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Gabriel the Hedgehog is a hedgehog


Gabriel is a very sadistic, yet humorous hedgehog. He has total disregard for life. As a well known killer, he plans to rid the universe of all civilization and restart life on his own.

He has a very sarcastic tone when talking to anyone. He usually mocks their tone and voice, driving them insane. This derives from his enjoyment of watching people go crazy. He has said this is a hobby of his.

He has a tendency to torture his prisoners. He usually will play very discordant music, most likely a bunch of songs overlapped over each other to make a very ugly sound. He will lock a prisoner up in a room tied up and forced to listen to the song.


Gabriel is a blue hedgehog with purple tips on his quills. He has 2 blue hedgehog spikes. He has blue eyes. He wears a red T-shirt, black jeans, and purple shoes, socks and gloves.

Gabriel usually has a very calm yet creepy smile on his face.


Gabriel was born in a somewhat rich family. He was mute for two years. At age 3, he starting talking, but would stutter. At age 5 he stopped stuttering, but was a trouble maker. He would eavesdrop on people's conversations with out being caught. He occasionally fought other children. At age 7, Gabriel developed the liking in killing things. He would kill small things like bugs, to big things like domestic farm animals. When he turned 10, all hell broke loose at home. He murdered his parents. He took their car and fled to random places. He fought and killed for money. Before his 11th birthday, he got into a fight with a military leader. He knocked him out him in a matter of minutes with only a simple flurry of punches. He looked around the leader's office and found out about secrets of the country he was living in. Searching for more things, he would eavesdrop on more people. He found the coordinates to an F.B.I location. He went there and got in without being detected from his natural ability to sneak around. He listened to The President's conversation with the governor of the state of New York. He learned they needed to get some nuclear arms. Gabriel killed the governor and kidnapped The President for ransom. When Gabriel turned 15 he began to wreak havoc on the universe.


Energy Based Attacks

Dirty Bomb

Gabriel will simply get a ball of purple energy and hurl it towards an opponent.

Double Energy Wave

Gabriel will hold both hands out and shoot a wave of purple energy to take out an opponent.

Energy Punch

Energy engulfs Gabe's hand and he will punch his opponent.

Energy Smoke

An energy ball is created but once it makes contact, it'll explode into a puff of smoke. This is a joke attack used to confuse or distract an opponent.

Physical Attacks

Quick Strike

Gabriel will throw a single jab and kick.

Dirty Combo

Three punches, and uppercut, and a tornado kick to the face.

Guess Who!

Gabriel will disappear and reappear behind his opponent and either snap their neck or shoot an energy blast. His actions vary.



Gabriel can teleport short distances. He can also use this to disappear and choose how long he is not seen

Fire Manipulation

Electricity/Lightning Manipulation




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  • Guns
  • Pranks
  • Explosions


  • Peace
  • Quiet


  • He's based off Nazo.



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