading a book*

Freya:(Lands on a branch of the same tree and starts humming)

Yikaro: *Ears twitch up and listens to her humming while she doesn't notice him*

Freya:(Hums and looks down and sees Yikaro)Ohh,so sorry.I had no idea someone was already here.

Yikaro: Its not a problem. *Looks up to her* It was actually quite a nice tune. *Closes his book and stands up*

Freya:(Flies down from the branch and lands in front of him)Thanks very much.So what's your name?My name's Freya.

Yikaro: My names Yikaro, nice to meet you. *Smiles and holds out his hand*

Freya:(Smiles and grabs his hand)Likewise.

Yikaro: So, any reason why you chose this tree to go to, or is it just fate? *Grins sarcastically*

Freya:(Giggles)Maybe.I visit this tree alot since I was little.

Yikaro: Ah, well I only just got here. I've only been here on Mobius for a couple months.

Freya:Wow.Well,I can show you around if you want.

Yikaro: That'd be great. ^^

Freya:(Smiles)Okay.Follow me.(Walks a little bit)

Yikaro: *Follow beside her* So, you know anybody around these parts?

Freya:I know some Mobians.Some are even my friends.

Yikaro: Oh, ok. Well, have you ever happened to see, I don't know, an angel roaming around?

Freya:Um,well my friend Anna is good friends with this hedgefox with angel wings.

Yikaro: *Eyes light up in excitement* That sure sounds like him!

Freya:(Giggles)Yep.He comes and goes at times.

Yikaro: Can you take me to see this Anna person?

Freya:Sure.She relaxes at the flower feild.Let's go.(Shows him the way)

Yikaro: Ok. *Follows behind her*

(At the flower feild)

Freya:(Sees Anna in the flowers)There she is.Hey Anna.

Anna:Oh.Hey Freya.Who's your friend?

Yikaro: I'm Yikaro. I'm a good friend of Isaiah's

Anna:Please to meet you.I see you met my friend Freya.

Yikaro: Yes I have. Now I hate to be rushing anything, but I wish to see Isaiah.

Anna:I'll try to call him.(Calls Isaiah's cell)Isaiah?Could you come over to the flower feild please?Thank you.

Yikaro: Thanks, how long do you think he'll be?

Anna:Knowing him.Soon.

Yikaro: Good. Well, while I have some time till he gets here. What do you people normally do around here?

Freya:Well,here,we just sit back and enjoy the place.

Yikaro: Sounds good to me. *Sits back against a tree and closes his eyes* Its very nice down here, you can actually see all the different colors.

Freya:(Sits next to him)That true.

Yikaro: I guess its kinda silly bursting in on your relaxation, looking for Isaiah. I'm a complete and total stranger.

Anna:(Lays down in the flowers)Its okay.I like helping others.

Freya:Me too.

Yikaro: Well, thank you for your help. *Smiles to them, more to Freya than Anna*

Freya:(Smiles at him)Your very welcome.^^

Isaiah: *Hits the ground and walks over to them* Well I'll be, if it isn't my old friend Yikaro.

Yikaro: *Stands up and walks over to him* I never could suprise you. How did you find me out this time?

Isaiah: Its a long story that I'll have to go over with you some other time. How has the tribe been?

Yikaro: They've been great, Hamira has taken up her father's place.

Isaiah: I knew she would be a great leader. And Yakiro? How is he?

Yikaro; He's still having problems projecting himself.

Isaiah: Well, then he needs to concentrate harder and pronunciate the spell correctly. *Looks over at Anna and Freya* I'm sorry gals, you may not be understanding a word we're saying, am I right? *Walks over to them, Yikaro following behind*


Freya:I would like to know more of Yikaro.

(Isaiah looks at Yikaro, who looks back at Isaiah)

Isaiah: Well, to make it easier for both of us. When my parents died at my birth, I was found by Yikaro's parents, who brought me up to a secret city in the sky, on the edge of the atmosphere.

Yikaro: It's not quite really a secret anymore, but on with the story.

Isaiah: I was raised in this city and practically got everything I have today from it. Yikaro and I were friends at birth. He, like me, had a special purpose that didn't bind him to the island.

Yikaro: This city was built by a desert dwelling race, the Grengarii, which I so am. There are five types of Grengarii, one of which was a winged tribe, who flew into the sky and built the city.

Isaiah: Now, in Grengarii lore, there is one child every lifetime who is born with the qualities of all five tribes in the race. It would be to difficult to explain it all in full detail, so I'll just continue. This one child is standing right in front of you right now.

Yikaro: *Grins embarresed and blushes slightly* I am known in my tribe as the Olmanec Gregarii.


Freya:Wow,that's sounds amazing.

Yikaro: *Smiles at Freya again* Thanks.

Isaiah: Now, about Yakiro. Yakiro is a traditional Gregarii, the original tribe of the race. He is the last known traditional Gregarii, and happens to be Yikaro's Shadow/Reflection.

Anna:I get it now.

Freya:I got it too.

Yikaro: Yakiro also has his own mind, his own will, I just allowed him into my body to let him hold his form. Its the only way this extinct tribe can still be seen. Which is why I needed Isaiah. *Turns to Isaiah* I know you found a weird fossil a while back

Isaiah: The one that showed that Mobians lived almost a thousand years ago? Yeah...wait, you mean to say that.

Yikaro: *Nods* You might have found Yakiro's body.

Isaiah: We might be able to give him his body back?

Yikaro: No, he has become to used to mine, so he wishes to stay with me. But, if I can make a soul transfusion with his body, then it would make his projection much much stronger.

Isaiah: *Snaps his fingers* It just might work. But you might need some help. Which I'll be glad to be.

Yikaro: *Smiles* Thanks bro. Now, get your team over here.

Isaiah: *Nods and starts to walk away, but then stops and comes back* How did you know I had a team?

Yikaro: You know me, I know you. *Grins*

Isaiah: *Shakes his head smiling and walks off, pulling out a phone in the process*

Yikaro: *Turns to the girls* ...I completely forgot you were there...*Facepalm* Sorry for the confusing moment again...

Anna:Its okay.I got to learn more.

Freya:No harm done.^^

Yikaro: *Grins* Sometimes I wish people were as positive as you two are about my race. But I guess not all of them were the best. The Hunters are cruel, they are the ones who destroyed the traditional Gregarii, and near about wiped out the Tip-Tailed Gregarii as well...I lost my point again. ^_^;

Freya:(Giggles)Its okay.

Anna:Its good to learn about friends.

Yikaro: You see me as a friend even though we just met 15 minutes ago.I could get used to this place.

Isaiah: The team will be here in five minutes with the body restored.

Yikaro: They're going to restore the body?! How?!

Isaiah: I've still got a couple tricks up my sleeve that you don't know of.

Yikaro: *Grins at Isaiah You Devil Dog*

Isaiah: Not even close.

Yikaro: Anyways, *Sits back down* I'm just gonna relax till they get here.

Isaiah: I'll get to work on setting the ground for the transfusion. Its probably best that you rest and get plenty of strength anyways. Anna, can you help me find the nearest flat plain in this area? I need a flat ground in order to do this spell.

Anna:Sure,there's some flat ground nearby in a valley.I'll show you.Freya,you stay with Yikaro till the group shows okay?

Freya:I will.(Sits next to him)

Anna:Follow me Isaiah.(Shows him the way)

Isaiah: *Follows after her*

(When they were gone)

Yikaro: Y'know, I half suspected they were going to leave us togethor...

Freya:Your right.(A tiny blush on her cheecks)

Yikaro: *Smiles at her blushing* You alright?

Freya:Um yes.I'm just a little warm.

Yikaro: Warm how? Is it bad?

Freya:No.Its not bad.

Yikaro: *Scoots over to her slightly* Ok then, good.


Yikaro: *Smiles back at her* You've been very nice to me, and I'm very grateful.

Freya:Your very welcome.I was happy to help you.^^

Yikaro: You look very nice. *Smiles at her, blushing slightly*

Freya:(Blushes and smiles)Thank you.Your good looking yourself.^///^

Yikaro: *Smiles* Would it be weird if I said I had a feeling for you when I first saw you?

Freya:(Blushes even more)No,it would be weird at all.

Yikaro: *Smiles again* Ok...

Isaiah: *Runs back* Hey guys, lets go. Everything is ready.

Yikaro: ...Ok. C'mon Freya. *Stands up and helps her up*

Freya:(Takes his hand and stands)Thanks Yikaro.(Blushes and quickly kisses his cheeck)

Yikaro: *Smiles at her, but flashes a look of sadness, which then dissapears* C'mon lets go. *Follows Isaiah over to the flatland, where his team and Anna stand*

(In the middle of a strange circle of runes lays a light tan body, looking much like Yikaro)

Isaiah: Alright, are we ready to begin? You sure you wanna do this?

Yikaro: Yeah, lets do it... *Walks over to the center of the circle and sits down in a cross-legged position, having the dead body do the same*


Yikaro: *Ignores her, keeping his eyes shut*

Isaiah: He can't be bothered right now...this is a very lethal process...It has to done right or...he'll be...

Gregor: Lets begin. *Begins chanting a series words*

Yikaro: *Chants the words that Gregor is chanting*

Freya:(Please be safe.I don't want to lose you)

Yikaro: *Suddenly begins shake violently*

Isaiah: He is fighting to create a bridge between the soul of this thousand year old being and him. It is much more difficult than I thought... *Begins chanting as well, giving power to Yikaro and calming the shaking*

Freya:(Starts to chat too)

Geo: *Walks over to her and stops her* Do not join them, it takes a person of much strength to to this. You must wait and hope that this works...

Freya:Sorry.I just don't want to lose him.

Anna:We know Freya.

Geo: But you just met him, how could you like him so strongly?

Yikaro: *Begins chanting slightly louder, shaking slowly*

(The other body slowly begins dissapearing inside Yikaro)

Freya:Its called love at 1st sight.That's how.

Geo: Man, sometimes these guys get all the fun. *Walks away*

Renegade: *Shakes his head at Geo*

Yikaro: *Begins to shake more violently as the body of Yakiro disappears, his breathing becoming haggard*

Anna:Is it over?

Gyro: No, not yet. Yikaro is struggling to cope with the second body inside of him, so he is trying to fight for control over both bodies and fuse them into one, to make the transfusion complete.

Yikaro: *Shaking violently, screaming three words over and over again, tears rolling down his eyes* GOD SAVE ME! GOD SAVE ME!

Freya:He's hurting so much.Please,let him live.

Geo: There is nothing we can do to help him, all we can do is wait and watch and hope it works.

Yikaro: *Suddenly becomes silent and falls over backwards convulsing a little while, then becoming still*

Anna:He's not moving.

(The circle disappears and Gregor walks away)

Isaiah: *Walks over to Gregor* And.

Gregor: I don't know, as soon as he started screaming I lost track of where he was...He might be gone, he might not...

Isaiah: *Turns to Yikaro and runs over to him, shaking him* Yikaro...Yikaro answer me! YIKARO! Wake up! ...

Freya:(Behind Isaiah)Can I try?

Isaiah: *Nods and steps away from Yikaro*

Freya:(Bends down next to him and holds his hand)Yikaro,if you can hear me,please come back to us.(Tears up)You made some friends and they care about you.And...(Whispers close to him)I love you...(Kisses him)

Yikaro: *Whispers back to her, smiling* Who said I was gone?

Freya:(Was surprised,but then she smiles and hugs him as she cries tears of joy)Oh Yikaro...thank goodness...

Isaiah: You've still got a prankster in you, eh Yikaro?

Yikaro: Who said I was pranking you? *Grins, still holding Freya*


Isaiah: And Yakiro? What of him?

Yakiro: *Opens his mouth but gets cut off by another voice*

???: I'm doing quite fine, thanks to you, Isaiah.

(They all turn to see the tanned fur body standing there, clothed completely and looking at them, grinning.)

Isaiah: Well I'll be, Yakiro! You've completely recreated your image. Your not even see-through!

Yakiro: That's only because I've completely projected my body into the real world. I'm a living, breathing Grengarii in the flesh. *Smiles*

Isaiah: Nice looks Yakiro.

Yakiro: Thanks. Now, back to Yikaro.

Freya:(Next to Yikaro)

Yikaro: *Stands up and helps Freya up*

Freya:(Stands up and hugs him)

Yikaro: *Hugs her back and kisses her lips softly*

Geo: Oh, get a room.

Gyro: Child.

Geo: Yep.

Freya:(Kisses back)

Anna:How sweet.

Yikaro: *Breaks the kiss and smiles at her*

Yakiro: *Disappears inside of Yikaro*

Isaiah: That's interesting.

Yikaro: Yeah, but he has his own life. And he is still living his as we speak, it just doesn't look like it.

Anna:Its good that you both have a chance to live

Yikaro: Yeah, he actually didn't fuse with me...

Isaiah: What?!

Yikaro: He still holds part of his soul inside of me to keep me stronger, but he has taken control of his body and is living his own life again. ^^

Isaiah: *Mouth drops to the ground*

Yikaro: *Laughs* Anyways, hey Freya, could I stay in your home considering I don't have one?

Freya:Sure Yikaro.My home is your home.(Smiles)

Yikaro: *Smiles back and kisses her* Thanks Freya.

Freya:(Kisses back)Your very welcome.^^

Isaiah: Well, now that that's finished, We're gonna head.


Anna:See you guys later.

Isaiah: *He and his team run/fly off*

Yikaro: So, what do you wanna do Freya?

Freya:Um,well,how about we go on our 1st date?

Yikaro: Well, that sounds good to me.

Freya:Kay.^^(Holds his hand)

Yikaro: *Smiles, holding her hand* So where are we going?

Freya:We could go to a amusement park.

Yikaro: Sounds great. *Kisses her*

Freya:(Kisses him)

Yikaro: Lets go then. You lead, I have no clue where I'm going. ^^;

Freya:Sure.(She leads the way)

Yikaro: (Follows behind her)

(They arrived at the amusement park)

Freya:Here we are.

Yikaro: Cool. *Watches the coasters do flips and turns* That must have took a lot of engineering...

Freya:Yes it has.Wanna ride it 1st?

Yikaro: Yeah, sure. Sounds fun. ^^

Freya"Let's go.(Takes him to the coasters)

Yikaro: (Follows her onto the coaster)

(At the coaster)

Freya:Ready to ride?

Yikaro: Yep.

(They get in their seats)

Freya:Hold on,Yikaro.

(They rode the coaster)

Freya:Did you enjoy the ride?

Yikaro: Yeah, it was great! *Grins*

Frey:(Smiles)Glad you did.^^

Yikaro: Ok, what do you wanna do next?

Freya:How are the farris wheel?

Yikaro: Sounds good. ^^

Freya:Then let's go.^^(Leads him to it)

Yikaro: *Follows beside her, taking her hand in his*

Freya:(Smiles as he holds her hand)

(At the ferris wheel)

Yikaro: *Looks at its size* Interesting.

Freya:Yes it is.Its very high.

Ferris Wheel Conductor: Next in line!

Yikaro: Thats us, lets get on.


(They enter their seat and then it start moving)

Yikaro: *Watches the ground get farther away as they get higher up* Wow. Much bigger than I thought. We haven't even hit the top yet.

Freya:Very true.I bet its bigger at the top.

Yikaro: Yep.

(When they reach the top, the Ferris wheel stops)

Freya:Wow.Everything is bigger.^^

Yikaro: Yeah, try seeing it from the clouds.

Freya:(Giggles)I've never been that high.

Yikaro: The only people I know who've gone that high are my tribe and Isaiah, but maybe I'll show you the way someday. *Smiles to her*

Freya:(Smiles)I would like that.^^

Yikaro: Well then, I'll have to show you some time. ^^ (Looks out into the distance) Its really nice out here.

Freya:(Looks out the distance too)Yes it is.

Yikaro: I love you Freya. *Kisses her*

Freya:And I love you Yikaro.(Kisses back)

Yikaro: (Kisses her passionately, holding her close)

(The Ferris wheel begins to spin again, heading back down)

Freya:(Holding him too as she enjoys the kiss)

Yikaro: (Strokes her neck gently, kissing her)

Freya:(Enjoying te kiss very much)

Yikaro: (Breaks the kiss when they reach the bottom of the Wheel) Come on, lets go somewhere private.

Freya:Good idea.^^

Yikaro: How about we head back to your house.

Freya:Sure.I'll show you the way.

Yikaro: Okay. ^^

(They go to Freya's home)

Freya:Home sweet home.^^

Yikaro: Its very nice. ^^


Yikaro: *Walks into the living room and sits down*

Freya:Can I get you anything?Drinks?Snacks?

Yikaro: I'm fine, thank you.

Freya:Kay.(Sits next to him)

Yikaro: You house is very nice. ^^

Freya:Thanks.I do my best to make it look nice.^^

Yikaro: Well, you did perfectly. *Smiles and kisses her*

Freya:Thanks.(Smiles and kisses him back)

Yikaro: *Holds the kiss for a little while, stroking her hair softly*

Freya:(Holds him as she enjoys the kiss)

Yikaro: *Pulls her up on top of him, kissing her more*

Freya:(Enjoys the kiss even more)

Yikaro: *Kisses her passionately, rubbing her neck softly*

Freya:(Passionately kisses back)

Yikaro: *Holds her close to him, still kissing her*

Freya:(Holds him while kissing still)

Yikaro: *Starts making out with her, rubbing her back gently*

Freya:(Makes out with him)

Yikaro: *Continues making out with her, still rubbing her back*

Freya:(Brakes the kiss slowly)Wow.We just met and we're already kissing like crazy.

Yikaro: ...I guess I'm moving too fast, aren't I?

Freya:(Gigggles)Yes.But I still love you.

Yikaro: *Grins* I love you too. *Sits up*

Freya:(Sits up)So what else would you like to do?

Yikaro: We could watch a movie.

Freya:Sounds like a good idea.^^

Yikaro: Okay. What do you have to watch?

Freya:Um,not sure.:P

Yikaro: *Laughs* You don't know what movies you have? :P

Freya:I know I have movies.But I don't know which kind of movie you like.

Yikaro: Oh, I like just about everything. Action, adventure, comedy, thrill, romantic. Heck, I even enjoy a good chick flick every now and again. But you won't get me to see a horror film, there is no way. *Grins*

Freya:Kay.(Looks at the movie shelf)Ever seen Caveman?

Yikaro: Nope.

Freya:Well,its a movie about a caveman who does funny things with the other members of his tribe.

Yikaro: Sounds more like a newpaper comic but ok. ^^

(After the movie)


Yikaro: *Laughing* Oh gosh, that was a good movie.

Freya;(Smiles)It so was.^^

Yikaro: Why do you think they made all the girls look like that though? It actually kinda made it funnier. :P

Freya:That's the idea.^^

Yikaro: I guess its just my male mind doind its thing in...other places. *Blushes slightly and hides his face*

Freya:Don't be shy.

Yikaro: *Turns back to her smiling, still blushing slightly* Me and my perverted mind. I'm sorry.

Freya:(Giggles and smiles with a blush too)That's okay Yikaro.

Yikaro: *Looks at the time* Its getting kinda late. You wanna stay up a little longer and do something else?


Yikaro: Well, what would you like to do?

Freya:We could play a game for a bit.

Yikaro: Ok. *Smiles* What game should we play?

Freya:Um,how about gold fish?

Yikaro: Ok, sounds good!^^

Freya:I'll get the cards.(Goes to get them)

Yikaro: *Waits for her*

Freya:(Comes back)Found them.

Yikaro: Cool, lets play.

(A little later)

Yikaro: *Yawns* Well, thats twelve games in a row. I'm gonna accept defeat and say its about time to head to bed. *Kisses her and heads upstairs to the guest bedroom*

Freya:Night.(Goes to her room)

(The next morning)

Yikaro: *Wakes up and sits up in the bed, wiping the sleep from his eyes* Ugh, what time is it? *Looks at the clock, which showed 6:00 AM* Still early, maybe I can go take a walk. *Gets dressed and quietly heads downstairs and out the door, walking down the road*

Freya:(Wakes up.yawns and looks out the window)Yikaro?(Quickey gets dress and silently follows him)

Yikaro: *Continues down the road, hands in his pockets* The seasons have changed quite rapidly...

Freya:(Flying to not be seen but close to hear him)

Yikaro: I'm gonna need to get a job or something, to pass some time over the days...*Pulls out his phone and dials a number* ...Hey Isaiah, I'm doing good...Hey, you think I'd be able to join that little team of yours?...Great! I'll talk to you about it later...Alright, cya. *He hangs up the phone and continues walking*

Freya:What was that about?(Still follows him)

Yikaro: *Continues walking as Yakiro appears beside him, walking with him*

Yakiro: Hey man, whats up?

Yikaro: Nothings up, Why?

Yakiro: Well, you seem sort of down.

Yikaro: Nah, I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head over what happened yesterday...

Yakiro: Well, I can't see what the problem was.

Yikaro: In the matter of an hour, I found my long lost brother, returned you to your former glory, and became the boyfriend of the sweetest girl I've seen, and yet I had just met her.

Yakiro: ...Yeah, I can see how its confusing. Everything you spent your life doing was done in a day

Yikaro: Exactly. I've gotta find something to fill the hole that I've emptied.

Yakiro: You already know what it is, Yikaro. You've read the text before.

Yikaro: Your are you so wise when your a part of me?

Yakiro: Maybe your mind had me connected to you wisdom...sort of like a concience.

Yikaro: Thats understandable. *Stops* Lets head home.

Yakiro: No problem man. *Dissapears*

Yikaro: *Starts to head back to Freya's house*

Freya:(Flies home before he got back)

Yikaro: *Opens the door and walks in* Looks like Freya isn't awake yet...

Freya:(Opens the door of her room,yawns,sees Yikaro and smiles)Morning Yikaro.^^

Yikaro: *Smiles* Morning Freya, how are you. ^^

Freya:I'm good.Did you sleep well?

Yikaro: Yeah, how'd you sleep. *Walks over to her and kisses her cheek*

Freya:(Kisses his cheeck)Very good.

Yikaro: (Smiles) Good.

Freya:So would you like to join me for breakfast?

Yikaro: I'd love to! ^^

Freya:Kay.You take a seat and I'll make us a good breakfast.^^

Yikaro: Thanks. *Sits down at the table and watches*

Freya:Your welcome.(Goes to the kitchin)

Yikaro: *Watches her*

Freya:(Makes two omlets and put them on the plates at the table)Enjoy.^^

Yikaro: This looks great! Thanks Freya.

(After Breakfast)

Yikaro: Man, that was great. ^^

Freya:Thanks.I took some cooking classes.^^

Yikaro: Well, they've paid off. *Kisses her*

Freya:Glad you enjoyed it.(Kisses back)

Yikaro: *Gets up and takes care of the dishes for Freya*

Freya:Thanks Yikaro.But you didn't have to.

Yikaro: Its no problem. You cooked, I wanted to clean. ^^ I should pull some wait here if I'm gonna live with you. :P

Freya:(Smiles)That's very sweet of you.^^

Yikaro: Its my pleasure, hun! ^^

Freya:(Blushes and smiles)

Yikaro: (Smiles at her blushing and kisses her)

Freya:(KIsses back)

Yikaro: *Breaks the kiss and smiles to her* So, what do we do today?

Freya:Well,I got a place to visit today.Your welcome to come along if you want.^^

Yikaro: Sounds better than lounging around all day. But I've got somewhere to go later today as well, so I may not be able to come with. Sorry.

Freya:Okay.I'll wait for your return.So ready to go?

Yikaro: Yeah. ^^

(They soon arrive at a white building surronded by trees)

Freya:Hre we are.

Yikaro: *Grins to himself* Your visiting here?

Freya:Yep.I got some friends here I known for a long time.

Yikaro: I'm well aware of them. This is New Hope Orphanage. Felix works here...I've heard he's got himself a girlfriend? *Grins again*

Freya:That's right.Everyones inside.Let's go see them.(Smiles)

Yikaro: Ok! ^^ (Follows her in)


Freya:Hi guys.I'm here to visit with my boyfriend.

Kids:Hi Freya.Hi Freya's boyfriend.

Yikaro: *Laughs* You can just call me Yikaro.

Freya:(Giggles)I wanted him to see you all.

Yram:Its nice to meet you Yikaro.

Yikaro: *Nods to Yram* Same. So, where are the lucky newly weds? *Looks around*

Dlan:They went out for a bit.Around lunch is when they come back.

Yikaro: Ah, ok then. ^^

Sher:Its nice to see Freya to have someone to love.

Yikaro: Oh Sher! How have you and William been? I heard you two tied the knot as well. ^^

Sher:We've been good.^^

Yikaro: Good. Just don't let the boy intimidate you. You know dogs, always with a temper. *Chuckles*

Sher:(Giggles)He's been very good to me.So I'm happy to be with him.^^

Yikaro: He's lovable like that. ^^

Freya:I'm gald you know my teachers.^^

Yikaro: Your teachers? *Turns to Freya* I know everybody who is ascosiated with Isaiah. We were connected by birth that way.

Freya:Wow.^^That's amazing.Its like when you make friends.You make a bond with them and the people they know.

Yikaro: Actually, Isaiah and I made a bond when he was brought to my home. The connection binded us, mind and body towards eachother, causing us to feel the same feelings towards specific people...For example, I see you has a beautiful woman whom I love very much, but Isaiah would see you as a close relative, like a sister. Whether I've met them or not, if Isaiah has, I know just about every little thing about them.


Yikaro: *Grins* Its my favorite trait about me, this same bond can be made between you and I quite easily...But its a little complicated to talk about it here... *Blushes slightly and scratches the back of his head*

Freya:(Giggles)That's okay.^^

Yikaro: *Stops blushing and smiles* Anyways, I wonder whats taking so long with Lori and Felix?

Lori:We're home everyone.^^(Enters with Felix)

Yikaro: Well, that was quite convenient. ^^

Freya:Ms Lori,this is Yikaro.He's my boyfriend.

Lori:Please to meet you.^^

Yikaro: Same.^^

Freya:We met yesterday and we're already dating.

Lori:How sweet.^^

Yikaro: Yeah, She's a gift to me. *Hugs her and smiles, then kisses her cheek*

Freya:(Hugs back,smiles and kisses his cheeck)

Yram:Young love.^^How wonderful.

Yikaro: Anyways, so how have you and Felix been?

Lori:We've been very good.^^

Yikaro: Thats good! ^^ *Looks at his watch* Oh! I've gotta go. I can't be late for that appointment. Freya, I leave you in the hands of your friends and teachers. (Kisses her lips quickly, then goes out the door)

Freya:(Waves to him)See you soon Yikaro!I love you!

Yikaro: (Runs back in and kisses her again) Love you too. (Then runs back out)

Freya:(Smiles and waves)

Yakiro: *Appears next to Yikaro* You know, I can go to Isaiah in your stead and get the job for both of us.

Yikaro: Now you tell me.

Yakiro: You didn't ask. I'll see you later. *Runs off towards Station Square*

Yikaro: Right. *Turns back to the Orphanage*

Freya:(In the garden watering the flowers while humming)

Yikaro: (Walks in behind her and smiles, grabbing a rose and walks over to her quietly)

Freya:(Finishes watering the flowers)

Yikaro: (Sneaks up behind her, and wraps his arms around her from behind; kisses her lips deeply, while placing the rose in her hand)

Freya:(Smiles and kisses back)I knew you would come back Yikaro.^^

Yikaro: You know I couldn't leave you.^^ (Continues kissing her deeply, arms wrapped around her)

Freya:(Kisses back and hugs him)

Yikaro: (Breaks the kiss and smiles to her)

Freya:(Smiles back)So wanna do something?

Yikaro: What did you have in mind?

Freya:Um,we could go swimming.

Yikaro: Sounds fun ^^...but what about bathing suits?

Freya:(Smiles and shows him a bag of swimsuits)Sher sewed these up for us right away.^^

Yikaro: Once again, quite convenient!^^

Freya:It sure is.^^So ready to go?^^

Yikaro: Sure! ^^

(At the swimming pool)

Freya:The changing rooms are right here.Girls on the right and boys on the left.

Yikaro: Right. *Goes into the boys changing room and changes into his swimsuit*

Freya:(Goes to the girls changing room and puts on her swimsuit)

Yikaro: *Comes back out and waits for Freya*

Freya:(Comes out)Like my swimsuit?

(Her swimsuit is purple with white flowers)

Yikaro: *Blushes and scratches his head, smiling* look, uh, lovely...

Freya:(Blushes and smiles)Thanks.You look great in yours too.^///^

Yikaro: Thanks^^ (Kisses her, then runs to the diving board and jumps off, making a pefect dive into the water)

Freya:(Giggles and dives in after him)

Yikaro: (Under the water, swims over to her and puts a hand to her head, an orange glow surounds her and then dissapates)

Freya:Huh?What happened?

Yikaro: You can breathe underwater now. I've got some special powers I can use in specific environments.^^

Freya:Wow.This is incrediable.^^

{C Yikaro: Yeah, but its much more fun to be underwater then have to keep surfacing. Also there is an aquatic guard on your eyes, so you can see underwater too. (Smiles)

Freya:Wow.This is so fun.^^(Smiles)

Yikaro: Yeah it is, but its also fun on the diving board. I'm gonna go again. :P (Swims towards the edge and hops out of the water; he later jumps back in, canonball style, making a big splash.)

Freya:(Giggles)I give that a 10.^^Great job Yikaro.

Yikaro: (Grins and kisses her) Thanks Freya.

Freya:(Smiles and kisses back)Your very welcome.^^

Yikaro: (Walks with her over to the shallow end and sits down with her under the water) It's kinda nice down here.^^

Freya:Yes it is.^^

Yikaro: It's nice to spend some time alone with you.^^ (Kisses her forehead)

Freya:I agree.^^(Kisses his cheeck)

Yikaro: (Smiles at her, taking her hand in his) Your very beautiful...I love you. (Kisses her lips)

Freya:And your very amazing and I love you.(Kisses back)

Yikaro: (Wraps his arm over her shoulder, kissing her)

Freya:(Hugs him while still kissing)

Yikaro: (Strokes her hair while still kissing her)

Freya:(Enjoys the kiss)

Yikaro: (Breaks the kiss and smiles at her)

Freya:(Smiles back at him)

Yikaro: (Looks up and notices it was getting dark) The time has flown by quickly.

Freya:It sure has.

Yikaro: (Gets out of the water and helps her out) Lets get changed and head home. What do you say?

Freya:Sounds like a good idea.^^

Yikaro: Okay. (Smiles to her then walks into the boys changing room)

{C Freya:(Smiles and goes to the girl's changing room)

Yikaro: (Walks back out, fully dressed, waiting for Freya)

Freya:(Comes back out,fully dress)Here I am.^^

Yikaro: There you are.^^ (Takes her hand and smiles) Lets head home.


(Back at Freya's house)

Yikaro: *Opens the door and walks in with Freya* Here we are! Home sweet home. *Smiles to her*

Freya:(Smiles back to him)Yes we are.^^

Yikaro: *Checks the time* It looks pretty late, I guess we should head to bed.

Freya:Very true.(Kisses him)Sweet dreams Yikaro.^^

Yikaro: (Kisses back) G'night Freya, sweet dreams. (Walks up to the guets bedroom and heads to bed)

Freya:(Goes to her room and goes to sleep)

Part 2

(The next morning)

Yikaro: *Wakes up and sits up in bed* Another day...wait a minute, I haven't heard from Yakiro since yesterday afternoon...

Yakiro: *Appears and yawns* You called?

Yikaro: How long have you been here?

Yakiro: Since you two headed for the pool. I wanted to leave you two alone, so I came back here, cleaned up Freya's house a little bit, watched some tv, and went to bed.

Yikaro: I don't believe you.

Yakiro: You shouldn't. I stayed in station square, met a cute fox and spent the night at her place.

Yikaro: *Shakes his head and sighs* You have problems, about the job?

Yakiro: You've got it. Your first mission is in a month.

Yikaro: Awesome! Thanks man, I could-

Yakiro: Just, don't go there...

Yikaro: Right. You better go wake up your...friend?

Yakiro: I would say a little closer. *Chuckles at his own dark humor and dissapears*

Yikaro: *Sighs again and gets dressed, then heads downstairs*

Freya:(Wakes up and smiles as she sees him at the stairs)Morning Yikaro.^^

Yikaro: (Turns to her and smiles, blushing slightly when he noticed she was still in her night gown) Morning Freya, sleep well?^^

Freya:Yes I did.^^How about you?

Yikaro: I slept quite well, thanks for asking.^^ Would you care to join me for breakfast real quick? (Smiles and takes a step up the stairs)


Yikaro: (Walks up and grabs her hand, then walks downstairs with her to the kitchen) You take a seat while I take care of breakfast.^^

Freya:Okay.^^(Sits down on a chair)

(Walks in a little while later with two plates of pancakes; places a plate in front of her, and does the same with his own)

Yikaro: Breakfast is served, love.^^

Freya:Wow.They smell great.^^

Yikaro: Thanks.^^

(After breakfast)

Freya:That was a great breakfast Yikaro.^^(Kisses his cheeck and takes the plates)I'll do the dishes this time.

Yikaro: *Smiles and kisses her cheek* Thanks, hon.

Freya:(Smiles)Your very welcome.(Washes the dishes)

Yikaro: So, do you have anything that needs to be done today?

Freya:Nope.I'm free for today.^^

Yikaro: Cool! Some time togethor will be nice.^^ So, where do you want to go today?

Freya:What do you wanna do?I want you to pick something too.^^

Yikaro: I'm not quite familiar with the area. But I'm quite fond of nature. Is there a park nearby? We could take a walk over there?

Freya:There sure is.I'll show you the way.^^

Yikaro: Cool.^^ (Remembers that she's still in her nightgown and blushes again) But you might want to put something heavier on first. It's pretty cold outside.

Freya:(Giggles)True.I can't go in my nightgown.Wait here while I go change.Kay?

Yikaro: Yep!^^ (Finishes cleaning up for her, then kisses her and goes into the living room)

Freya:(Goes to change and soons come back in her clothes)All set.Ready to go?^^

Yikaro: (Stands up, putting on his green scarf) Yep! Lets go. ^^

(Soon they come to the park)

Freya:Here we are.^^

Yikaro: Wow, there is snow everywhere.^^ (Watches the children play around in the snow that fell the previous night, noticing Yakiro out there as well, starting a snowball fight) What the? HAHA! Yakiro is a mad genius.

Freya:Good thing that he's having fun.^^

Yikaro: He hasn't really had the chance to get out much...well, except for yesterday, which he seems to have had a swell time yesterday...Anyways, You wanna join them?

Freya:Sure.It sounds fun.^^

Yikaro: (Grins at her, then kisses her) Okay, lets go.

Freya:(Kisses back)Kay.^^

Yikaro: (Ducks down and rolls back as a snowball comes flying at them)

Freya:That's a close one.

Yikaro: Yakiro must have spotted us. (Smiling like a young boy, making as many snowballs as possible)

Freya:(Making snowballs too)Let's get back at him.

Yikaro: *Grins and nods* On my mark...1, 2, 3!!! (Jumps up and throws dozens of snowballs in Yakiro's directions)

Yakiro: O_O DUCK IN COVER!!!


Freya:We got them on the run.

Yikaro: They'll be back. Better leave these here so we'll be ready. *Laughs* That was fun!^^

Freya:Yes it was.^^

Yikaro: Ok, you wanna go take a walk now? I'm done with my young antics.^^


Yikaro: (Helps her up and walks with her along through the park, right as it begins to snow) That's convenient.^^

Freya:Yes it is.

Yikaro: (Kisses her cheek, still walking along the path with her) I love you Freya.^^

Freya:And I love you Yikaro.^^

Yikaro: It's so nice out here.^^

Freya:Yes it is.I like days like this.^^

Yikaro: Me too.^^

Yakiro's echo: Stop! We've got you surrounded!


Yikaro: I've got a feeling. *Walks around the corner, and catches a snowball thrown from the direction he was pointing* Found 'em.

Yakiro: FALL BACK! *Runs off*

Kids: *Runs follow Yakiro*

Yikaro: *Comes back grinning* He missed this.

Freya:(Giggles)Yes he did.

Yikaro: *Continues walking with her* He might jump us again, but it will be fine. He means to be funny.^^

Freya:I know.^^

Yikaro: *Kisses her, then sits down on a bench* It's nice to spend some time togethor with you.^^

Freya:(Kisses back and sits next to him)Yes it is.^^

Yikaro: (Places an arm over her shoulder, looking around at the park)

Freya:(Smiles and rest her head on his shoulder)

Yikaro: *Smiles and kisses her head, stroking her hair*

Freya:(Kisses his cheeck)

Yikaro: (Smiles again, still stroking her hair)

Yakiro: *Sneaks up on them*

Yikaro: *Throws the snowball back, not knowing it would hit Yakiro*

Yakiro: *Gets hit* ...Alright, we'll call it a draw.

Yikaro: *Jumps slightly and turns around, then laughs* HAHA! Sorry man.

Yakiro: Nah, I know when I'm beat. *Disappears inside of Yikaro*

Yikaro: That was unexpected. *Laughs again*

Freya:(Giggles)Yes it was.^^

Yikaro: *Sits foward again, putting his arm back around her* But, now it's done.^^

Freya:(Rest her head on his shoulder)Yep.^^

Yikaro: It's so beautiful out here. (Starts stroking her hair again)

Freya:Yes it is.(Smiles)

Yikaro: Just not as beautiful as you. (Smiles back and kisses her)

Freya:How sweet of you to say that.(Kisses back)

Yikaro: (Still kissing her, stroking her hair)

Freya:(Hugs him while kissing)

Yikaro: (Hugs her too, kissing her deeper)

Freya:(Enjoys the kiss)

Yikaro: (Enjoys the kiss as well, becoming more passionate)

Freya:(Kisses even more)

Yikaro: (Rubbes her neck gently, still kissing her passionately)

Freya:(Hugs him more)

Yikaro: (Pulls her closer to him, still kissing her)

Freya:(Kisses even more)

Yikaro: (Breaks the kiss, smiling to her) I love you Freya.

Freya:(Smiles back)And I love you Yikaro.

Yikaro: So, what should we do now?

Freya:How about we get some hot chacolate?

Yikaro: That sounds good. ^^

Freya:Then let's go.^^

Yikaro: Okay. ^^

(They go to a little shop for cocoa)

Yikaro: This is some good cocoa.

Freya:Yes it is.^^I feel very warm from it.

Yikaro: Me too, it warms me to the core.^^


Yikaro: (Sits down, drinking his cocoa) Mmm. You picked a good place to get cocoa. ^^ :P

Freya:Your very welcome.I know a few good places.^^

Yikaro: Yeah, I noticed. ^^ (Kisses her)

Freya:Yep.(Kisses back)

Yikaro: So, where should we go once we're done with the cocoa? (Takes another sip of his cocoa)

Freya:Um,any place you like to visit?

Yikaro: I'm not sure, maybe a movie place?

Freya:I know one.I'll show you.^^

Yikaro: Cool!^^

Freya:Let's go.(Takes his hand)

Yikaro: (Follows her)

(At the movies)

Freya:Here we are.

Yikaro: Looks nice. Wanna go see one?


Yikaro: Okay, what do you want to see?

Freya:Not sure.Alot of good movies I see.

Yikaro: Well, what kind of movies do you like?

Freya:Um,I like action and romance movies.

Yikaro: Ok then, how about The Matrix? I've seen it before. It's an excellent movie.^^


Yikaro: Okay. The movie will be coming on soon , so I'll get us some tickets. And I promise, I hen't ruin the movie for you. (Laughs and kisses her)

Freya:(Giggles and kisses back)Kay.^^

Yikaro: Okay.^^ Let's go.

(Once they got their tickets.They went to the room where the movie was playing)

Yikaro: *Sits down with Freya right as the movie starts* Good, we didn't miss anything. ^^


Yikaro: Your gonna love the movie.^^

(After the movie)

Freya:That was so awsome.XD

Yikaro: I told you it would be good. *Smiles*

Freya:(Smiles at him)You were right.^^

Yikaro: *Notices it was getting dark* Wow, that killed time.

Freya:Yes it did.

Yikaro: You wanna head home? ^^


Yikaro: Okay. ^^ *Walks with her back to the house* It's kinda nice out here in the evening.^^

Freya:Its better that your with me Yikaro.^^

Yikaro: You look beautiful in the moonlight, Freya. *Smiles*

Freya:(Smiles and kisses him)Thank you.^^

Yikaro: *Kisses her back* Your welcome, love.^^

(Back at the house)

Yikaro: Back again. :P

Freya:Yes we are.^^

Yikaro: *Looks at the time* It's not too late. Is there anything you wanna do before bed?

Freya:Wanna have a quick snack?

Yikaro: Sure, sounds good to me. ^^

Freya:Like like eating a sandwitch?

Yikaro: Yeah sure, sounds good to me. ^^

Freya:Kay.I'll go make them.Your welcome to.^^

Yikaro: Okay. If you don't mind, I'll come with.

Freya:Then lets go.^^

Yikaro: M'kay! *Smiles*

(In the kitchin,they made thier sandwitches)

Yikaro: (Sits down with her and starts eating with her) This is.really good.^^

Freya:Yes it is.

(After they finish their sandwhiches)

Yikaro: That was good Freya. Thank you. *Kisses her*

Freya:Your very welcome Yikaro.(Kisses back)

Yikaro: Well, I guess it's about time to get to bed, eh?


Yikaro: Okay, sweet dreams love. *Kisses her*

Freya:(Kisses back)You too love.^^(Goes to her room)

Yikaro: (Goes to the guest bedroom, lays down and falls asleep)

(Early next morning)

Yikaro: *Sits up* Too early to wake up Freya...nothing to do.

Yakiro: You can talk to me.

Yikaro: No thanks.

Yakiro: Worth a try.

Yikaro: You still 'with' that girl?

Yakiro: One night stand.

Yikaro: You've got problems.

Yakiro: ...I know.

Yikaro: *Sits on the bed, watching the dark sky*

Freya:(Dreams of Yikaro)

Yikaro: *Gets up, gets dressed, and walks out of his room again, heading outside*

Freya:(Wakes up,yawns and gets dress)

Yikaro: *Walks down the road, following the path they took the day they met*

Freya:(Sees him walking down the road)

Yikaro: *Continues walking, not noticing that she's watching him*

Freya:(Flies out the window and follows)

Yikaro: *Continues walking till he finds the tree he was under when he met Freya and place a hand on it* Heheh. Feels so long ago when we's only been three days though. It's too soon, I can't just try and marry her this early just because of my petty little wants...

Yakiro: Sure you can.

Yikaro: Sometimes you act like you have absolutely no cueth about you.

Yakiro: Mmm...your probably right on that. *Disappears again*

Yikaro: *Sits down, then pulls out the book he had been reading that day; the book had the word "Bible" on it* No matter how many times I read it, a new meaning's amazing. *Opens the book and begins reading*

Feya:(Sits on the same branch and watches him)

Yikaro: (Grins, still reading the book)

Freya:(Smiles and softly hums)

Yikaro: *Laughs to himself, then stands up* Good morning Freya. Recreating the day we met.


Yikaro: Sorry, I've had a lot on my mind. You sleep well?

Freya:Yes I did.How about you?

Yikaro: Well, I was up this early on a saturday. I don't think I did...anyways, thanks for asking love.

Freya:Your very welcome love.^^

Yikaro: *Kisses her* You wanna head home?

Freya:(Kisses back)Sure.^^

Yikaro: *Walks back home with Freya*

Freya:(Holds his hand as they walk home)

Yikaro: (Smiles, holding her hand as well)


(When they get home)

Yikaro: *Walks in and sits down on the couch*

Freya:Would you like some breakfast Yikaro?

Yikaro: Yeah sure. Sounds good. ^^

Freya:Kay.I'll go make it.(Goes to the kitchin)

Yikaro: Thanks Freya. *Smiles*

Freya:Your welcome Yikaro.(Smiles and cooks breakfast)

Yikaro: *Walks into the kitchen and sits down, waiting for breakfast to finish*

Freya:(Lays down a plate of eggs and bacon)Enjoy love.^^

Yikaro: *Smiles and kisses her* Thanks hon. ^^

Freya:(Smiles and kisses back)Your very welcome.^^

Yikaro: *Eats with her*

(After breakfast)

Yikaro: Wow, you've outdone yourself this time Freya. ^^

Freya:(Giggles)Glad you liked it Yikaro.^^

Yikaro: (Kisses her, then starts taking care of the dishes)

Freya:(Kisses back and cleans the table)

(When they're finished)

Yikaro: So, now what?

Freya:How about we fly in the sky today.The weahter is perfect.

Yikaro: I haven't been in the air in a long while. That sounds great. *Kisses her* Let's go.

Freya:(Kissing back)Ready as you are.^^

Yikaro: *They both walk outside* It's been a while...*Flaps his wings a couple times* Just like riding a bike... *Jumps up and floats in the air, waiting fo Freya*

Freya:(Flaps her wings a few times.Then jumps up and floats next to him)All set.^^

Yikaro: Great! ^^ *Touches her arm* Tag! *Flies off*

Freya:(Giggles)I'll get you back,Yikaro!(Flies after him)

Yikaro: *Flies into a forest, dodging the trees at a quick pace, moving slow enough to let Freya keep her eye on him*

Freya:(Flies past the trees as fast as she could,keeping an eye on him with a smile)

Yikaro: (Flies up out of a clearing and continues forward through open sky)

Freya:(Follows him)

Yikaro: (Stops, looking down at something)

Freya:(Flies next to him)Looking at something Yikaro?

Yikaro: *His eyes were shut tight, a frown on his face* ...

Freya:Yikaro?(Pats his back)

Yikaro: *Opens his eyes then looks around, noticing her* Huh, what happened?

Freya:Not sure.You were looking at something and then you got sad.

Yikaro: Oh, no. I wasn't looking at anything. I wasn't sad either. Everything's alright.

Freya:I hope so.

Yikaro: Come on, lets keep going.^^


Yikaro: (Flies off again) Try and catch me!

Freya:Hey!I wasn't ready!(Laughs and flies after him)

Yikaro: (Laughs) You'll have to be quicker than that! *Starts serpentining*

Freya:I'll catch up to you soon!(Flaps her wings a little faster,giving her a boost of speed)

Yikaro: (Notices her catching up) Okay then, time to get serious. *Flies up higher*

Freya:Wow.I'll still catch you(Flies high too)

Yikaro: (Continues ascending till the sky becomes darker and stars can be seen; flips over on to his back, gazing at the stars, still flying)

Freya:(Flies behind him as she saw the stars)Wow...

Yikaro: *Slows back to where he's flying beside her* Yeah, it's quite a veiw up here. We're almost to my destination.

Freya:Its amazing up here.I've never been this close to the stars before.

Yikaro: It's a whole new world up here. I lived up here as a boy. We're getting close. *Points to a small island that was slowly getting larger*

Freya:Is that your home?

Yikaro: Yep.^^ I told you I would show you it someday.

Freya:Can't we go take a closer look?

Yikaro: Why would we be up here just to pass over it? Of course, I'm gonna introduce you to the Elder.^^

Freya:Kay.Lead the way,love.^^

Yikaro: Okay.^^ *Continues flying, heading towards the island*

Freya:(Follows close behind him)

(They finally reach the island, which was many times larger than it first looked)

Yikaro: *Lands in a field* Here we are. I wanted to land a ways away to show up unsuspected. I want to make it a surprise.^^

Freya:Wow.This place is huge.

Yikaro: Well it's about the size of Angel Island so, yeah.^^ The village is up ahead.

Freya:Kay.I'm ready to see more of your home.^^

Yikaro: Okay. C'mon. *Walks through some bushes, nearing the sound of music*

Freya:(Follows him)What a nice tune.

Yikaro: They only play during a festival though...*Grins* They must have seen us. Well, there goes that one.

(They walk out into a large village, where many male and female Gregarii were dancing and singing around a group of menstrals)

Freya:Wow.They sure look like they're having fun.

Yikaro: Yeah, this definately isn't for me. *Still grinning, he walks up towards the crowd* Hey!

(The entire crowd goes silent and turns to Yikaro)

Yikaro: Nobody decided to invite me?

(The crowd suddenly erupts in laughter and cheering, going back to dancing and singing)

Yikaro: *Grins and walks back to Freya* Yeah, they definately missed me. *Smiles and kisses her*

Freya:(Kisses back and giggles)That's good.^^

Yikaro: *Walks through the crowd, shaking hands and saying hi to random people, trying to get to the Elder's home*

Freya:(Waves and smiles at some as they pass)

Yikaro: *Enters the big tent, causing everybody inside to turn to him*

(In the tent were four Grengarii, three men and a woman. The woman had a circlet on with two feathers protruding from it, showing that she was the elder.)

Female Grengarii: Well well, if it isn't the hero himself.

Yikaro: Good to see you again, Hamira.

Hamira: *Walks over and hugs Yikaro* You've been gone quiet a while Yikaro, has your search been well?

Yikaro: *Hugs her and steps back, then nods* Yes it has, Isaiah has been doing well by what I've heard from his friends.

Hamira: Very good. *Turns to Freya* And who is this?

Yikaro: Hamira, allow me to introduce you to Freya the Butterfly.

Freya:Please to meet you.^^

Hamira: Same. *Shakes her hand*

Yikaro: I came to make a visit to show Freya where I grew up.

Hamira: Well, I very much insist that you stay here for just today.

Yikaro: *Turns to Freya* Is that alright with you Freya?

Freya:Sure.^^I want to see more of your lovely home.^^

Yikaro: *Turns to Hamira* Okay, we'll stay.

Hamira: Good.^^

Freya:This place is amzing.

Hamira: Thanks. I've expanded some since I took over my fathers tribe.

Yikaro: You've been doing well, Hamira.

Hamira: Thank you very much Yikaro. It means a lot coming from you.

Freya:Your welcome.^^

Yikaro: Same.^^ Hey Freya lets go.

Freya:I'm comming Yikaro.^^

Yikaro: *Walks with her outside, where everybody was still dancing and singing* So, should we go explore, or do you want to join the celebration?

Freya:I like to see more of love.^^

Yikaro: Okay, they've probably expanded a lot, but I know a place where you can see much more. C'mon.^^


Yikaro: *Heads outside of the village and begins climbing a steep hill*

Freya:(Follows him)

Yikaro: *Climbs up the hill, and walks over to a ledge as it levels out, showing the entire island on all sides* This is home...


Yikaro: Yep. It's a real beauty... *Notices multiple other colonizations around the island, in the shape of an O* A perfect circle...interesting.

(The entire Island was a forested/ruins habitat, with a few small industrialized areas)

Freya:This is a amazing place Yikaro.

Yikaro: Thanks Freya, it's just good to be home. *Hugs her and kisses her*

Freya:Your very welcome.^^(Hugs and kisses back)

Yikaro: It's so much better with you here. ^^ (Keeps kissing her)

Freya:(Smiles)I'm glad to make it better for you.^^(Kisses back)

Yikaro: *Rubs her back, still kissing her*

Freya:(Hugs him while kissing him)

Yikaro: *Hugs her back, still kissing her* I love you Freya.

Freya:I love you too,Yikaro.^^

Yikaro: C'mon, let's go back down and explore some.

Freya:Sure thing.^^

Yikaro: *Walks down the cliff and begins exploreing through the advanced vegetation*

Freya:(Follows close to him)

(They walk for a little while, until they reach a clearing with strange walls in ruins)

Yikaro: This is where I used to live...but what happened to the house?

Freya:What did happen?

Yikaro: I guess it was destroyed during a raid...

Freya:I'm sorry that happened.

Yikaro: It's alright, it's not the first time it's happened. It's a good thing I brought all my things to your place. ^^ *Walks around the ruins*

Freya:(Follows)That's true.

Yikaro: *Sifts through the rubble and finds a small package* What the?

Freya:What did you find Yikaro?

Yikaro: *Unwraps the package, his eyes widen* It's my parents wills! I never knew these were here...I never even knew my parents!

Freya:Wow.What a find.

Yikaro: Yeah...*Reads the wills* It seems that everything was left to me...*A pendent falls from his mothers will and he picks it up* It's a necklace with a shard of a...Griigorri Emerald in it!

(The Griigori Emerald is the power source of the island, sort of like the Master Emerald, but there are actually more than just seven Griigorri emeralds, there are actually twelve)

Freya:Its beautiful.

Yikaro: It looks sort of like a...a locket of some sort...*Opens it up and an entwined ring falls out*

(The ring was of an elven make, the shape of two vines wrapping around eachother, with a few gaps in between.)

Yikaro: A ring? ...My mothers ring...

Freya:Maybe this is her most treasured item.

Yikaro: Yeah...but's it wasn't supposed to be for me...this is her betrothel ring...


Yikaro: *Puts the ring back in the necklace, smiles, and tosses the necklace to Freya* Catch, it's yours.

Freya:(Catches it)You sure?

Yikaro: Yeah, think of it as...a proposal of some sort....

Freya:(Blushes and smiles)Thank you.I'll take good care of them.^^

Yikaro: *Smiles back* I know you will, love. (Walks over to her and kisses her)

Freya:(Kisses back)

Yikaro: *Continues kissing her, rubbing her back again*

Freya:(Hugs him as she kisses him)

Yikaro: (Kisses her deeply, holding her close to him)

Freya:(Enjoys the kiss)

Yikaro: (Kisses her deeply and passionately, hugging her)

Freya:(Breaks the kiss a bit)Can you help me put the necklance on?

Yikaro: *Smiles* Sure. *Walks around her and helps her put it on, then pulls out the ring and hands it to her*

Freya:(Smiles)Maybe this ring will be a symbol of our love to each other.^^

Yikaro: Yeah, but I have a better idea for it. (Slides it onto her right ring finger, still smiling)

Freya:(Blushes and smiles)Good idea Yikaro.^^

Yikaro: Freya, I know for a fact now. I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. *Kisses her*

Freya:I love you too Yikaro and I want to spend my life with you too.(Kisses back)

Yikaro: Then it's settled!^^ (Continues kissing her)

Freya:Yep.^^(Keeps kissing)

Yikaro: We could have your friends at New Hope throw the wedding if you want.^^ *Kisses her again*

Freya:They would love too.They helped with other weddings.^^

Yikaro: I've heard. Anyways, we've got a little bit longer before it gets dark. How about we go explore a little longer.^^


(Over the rest of the afternoon, they visit all of the villages, then return to the elder villiage as it began to darken outside)

Yikaro: Well, they've got a place up for us for the night.^^

Freya:That's very nice of them.^^

Yikaro: Well, Hamira always keeps her word. This I'm sure of.^^ (Walks inside the tent after Freya, looking at a large interior area with two beds and a small den-like area) Woah, nice place. I'm going to have to thank Hamira for this one.

Freya:Me too.^^

Yikaro: Looks like there are shades to seperate the bedrooms. Do you think they'll be needed? *Blushes*

Freya:(Giggles)We're very close as it is.I think their's no need for them.

Yikaro: (Smiles) Right.^^ *Walks over to one side of the room and starts getting ready for bed*

Freya:(Smiles and gets ready for bed too)

Yikaro: *Kisses Freya* Goodnight Freya, sleep well.^^

Freya:(Kisses back)Sleep well to you as well,Yikaro.^^

  • The both go to bed*

(The next morning)

Yikaro: *Wakes up, gets out of bed, and gets dressed; walks outside, trying not to wake Freya* It's good to be home.

Yakiro: *Walks out of a tent a ways away* Well I better head back to- *Notices Yikaro* Oh no... *Disappears*

Yikaro: ...Oh great. *Shakes his head at the ground* You are the worst.

Yakiro's voice: Hey, I've gotta do something while your sleeping, and it's the only out of ordinary thing I could do.

Yikaro: Yeah, but your supposed to be better than that.

Yakiro's voice: ...Right.

Freya:(Wakes up,gets dress and walks out the tent)Morning Yikaro.^^(Sees Yakiro)Hi Yakiro.

Yakiro and Yikaro: *Turns to her with simultanieous voices* Oh, hey Freya.^^ *They both look at eachother, then Yakiro disappears*

Yikaro: Anyways. I was gonna head to Hamira's tent to thank her and wish her well. You wanna come along?


Yikaro: Okay.^^ (Walks with Freya to Hamira's tent and steps in)

Hamira: *Turns to see them* Ah good, your up. How did you sleep?

Yikaro:We slept well, and thank you for the hospitality Elder.

Hamira: Yikaro, you and I are best friends, just call me Hamira like you used to.

Yikaro: Right. ^^;

Hamira: So, I suppose you'll be off now?

Freya:Yeah.But we'll be sure to visit often.

Hamira: I hope so. I'm gonna need some help from Yakiro as well.

Yikaro: How did you know

Hamira: *Grins and winks* You better head off now. The gales are in your favorable direction at the moment.

Yikaro: ...Right. *Walks out with Freya* I'm gonna kill that perverted child... *Facepalms himself, completely embarresed*


Yikaro: C'mon, let's go. *Smiles to her and kisses her, then falls off the edge backwards*

Freya:(Smiles,kisses back and flies after him)

Yikaro: (Still falling, becoming smaller to her)

Freya:(Flies faster after him)

Yikaro: *Unfurls his wings, catching the wind and stopping him; he catches her as she falls into him, making them drop a little ways* Got'chya. ^^

Freya:(Giggles and kisses him)You had me worrid Yikaro.^^

Yikaro: (Laughs and kisses back) Nah, I just like to have some fun with my flying. Besides, We're right over the orphanage. (Slowly floats down)

Freya:Your right.^^

Yikaro: *Gets near the ground and closes his wings, landing on the ground* There.^^ *Puts Freya down* We're here. (Kisses her)

Freya:(Kisses back)Yep.^^

Kids:Hi Freya!Hi Yikaro!^^

Yikaro: *Walks up to the kids* Hey kids! Aren't you supposed to be in class right now?

Zuna::Its playtime.^^

Freya:That's right.Before lunch,the kids play.

Yikaro: Ah. Well, let's head inside. *Walks in with Freya*

Freya:Let's go guys.^^(Enters with Yikaro)


Yikaro: So, who's the head here anyways?

Yram:That would be me.^^

Dlan:And me.^^

Freya:Yikaro,this is Yram and Dlan.They own New Hope.^^

Yikaro: Ah, Yram. I've heard that name before. But Dlan, your a new one. *Shakes both their hands* Pleasure to meet you.^^


Dlan:I've help Yram build this place back when some of the older kids was in daipers.

Yikaro: I could see that. It would take too long to explain why I said what I said earlier, so let's just leave it at that.^^ So, how can we help in any way?

Yram:We just need to make sure the kids are safe during their other classes.

Yikaro: Cool, sounds good to me.^^ What about you Freya?

Freya:Sure does.^^

Yikaro: Cool.^^ So where are we going to first?


Yikaro: Ah, okay Lori. C'mo Freya. *Kisses her and follows Lori* ^^

Freya:Let's go kids.(Follows)

Kids:(Does so)

Yikaro: *Walks into the gym* Nice gym. *Steps out of the way and lets Lori do her job*

Lori:Thank you Yikaro.Okay class,warmups.

Kids:Kay.(Does so)

Yikaro: *Sits on the bleachers, watching the kids*

Freya:(Waves to him as she's watching the kids)

Yikaro: *Smiles and walks over to her, whispering in her ear* You think we'll be able to have one? *Still watching the children*

Freya:(Blushes and giggles)I think we can.^^

Yikaro: *Kisses her* You know what I meant *Laughs*

Freya:(Kisses back)I know.(Blushes deeper and smiles)

Yikaro: Good. C'mon, let's go sit down.^^ *Goes over to the bleachers nearest the children with Freya, watching the kids play*


(After Gym)

Lori:That was a great class kids.

Kids:Thank you Ms.Lori.^^

Yikaro: Well, looks like they played fair. Which class is next? *Stands up, helping Freya up*

Freya:(Sits up)Art class.Mr.Tim and his daughter Elizabeth run it.

Yikaro: Okay. You wanna go watch that class as well?^^


Yikaro: Okay, let's go.^^ *Walks with her to the next class*

(In art class)

Tim:Okay everyone,today we are painting whatever fruit you want.


Kids:(Does so)

Yikaro: *Looks over the paintings, then walks back over to Freya* All of them show definate signs of ability in everything they do. It's quite amazing, and shows that there is hope here.^^

Freya:Yes there is.^^New hope for everyone young and old.

Yikaro: *Smiles* This place is very nice. I understand why you come here.^^ *Kisses her*

Freya:(Kisses back)Yep.

Tim:(Walks up to them holding Elizabeth)Freya has been a great help since she was little.

Yikaro: Well that's good to know, Tim.^^

Elizabeth:Yes it is.She's been here before me.

Freya:Elizabeth was founded by Tim and he took care of her since like his own daughter.

Yikaro: I'm glad that people here care for the well being of those who live here. It helps me know that these children will someday do something right for this world, and that they'll turn out alright in their lives.^^

Freya:Very true.^^

Yikaro: So, what do we do now?^^


Freya:Ms Sher's sewing class.^^Its the last class of the day.

Yikaro: Ah, okay. I'm gonna sit this one out, if you don't mind Freya. I'm not the greatest fan of sewing, no offence Sher. *Kisses Freya and walks out*

Freya:That's okay Yikaro.^^(Kisses him and helps the class)

(After class)

Freya:All done.(Smiling and holding something behind her back)

Yikaro: *Waiting outside the classroom, talking with Yakiro; turns towards the door* Sounds like they're finished.

Yakiro: Yep, I better split.

Yikaro: Don't go doing anything stupid, okay?

Yakiro: No promises.

Yikaro: Oh and one more thing. *Hits Yakiro in the face hard*

Yakiro: *Head swings back, then straightens again* ...Okay. I deserved that one... *Disappears*

Yikaro: Thanks, I needed that.

Freya:I made you something Yikaro.^^

Yikaro: Really? You shouldn't have.^^ *Kisses her*

Freya:(Kisses back)Your welcome.^^

Yikaro: So what is it? :3

Freya:This.(Shows him brown armband with I love you on it)Its not much,but I hope you like it.^///^

Yikaro: (Takes it from her and puts it on.) I love it Freya, *Kisses her* becuase you took the time to make it.^^

Freya:(Kisses back and smiles)I'm glad you liked it.^^

Yram:Hello you two.Care to join us for dinner?

Yikaro: Sure, we'd love to. *Whispers to Freya* When do you think we should tell them?

Freya:(Whispers back)At the dinning room where they will all be.

Yram:Let's go then.^^

(In the dinning room as Rey and her son Jyscal are serving everyone stew)

Yikaro: Hey, everybody. We've got some news for you.^^


Yram:What's the news?

Yikaro: Freya and I are getting married.^^ *Turns to Freya* You wanna show them the ring, Freya?

Freya:Yes.^^(Smiles and shows her ring)

Sher:That's a beautiful ring.


Yikaro: It was my mother's, I thought it would be fitting.^^ *Kisses Freya*

Freya:(Kisses back)Mmm.^^

Molly:That's very sweet.

Yikaro: Anyways, now that the news is out. Lets eat. ^^ :P


(They enjoyed the meal)

Yikaro: Wow Rey, if you cook like that all the time, I'll probably have to live here too. *Laughs*

Rey:(Laughs too)Glad you like it.I taught Freya how to cook as well.

Freya:Yep.It was fun.^^

Yikaro: I thought there was a connection between you two's food.^^ *Laughs again, then helps clean up*

(After clean up)

Freya:What a great day.^^

Yikaro: Yeah, it has been. Looks like it's getting late now, you wanna head home?


Kids:Come back soon.^^

Irol:We'll get everything ready.^^

Yikaro: Thanks for the help you guys. Cya tomorrow.^^ *Turns to Freya* Lets go.^^ (Walks with her home)

(At the house)

Yikaro: *Walks in with Freya* It's nice to be back home.^^

Freya:Yes it is.^^

Yikaro: *Kisses her* G'night love.^^

Freya:(Kisses back)You too love.^^

(They went to bed)

Part 3

(On the day of the wedding)

Yikaro: *Getting ready* I can't believe it's finally come...

Yakiro: *Appears* You alright dude?

Yikaro: Yeah, just freaking out because I'm about to get married...

Yakiro: Don't worry dude, I've already planned a stress- reliever. *Grins*

Yikaro: If you've gotten me a bachelor's party, then I'll hit you three times as hard as I did.

Yakiro: *Pulls out a phone* I'll be right back. *Disappears*

Yikaro: *Shakes his head at the floor*

Dlan:How's everything Yikaro?Everythings ready.

Yikaro: I'm good. Just having problems with Yakiro...

Yakiro: *Reappears* were talking about me, weren't you?

Yikaro: Yep.

Tim:Well,we better get you to the alter.

Yikaro: Right. *Follows Tim and Dlan

Yakiro: *Follows them*

Yikaro: *Turns to Yakiro* Don't do anything stupid Yakiro.

Yakiro: Right. ^^;

(They arrive at the alter)

Jony:Almost time.

Yikaro: Yep. Yakiro, you got the ring?

Yakiro: *Looks at the ring, floating above his hand and spinning slowly; looks back at Yikaro, not saying a word*

Yikaro: ...Good. *Turns to the front, waiting for the procession*

(Soon,the wedding march begins,leading with the flower girl,then Yikaro sees Freya in a beautiful white dress)

Yikaro: (Wow, she can make just about anything look good. Heheh.) *Smiles*

Freya:(Stands next to him smiling)

Priest:Dearly beloved.We are gathered here today to witness the marriage of Freya and Yikaro.And so,the ring please so that the groom may place it on his bride.

(The ring, still floating in his hand, slowly floats to Yikaro's hand)

Yikaro: Thank you. *Turns to Freya and slides the ring onto her finger, smiling*

Priest:Do you Yikaro,take Freya as your beloved wife?

Yikaro: I do.^^

Priest:And do you Freya,take this man to be your husband?

Freya:I do.^^

Priest:So by the power in me,I now pronouce you husband and wife.You may now kiss.

Yikaro: *Turns to Freya and kisses her*

Freya:(Kisses back)


Yikaro: *Smiles, then walks off the alter with Freya*

Freya:(WAlks with Yikaro,smiling)

Yikaro: The bouquet? You gonna throw it? *Grins*

Freya:Yep.^^(Throws it)

Molly:(Catches it and blushes)

Yikaro: *Laughs to Molly* Here's to a new promise! *They all go to the after-party*

(Later that night.)

Yikaro: Looks like it's getting late. You wanna head home love?^^

Yakiro: I'll see ya'll there. *Disappears*

Freya:(Smiles)Sure love.^^

Yikaro: Okay. Everybody has already left, and I've already told Yram and Dlan we were gonna head. So, lets go.^^ *Walks with her out of the building and down the road*

Freya:(Holding Yikaro's hand,smilining)

Yikaro: *Kisses her hand, smiling*

(When they get home)

Yikaro: And we're home.^^

Freya:Yes we are.^^

Yikaro: *Walks up the stairs* Now that we're married, I can sleep in the master bedroom now. *Laughs*

Freya:(Giggles)That's right.

Yikaro: *Walks into the bedroom* I've never seen the inside of this room. It's nice.^^

Freya:Thanks.^^I do my best.^^

Yikaro: You did great.^^ ...So, uh...You remember when I first came home with you...that first night...*Blushes, scratching his head*

Freya:(Blushes)Yes I do.What about it?

Yikaro: Well...Maybe we could try and redo that...Now that we're married and all...

Freya:Very true.

Yikaro: So, what do you say?


Yikaro: *Sighs in relief* Whew. I thought you'd reject me again. XD *Kisses her*

Freya:I would never reject you.^^(Kisses him)

Yikaro: *Kisses her softly, rubbing her neck*

(Next morning)

Yikaro: *Wakes up, and sits up in bed, trying not to wake Freya*

Freya:(Smiles in her sleep)

Yikaro: *Smiles, and kisses her forehead lightly; steps out of bed, gets dressed, and walks outside of the house*

Yakiro: Something bothering you?

Yikaro: Nope, I'm good. You?

Yakiro: I might have impregnated Hamira...

Yikaro: Oh, cool...Wait, WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!

Yakiro: Yeah...

Freya:(Yawns,wakes up,and gets out of bed)Yikaro?(Gets dress and sees hime outside)There he is.^^


Yakiro: Shhhhhhhh!!! Don't scream or people will hear you!

Freya:Yikaro?(Standing behind him)

Yikaro and Yakiro: *Jump and turn to her*

Yikaro: *Sighs in relief and anger towards Yakiro* Morning Freya, sorry you had to hear that...

Freya:(Hugs him)That's alright Yikaro.

Yikaro: Thanks Freya. *Hugs her back*

Yakiro: *Tries to walk away without them noticing*

Freya:Your welcome.^^(Sees Yakiro)You better help her take care of that baby.

Yakiro: ...Right. *Dissapears*

Yikaro: I guess it's best he goes and takes care of Hamira. *Sighs again* I can't beleive him.

Freya:I know.But I'm sure everything will be fine.

Yikaro: I hope so...

Freya:So ready for breakfast?

Yikaro: Yeah, sure.^^

(In the kitchin)

Freya:(Lays down plates of toast and eggs for them both)Enjoy.^^

Yikaro: Looks good, hun.^^ *Starts eating*

Freya:Glad you like it.^^(Starts eating too)

(After breakfast)

Yikaro: That was great, hun. *Begins cleaning up*

Freya:Your welcome.^^(Helps him)

(When they were finished)

Yikaro: So, what do you want to do today?

Freya:How about we go to the beach?

Yikaro: Sounds great. ^^ I'll go get the swimsuits, I'll be right back. *Kisses her forehead and heads upstairs*

Freya:Kay love.(Smiles and waits for him)

Yikaro: *Comes back downstairs with their swimsuits and hands hers to her* Here ya go. You wanna change now or when we get there?

Freya:How about when we get there.^^

Yikaro: Fine by me.^^ Lets go then. (Walks outside with her and hops into the air) You lead, I'll follow.^^

Freya:(Smiles)Okay.^^(Hops in the air)Let's go.(Leads the way to the beach)

Yikaro: (Follows close behind Freya)

(At the beach)

Freya:Here we are.^^

Yikaro: (Looks out over the beach from a cliff, staring down on the white sand against the clear blue water) It's amazing! Freshwater I'm guessing?


Yikaro: Thought so. So, where do we change? I can't wait to hit the water.^^

Freya:There's a changing tent by that shack near the shore.

Yikaro: Kay.^^ *Kisses her* See you in a moment. *Walks off towards the changing tent*

Freya:(Kisses back)Same to you.^^(Goes to change too)

(A few minutes later)

Yikaro: *Walks out in his bathing suit and waits for Freya at ahere they landed*

Freya:(Comes out in her swimsuit)What do you think?^///^

Yikaro: Y-you look amazing hun. ^///^ *Scratches the back of his head*

Freya:Thanks love.^////^

Yikaro: Come on, lets head down to the beach. ^///^ *Wraps his arm around her and walks down the steps towards the sand*

Freya:Right.^^(Walks with him)

Yikaro: (Kisses her cheek and continues down to the beach)

(At the beach)

Freya:What a perfect day.^^

Yikaro: Yeah, that water looks great, I might go surfing a bit later.

Freya:I would love to see that.

Yikaro: I haven't surfed since I made it to Mobius, so it might end up as a train wreck. (Laughs, walking along the sand)

Freya:(Giggles)Just be careful.^^

Yikaro: Right, I'm not going in yet, but I will later.^^

Frey:Kay.^^(Kisses his cheeck)

Yikaro: (Grins, kisses her cheek; starts setting up a place for them)

Freya:(Helps him)

Yikaro: *Sits down with her on a towel* I love you, hun.^^

Freya:(Sits next to him)And I love you,dear.^^

Yikaro: (Kisses her)

Freya:(Kisses back)

Yikaro: You wanna go swim a little?^^


Yikaro: Sweet.^^ *Gets up, helps her up, then runs into the water like a little kid*

Freya:(Giggles and follows him)

Yikaro: (Turns to her) Remember what I told you about being able to breathe and see underwater? You can use it to dive deeper. (Grins, then dives into the water)

Freya:(Smiles and dives after him)

Yikaro: (Swims out a ways into the water and dives deeper, watching the fish swim by)

Freya:(Follows him and watches the fish swim by her)

Yikaro: (Swims over a dropoff and shows her a beautiful multicolored reef system running to either side of them) What do you think? (Smiles)

Freya:Its beautiful.^^

Yikaro: Yep, I've come here a couple times before to make sure the reef stayed safe. ^^

Freya:You did a great job.^^

Yikaro: Thank you. (Kisses her)

Freya:Your welcome.(Kisses back)

Yikaro: So, you wanna head back up? Or should we swim around a little more? (Smiles)

Freya:I would like to see some more please.^^

Yikaro: Okay.^^ (Continues swimming with her, swimming past multiple other reefs and passing by schools of fish)

Freya:(Swims close to him enjoying the view)

Yikaro: (Wraps his hand in hers and continues swimming)

Freya:(Smiles and keeps swimming)

Yikaro: (Finally swims up to a large sized coral mound, shaped in a heart; they suddenly sink down to the floor and stand at the ground)

Freya:(Stands next to him)Wow.This is amazing.

Yikaro: Yep. I called it Nomari Isle...Nomari was the name of my mother...

Freya:That's very kind of you to name something after your mother.

Yikaro: It's the only thing I know of her. She loved oceanography especially.

Freya:That's amazing.I barley know my birth parents.

Yikaro: That's all I know of her. I don't know a thing about my dad...

Freya:I know the feeling.

Yikaro: But let's not worry about that. ^^ You wanna head back up? We've been down here for a while.


Yikaro: (Smiles) Okay.^^ (They float up to the surface and swim back to shore; Yikaro lays out on his towel, looking up at the sky)

Freya:(Lays next to him,smiles and watches the sky)

Yikaro: (Smiles to Freya and holds her hand) It's nice to spend some time with you Freya. ^^

Freya:(Smiles and holds his hand)I agree Yikaro.^^

Yikaro: (Stands up) I think I might go try surfing now. ^^

Freya:I'll cheer you on.^^

Yikaro: Thanks. (Runs off, conjuring a board and hopping into the water)

Freya:Your welocme!^^

Yikaro: (Swims off a ways and surfs on a large wave)

Freya:(Cheers him)

Yikaro: (Stumbles slightly, but holds up, still surfing)

Freya:Careful love!

Yikaro: (Nods, continues surfing and starts doing tricks)

Freya:(Keeps cheering)

Crowd: (Starts cheering as well at Yikaro's display)

Yikaro: (Hops off his board, makes a triple axel flip, and lands perfectly on the board, still surfing) Yeeeeeaaaah!!!!

Freya:(Clapping)That was amazing Yikaro!^^

Yikaro: (His board slides to the beach and he steps off) Thanks Freya. ^^ (Kisses her cheek)

Freya:Your welcome.^^(Kisses his cheeck)

Yikaro: So, what should we do now? ^^

Freya:You want to build a sand castle?

Yikaro: Sure. ^^ (Ignores the crowd of girls a few yards away from them)

Freya:Let's get started.^^

Yikaro: Kay. ^^ (Starts molding the sand)

Freya:(Pour some water on the sand )

Yikaro: I've got a good idea. ^^ (Waves his hand over a specific area of sand. Tries molding it togethor again and the sand begins to form a castle much faster, becoming larger)


Yikaro: What can I say, I'm good with my hands. ^^ (Two girls faint when as he says that, but Yikaro again ignores them)

Freya:Yes you are.^^(Place some seashells on it)

Yikaro: (The sandcastle grows to Yikaro's knees)

Freya:(Smiles as they work)

(When they were finished)

Yikaro: (Looking up at a huge sized sand castle) I didn't think it would get this good. XD

Freya:(Hugs him)That's because we did it together.^^

Yikaro: (Hugs her back and kisses her) You know it.^^

Freya:Yep.^^(Kisses back)

Yikaro: So, what should we do now hun. ^^

Freya:Um,how about we walk along the shore?

Yikaro: Sounds romantic, lets go! ^^


Yikaro: (Takes her hand in his and starts walking with her, leaving the sand castle behind)

Freya:(Smiles,holds his hand and walks with him)

Yikaro: (Walks along with her, listening to the sound of the ocean)

Freya:(Listens to it too)

Yikaro: I can't believe how nice it is out here, it's like an entirely different place.

Freya:Yes it is.

Yikaro: It's great to be here with you, Freya. *Kisses her again*

Freya:Its great to be with you to Yikaro.(Kisses back)

Yikaro: (Continues walking with her, passing under a peir)

Freya:(Stays close to him)

Yikaro: (Wraps an arm around her, still walking)

Freya:(Smiles and kisses his cheeck)

Yikaro: (Kisses her cheek as well, still walking)

Freya:(Smiles while still walking)

Yikaro: I love you Freya.^^

Freya:And I love you Yikaro.^^

Yikaro: *Looks back and notices how far they've gone* Wow, you think we should head back? *Chuckles*

Freya:Good idea.^^

(They walk back just as the clouds start rolling in)

Yikaro: That's not good.

Freya:We better hurry.

Yikaro: Yep. *Grabs their stuff and hops into the air* Let's go.

Freya:(Flies next to him)Ready.^^

Yikaro: Good. ^^ *Flies off with Freya*

(Back at the house)

Yikaro: *Walks inside with Freya just as it starts to rain* That was close. ^^

Freya:Yes it was.^^

Yikaro: *Kisses her* It's good to be home.

Freya:(Kisses him)Yes it is.(Smiles)I think its dinner time,isn't it?

Yikaro: Yeah it should be. Afterwards, I have something in mind that we can do. (Smiles back, then walks into the kitchen)

Freya:I wonder what it is.(Goes in the kitchen and helps Yikaro make dinner)

Yikaro: You'll find out soon enough. (Grins, then continues working on dinner)


(When dinner was done and they had eaten)

Yikaro: That was good. *Starts cleaning up, taking Freya's plate as well*

Freya:Yes it was.^^(Helps him)


Yikaro: So, you wanna head upstairs? *Heads for the stairs, turning back to her*

Freya:Sure.^^(Follows him)

Yikaro: (Heads upstairs and walks into the bedroom, realizing that they were still in their bathing suits) Looks like we forgot about these. (Laughs)

Freya:(Laughs too)Yes we did.^^

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