G.U.N Coliseum is a major event in which anybody can show there strenght; they must defeat diffrent G.U.N Mechs, one at a time.

List of Mechs in Order



Laser Hunter

Vulkan Fighter

Rhino Spike

Rhino Metal

F-6 Big Foot F-6r Big Foot Scorpion Troops B-3x Hot Shot

R-1/A Flying Dog Mantis Platoon HD1 Heavy Dog

LZ-12R Blue Falcon

'U78-X/D Diablon GUN Battleship




"MY NAMES NOT DESSIE!" Destiney the hedgehog Heheh, this qill be fun >:3



(At the entrance of G.U.N Coliseum)

Red: Time to trash G.U.N!! *Enters Coliseum*

Red: So who's first!?

(R7 comes from floor)

Red: Bring it on!!!!

R7 V Firestone

(R7 fires its rifle, Red evades the bullets and heads torwards the mech full speed)

Red: Say your prayers!!

R7: *activates shield, Red hits the shield and staggers a little*

Red: I need help..... (anybody can come out of no where now)

Destiney: This will make G.U.N. angry but, *she comes out of nowhere* need help?

Red: That would be nice right now *evades another bullet*

Destiney: *she stops time around the bullet* Are we trying to join or be rude to G.U.N.?

Red: No, where just trying to make G.U.N waste more money on machines. *Nearly hit by bullet*

Destiney: Meh, i'm an agent. *she fires chaos blast at it*

(The R7 is destroyed, the Hero's have only 1 minute to relax)

Destiney: I do this stuff anyways, they need me to train and test the robots, so they won't be so mad

Red: *thinks for a minute* Wait a minute, YOUR an agent?! *looks angerly at her*

Destiney: Hey, don't get mad, I don't wanna be anyones enemy.

Red: *still angry* Sure you don't, but whatever, the next mech is about to enter.

Hannibal: don;t forget us, this is also our training *with the A-Team*

Murdock: heheh, I'm ready *holding the heavy machine gun from the bigfoot mech he detached*

Hannibal:Yeah, the A-Team is ready for action *holds a 4 missile lock on RPG

B.A. Baracus: heheh *holding a enade launcher*

Face: yah Hannibal the A-Team is good to go *holding a laser rifle*

Destiney: Okay...

Hannibl; then lets go.

(LZ1 enters, it seems to be the last mech except with more armor and a heavy machine gun)

Destiney: Easy *green orbs form in her hands*

Face: *fires laser from his rifle at the machine to weaken it*

Red: *to Destiney* I wouldnt do that *Examines Mech* It looks like the mechs armor protects it from any form of energy, that means we will have to take it down the old fashioned way.

Destiney: *shrugs, light speed dashes it*

Murdock: you mean using guns?

Destiney: *spin dashes it, then murdock* NO HE MEANS COMBAT!

Red: *Smiles* Who ever said guns are an energy source?

Murdock: YEAH! GOOD NIGHT SWEET PRINCE1 *fires his machine gun at the mech while howling like a wolf* GET ME SOME AMMO!

Destiney: *light speed dashes it again*

Hannibal: be lucky I got more ammo Murdock *as Murdock has nearly finished the mech*

Murdock: thanks Hannibal; *takes the ammo then throws a hand grenade*

Red: *waches and see's that they are all but damaging it* Would you guys like to know the weak point or not? *looks at self confidently*

Murdock: *0_0' THE COCKPIT! if wrong tell me the weakpoint

Red: That USED to be the weak point, but its weak point is its legs, the legs hold the shields (I dont know why) and if you take them out, then its energy shield is out for good.

Hannibal: thus explaining why I have a lock-on RPG *locking on both lets 2 rockets at a time*

Destiney: *she does a light speed dash at its legs*

Red: *distracts the mech, but is injured in doing so* YEOW!!

B.A. Baracus: *firing the grenade launcher at the legs which cause the sheild to break* YEAH HOWS THAT FOOL!

Red: *Helps himself up, it seems that he has a hurt/damaged arm if not broken*

Murdock: B.A. broke the shield, LETS GIVE HIM ALL WE GOT! *switches his weapons with a G.U.N SMG, then starts howkling like a wolf whil;e firing the SMG at the cockpit*

Destiney: Hey red, you ok overthere?

Face: he looks like he hurt his arm....

Red: Im fine, just finish off the mech.

Murdock: did that! *points to the broken mech*

Red: Good job and relax, we have some time to rest

Murdock: Laser Hunter is next.....

Red: I knew that, but in the mean time, lets make sure everyone is here.

Hannibal: A=-Team is here. your here, and the hedgehog girl is here...I think.....

Red: Good cause we got to split up *points at two entrances*

Hannibal: me B.A. and Murdock are taking the one that leads to bigfoot and hotshot, Face, you and the hedgehog girl take the other.....

Red: good luck, *small laugh* who names a mech Laser Hunter?

Destiney: G.U.N. does

Face: yeah I was there when they made bigfoot, hotshot, and flying dog.

Destiney: ok...

Red: *gets more serious* Those are your storys, but if you dont mind I would like to continue mine. *Begins walking torwards entrance 1*

Face: right *follows Red*

Destiney: A team! listen up! two of you go with red and face! the otherws come with me! Are we clear?

Face: the other 3 went to entrance 2 *facepalm* we're entrance 1 -_-'

Red: But I though Hannibal....*looks and see's how serious Density is* of course

Destiney: Lets go

Red: *laughs a little and wispers* someone wasnt paying attention.

Face: yeah

Destiney: if your speaking of me, I have a dark form ya know, its very merciless *her eyes flash red*

Red: *Look's and see's her anger* Ummm, no thanks were good. *gives a small smile*

Face: Nope black arms comes to mind heheh

Destiney: Grrr... WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?


Red: *begins to whistle a happy tune* If you dont mind, the exit is straight ahead.

Face: I hope so

Red: *makes a bad joke:* Yeah, too bad you guys are so dark. If you both were more nice to each other, the lights would be working fine.

Destiney: *growls, enters the arena*


(When they enter, two mechs appear; Laser Hunter and Vulcan fighter, 2 against 3.

Face: *gets a G.U.N Asault rifle* RAHHHHHHHHHHHHH *starts firing at them*

Red: Saving my energy up was a good idea *flames appear on his hands and feet*

Face: *still firing*

Destiney: Melody time! *she pklays a flute and ice balls the size of basket balls hit the robots*

Face: *still firing*

Red: *Jumps in mid-air and uses flame wheel* Lets turn up the heat!!!

Face: *still firing*

Destiney: *singing* Stop and erase! cuz im gunna wipe that smile off your know it all face! *the robots are attacked by lava*

(Xabior runs out of the wiki and is nearly killed by Destiney)

Face: *stops firing* glad THATS over.....I wonder ho Hannibal's squad is going


Destiney: They were no match for my voice.

Red: *silent, makes no commnt*

Destiney: meh

(with Hannibal's group who are fighting Big foot and Hot Shot)

Hannibal: We beat flying dog, *starts firing at hotshot while Murdock and B.A. are fighting big foot*

Murdock: I'm using his weapon against him *firing his gatling gun at bigfoot and it explodes*

Hannibal: B.A. GRENADE NOW1

B.A. Baracus: right *throws a setmex at hotshot exploding causing it to be defeated.

(ive got to go,bye-Xabior)

(Im back, but I have to go soon)

Red: *Enters the room* Looks like someone made a mess *examines destroyed mechs*

Red: But thats not important right, we need to move.

Murdock:lets go Hannibal, we gotta get to Diablon..... *runs through the entrance*

Red: Never leave me and Face with Destiny again....she has anger problems....

Hannibal: your coming with us kid, so is Face...... *motions for them and the A-Team goes through the door in 15 seconds flat*

Red: Its a good thing she ran ahead.

B.A. Baracus: *grabs Red's arm* lets go kid *pulls him through the door and closes it*

(A-team, Red, and Destiny have to get to the outside arena, cause Diablon is a BATTLESHIP!!! :O, we will have to take it out from the inside)

(Twist:destiny isn;t with them, she's fighting heavy dog and blue falcon by herself)
(:O, that will give Red and Face some time to relax)
(Twist:it's fine if you forgot)
(sorry, mom and dad where busy on it)
(Twist:it's fine)

Murdock: be lucky she didn;t see us leave her alone for heavy dog and blue falcon, I bet she's wanted to bail out by now.....

Red: Were the ones who are going to bail with her anger lets cach up to her

Murdock: you and Mr.T go ahead, me Face and Hannibal are going for Diablon

B.A. Baracus: right. *runs off*

(I think Destiny quit because of my wisecracking and if so, Im sorry)

(Twist:nope, she's too busy)
(probally with all those romance articles)
(Quick Thing-Warship is a huge aircarft carrier/battleship. Some say that it needs so much energy that an Chaos Emerald is needed to keep it afloat)
(we should continue this when everbody in this article is present, that ok or do you want to continue?)

Red: Its time we finish this.... Destiney: Yep

Red: You ready Baracus?

Destiney: What he said.

Red: He looks determined.....thats good enough for me...

Destiney: I got something to test out on this.

Red: Hm?

Destiney: You shall find out for yourself

Red: *nods* the exit is right up ahead...

Destiney: *walks towards it*

(The three walk in and meet there foe: Blue Falcon! Although it looks hopeless, Destiney has a trick up her sleeve.....)

[Destineys hair and skin turns red, her pupils and irises disappear, she turns into demon destiney]

Demon Destiney: hehe *attacks it at full force*

Red: And I though I was insane....

Demon Destiney: *she blasts it, and does a demon magic blast at it*

G.U.N Pilot: OMG, im going to die, im going to....*explosion*

Red: You do know that Warship is next and that it is a Carrier/battleship? Its going to be hard to...*looks at her with a little fear*...Umm, we can handle it...

Demon Destiney: Yes we can.

Red: But once I get that emerald out of it, im outa here....

Destiney: *everst back to normal* E-e-emerald?

Red: The Warship is sooo heavy and sophisticated that a strong energy source is needed, so it uses a Chaos Emerald, I got this info from a friend.....

Destiney: I'm related to the emerald.

Red: How is that? An Emerald is and Emerald, I will take it and once I find the other six...*keeps mouth closed, relizing his mistake*

Destiney: You mean the other seven? *an emerald flashes in the center of her eye*

Red: Its impossible! No living thing can be connected to the emerald unless brought to life with it....

Destiney: This is where I bring in my logic, im a living emerald, my original state was that of the emerald your after.

Red: Thats Impossible....But if you are being honest, then I believe you.....

Destiney: I assure im really telling the truth. *crystals cuffs from from her wrists up to her elbows and she throws a crystal shard at the wall, it breaks a hole in it*

Red: Thats enough proof for me....*looks around*...wheres the rest of A-Team, they should have been here by now.....Well they are fighting a Diablon Battleship....

Destiney: hmmph

Red: But whatever, we dont need them to get the emerald....lets go.

Destiney: Indeed

Red: Hmmm....But how are we suppose to find an entrance? And the Warship is already in the air.....*spots an air transport* Never mind....

Light Destiney: Don't need it *she is flying*

(light dessie has wings :3)

(O.O, ive heard of 2 wings on a creature, but 3?)

(No! look at File:Light Destiney.jpg picture!)

Red: Who knew a Hedgehog could fly....

(gtg, be back soon)

Red: I cant fly though.....

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