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The Gaia Dimension was the former home to the Humans, including the Chosen Four, before it was invaded by the Xorda and eventually translated to the Chaos Dimension in the future. Will and several of his surviving family and friends are from here.


Humanity's Struggle

In the past, it was the home to many Humans and the Chosen Four for generations. Threatened by two alien invasions due to a group of aliens called Starmen, the plans were thwarted and countered, thanks to the Chosen Four.

However as the years gone by, due to Humanity running up the natrual resources, suffering wars, and constantly making bad decisions, it was not long before the world had faced a major crisis of severe environmental changes. These changes started up a project in order to save Humanity, lead by a group of people, to start off with a new, fresh start.

Despite of public criticism, the project was successful and the ones that were chosen were able to live their new lives in the centre of the chronosphere, where the time and space are converged and revealled to be the destination called the Nowhere Islands.


  • (Please avoid this area if you haven't played either MOTHER 3 or Super Smash. Bros Brawl)

The Calm Before the Storm

Not being able to remember about the past, the chosen people went onto building new homes and settling in on the island and live on with their dream lives peacefully for several years. It was all too soon to relax when trouble came about and the island was terrorized by an unknown enemy. As a small number of people were paralyzed by fear, confusion, and anger, this corruption slowly seeped into the Nowhere Islands, soon to be brainwashing the people's hearts and minds into everything is all fine and dandy as the truth and moral were being shoved aside.

In three years' time, the island was modernizated, yet converted into a police state and despite of family tragedy in the past, a certain boy and his friends as well as a small number of villagers had to step in and stop this corruption before it gets even worse.

Before the Great Regeneration

As said adventure was going on, soon a battle broke out between the forces of good and evil as both sides rushed to pull a mysticial object that kept an immense power dormant under the island for millenias. It was soon explained in said prophecy that one day when this power was needed, both a heartless and heartful person will one day come and whoever pulled the majority of the Needles has their heart's ideal transferred to the being underneath the Islands. If a person with a good heart pulls them all, the being will grant their good wishes, however if a person with an evil heart pulls them all, then the world will be destroyed. With this in mind, more and more unveiled during the journey, including the deep secrets of those involved in Project: Harmony, told by Leder himself, soon leading up to the final showdown between the boy and the mysterious enemy over the final Needle, which soon lead to the death of another family member from the boy's family and soon lead to the final Needle being pulled, trigging the being to awaken and begin the destruction of anything evil, bringing about the Great Regeneration.


Rebirth of the World

After the Great Regeneration

Several months later after the event, more lands were created across the sea from the renewed and much larger Nowhere Islands, including Crestpoint, Altimo, Grandbay, and Seanavi Islands. The people that survived the Dark Dragon's awakening went into reconstruction of their homes and lived on with their new lives in absolute peace as time pressed on.

On the Edge

As the years go on, there were several minor earthquakes from underneath the Island that became worse and worse, causing the villagers to panic and feel uneased, often questioning the safety of themselves and others.

Unbeknowst to the other villagers, the young boy, now married and a village elder, foresaw that another tragedy is close at hand and everyone must evacute the Island before it's too late. Several people believed him while others called him "crazy old coot" and went on with their daily routines. The others prepared their things, helped others and families for the disaster about to arise.

The Coming of the Two Dragons

One day on the island, the day started with the ground shaking and immediately, the villagers rushed out with everything they got as well as their families as they boarded a massive manmade ship out of wood that was built days before. Those who before didn't believe had a change of mind and rushed out just as the skies began to darken over the Island. However, after everyone boarded, they set sail from the Island as those left behind tried to swim to the ship, realizing they were too late. Winds began to suddenly gust hard when the sail was set down and helped quicken the ship from escaping the island. Suddenly, a giant earthquake formed a tsunami after the ship. However, a mysterious Light Dragon countered the tsunami, to protect the ship from harm before a mysterious Evil Dragon came and destroyed Nowhere Islands, killing those who were left behind, before threatening the ship. A fight soon broke out oppositing sides and the people watched in the background, but when the fight ended, both the Evil Dragon disappeared as the Light Dragon protected the ship to reach shore at Crestpoint Island before disappearing again.

After that, the people seperated in groups and left for a different part of the island to rebuild, despite of losing loved ones back at Nowhere Islands.

This moment was called the Nowhere Island Tragedy.

Final Days Of Humanity

On the Brink of Invasion

Several months after the events of Will and his fellow friends alongside with Harmony, sealed Malevolent in his domain, all was peaceful once more. However, Will had a feeling that it was not over and immediately went to handle things for himself as he looked around Crestpoint Island for traces, soon arriving at Newmile City he heard an announcement that gathered a local science fair that attracted a large crowd. Soon seeing two of his friends, Kai and Lee, he caught up to them to see what's going on. Lee confirmed to Will that the scientists had caught a strange new alien while Kai confirms that this is a waste of her breaktime from all of this. Ignoring Kai, Lee explained to Will that he looked at records of the past that they were almost taken over two times before by the Starmen, however this will generate the possiblity of a third attack around as bad if they experimented on this one since he sensed hostile thought patterns. He tried to warn the scientists, but they were too ignorant and wanted him to stay out of their business.

After that, Lee immediately rushed home on terms he had to finish something with his device in his labatory and warned Will and Kai to keep an eye out of things. After Lee left, Kai and Will left seperate ways to prepare for the worse.

Destruction & Translation to Becoming the Chaos Dimension

After Will was 'defeated' and Harmony left, this dimension was successfully destroyed by the Xorda, who left after the mass destruction they caused. However, this allowed Malevolent to escape from his volcanic domain, after being sometime sealed, to go forth and destroy the world before he set to an millenial rest.

During that time, nature and life began to slowly return to the world after it's destruction, but several millenias later, after the coming of the Chaos Emeralds, the Ancient Walkers soon confronted and fought Malevolent, managing to seal him in his volcanic domain to restore peace and harmony, thus enabling for this dimension to become in the future known as Mobius or as be known to be as the Chaos Dimension .


  • It is true that Gaia means "Earth"
  • Like the Archie Sonic "Earth", in the fanstory Libertes Mobius, this dimension served as being Earth in the past.
  • The Gaia Dimension is heavily based off of the EarthBound franchise, though it has references to the Archie Sonic franchise.

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